Broken heart. Lost love. letting go

Chasing Time

Memories are fading,

Remember your smile.

Please tell me you remember mine,

What is lost is not forgotten,

I cherish every moment we were both alive.


Seems natural my heart became an icicle cavern,

No man should be told not to feel,

Or compromise.

Lack of passion and driven insanity,

Intoxicated with desire,

An empty bottle filled with the pretence of ego,

Swallowed with pride; still room left to breathe.


Haunting memory of a smile almost forgotten,

Here with me, teach me your intoxicating poison:

The drip is an overflow of promises to keep,

I never kept them; do you shower me with shame?


The irrelevance I feel,

The impudent, lonesome warrior;

We fought, so I became the fighter,

Limbs become weak in the absence of shelter.

If we could go back in time,

Chasing the same dreams,

Are we still the same aspiration,

Or masked fallacy?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wisdom with age; regret with youthful rashness.

Set Free


The heart flutters

As her wings

Beat and I shutter

To release the love

Of my life

A butterfly

Still waiting to land

Her tears flowing

From my eyes...



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We have known much earlier,
That the moon will watch our failure
Long before we met each other,
And we shall suffer
Crises of boredom and colorless scenes;
And will exchange our love for devilish means;
The apple season will end,
As a tear sips another and dies,
The moon reflects our lies,
And the darkness swallows paths and glints
Love will die.
Grievous silence challenges body curves
A laugh wants to cry
Challenges our pride to collapse;
The flame of love is blown off,
Our promises are left behind
Crooning to dreams of time,
Fate witnesses our separating crime,
The corpse is torn photos,
Letters these, once, were holy scripts,
And scattered flowers which were precious gifts.

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My love


Hello love
Its strange to see your face again
The soft curve of your lips,
corners turning up when u smile
your blue-green eyes,
Lighting up when you laugh
thus, it brings back so many great memories

I remember, love
us on the bus in second grade
we played hand games together
"lolly lolly lollyyyy POP!"
we would shout
I would burst into a fit of laughter if you blinked
you would do the same for me

hello blue-green eyes
I often miss you
when i stare into you now,
memories come flooding back.
not just them lighting up through our great times,
but some of sad

i remember, love
you walking into school escorted by the counselor.
you were crying
your eyes were beat red
your face was flushed
you looked sickly
I wanted to call out to you, love
but i couldn't
and so for the rest of the day, i mourned
i mourned for you, and your sadness

when i finally got the chance to ask,
you told me what was wrong
i felt sad for you... happy for me
i somehow acknowledged from this little piece
that you loved me too

Now, love
Our memories seem so great
you must think that all of the bad
has somehow since been forgotten.
you are wrong

I too, remember you dating my best friend
i remember you becoming a monster
at one point, we were best friends sharing cookies
and secrets
at another, we were evil to each other

You would call me names
and the names were no longer things like
darling, beautiful, and dear
at that point, i didn't care
i didn't hate you for changing,
i hated you for hurting me

Now, love
your words rip through me
i am constantly walking on glass
i am trying, failing, to avoid loving you once more
it is hard, my love
for you are, My Love.

Now i say:
goodbye my love
i love you for being mine, my love
i hate you for saying goodbye, my love
You are, my love
My first love
My forever love.

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The Fact is Stranger Than Fiction

You treat me like a lost cause
I make you my only hope
You make me feel unwanted
The more I want to get your attention
You play with me like a battered drum
and was music to my ears

Minutes, hours, days, and years creep by
And ever so slowly
I get tired
or perhaps I am acquiring more wisdom

Every now and then,
I relapse into showing what I feel for you
I bare myself once again
and in doing so...
All the more, I realize why I walked away from you

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Poems 2012

I'm always in marvel to what love is love
So naïve to the fundamentals of the heart
Feelings are irrepressible
Lust versus love is the hardest war ever fought

I tell you everything from my secrets to uncertainties
My desires is to undress your hard shell,
To make you believe I’m the one
I beg to my Creator, to mend a bond between us
But we cannot force love

All my heart, wants is love
I hate using your name as an illusion.
It feels wrong for me to fantasize us in a utopia of romance.
When the connection is not mutual,

It’s a contrast between a man of action and a woman of her words.
I’m willing to show you my love,
but you rather have me love you just as a friend