Methodic Madness

Enslaving chains and wilderness pains 

are broken on healing heavenly domain 

plus graceful throne, envisioned. 


Method upholds this marauding madness 

aflicting us on earthly journeys through 

wounded wilderness, deadly disdain 

and frighful famine; distressing 

humankind and nature. 


Twisted minds and wicked souls  

torment humankind on this earthly  

journey through birth, life and death. 

Yet, we came with nothing; and with 

nothing, we depart to earth's dust.  


Hideous hypocrisy darkens love to 

hide this greatest reality from heaven's 

green pastures, meadows and 

river bed, unchained.  


We follow this river path to oceans 

lighted by divine mercy and unending 

salvation; healing broken hearts and 

bleeding, lost souls. 


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I applaud the tremendous hope

I applaud the tremendous hope and assurance and joy in the final stanza.

Enjoy effulgent days, and exquisite nights,

unto the exultations of Heaven.


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"I applaud the tremendous hope:" Methodic Madness

Abidingly appreciated is your " applaud" of "tremendous hope" in one's Methodic Madness. Abundant blessings to you, Starward, always. Please, be safe. Keep well. Shalom. Ugonna: AMERICAN GALAXY:  

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A vision of reality. I took the next step to the vision of affluent triumph, survival, and power. Victims like the poor, always with us as is a sunny optimistic message.




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"A Vision of Reality:" Methodic Madness

Especially, noted your powerful "vision of reality" comment on one's: Methodic Madness. Healthy abundance to you, Stella/Allets, always. Shalom. Ugonna: AMERICAN GALAXY: 

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positive and trulyl

positive and truly beautiful


Thank you for being on site and please invite your friends to join



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"Positive and truly beautiful:" Methodic Madness

It is so kind of you: Saiom. Your "positive and truly beautiful" response to one's Methodic Madness is cherished. Abundant blessings to you and family, always. Shalom. Ugonna

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A gripping journey through

A gripping journey through the storms of torment this world throws in our path . . . and the message of redemption is fresh air and brilliance. Striking in its imagery, powerful in its hopeful message and unforgettable in its truth. 


Glorious work. God bless you. 

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"Gripping journey through storms" plus "message of redemption"

Blessings, dear Patricia; in abundant care of GOD, always. Inspiringly, you captured that earthly essence of one's: Methodic Madness; because, indeed, it is: "Striking in its imagery, powerful in its hopeful message and unforgettable in its truth." Keep safe. Keep Faith; in care of ELOHIM, abidingly. Shalom. With good wishes: Ugonna:   

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"Hideous hypocrisy darkens love" It is the nature of the world these days

I love your poetry style and I see you have returned to us after 18 years?  Welcome back.  I will look for you.



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Methodic Madness

Your kind and relevant comment on: Methodic Madness - is cherished, Debbie. I am grateful. Abundant blessings to you, always. With love and respect: Ugonna: