You can do it

We all have goals we want to achieve

But we're not willing to put the work required

It may have to do with how we perceive

the road should be to reach our desires


When reality's different from expectation

The fire in you begins to decrease

It also goes down with your motivation

Then your strength to continue completely cease


What that means is your outlook just needs to change 

Nothing good in life is never ever easy

When challenges come, don't think it's something strange

Because that's how life goes, things never go smoothly


Put God first and you surely will make it through

And along with that you need some discipline

If you're passionate, work harder to prove it's true

With time and consistency you'll certainly win


You can do it, so push yourself to the limit

It's with great dedication the legends did it

Focus on your goals and ignore the critics

Keep it up long enough you will surely make it


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allets's picture

Nice Dream

The Protestant Work Ethic was swallowed by the computer chip. Small business bankruptsies will soon mean one half of usa citizens unemployed. College grads - no jobs, high school grads - no future. High end ubers "in charge" in any Capitalist model requires large sums in the hands and saving's accounts of the new poor.

Nice optimism though.