Children And Lambs, All Ways And Always

Short Poems



Children And Lambs

The lambs are shorn before they are shiv'd

Soldier children have died before they have lived


Each Way And Always

God bless you each way and all ways

God give you a painless path each day and all days

God give you joy each way and always

God give you all always and all ways



Isaiah: I delight not in your blood sacrifice.

Isaiah: He who slays an ox is as he who kills a man.


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*I Will Be*



 Trisha Barrk Hopkins


I will be your strength

When you are weak


I'll be your shine

When you are in darkness


I will be your compass 

When you are lost


I will be your air

When you can't breathe


I will be your future 

When you want to forget your past 


I will be your life

When you feel like dying 


I will give you love

When you feel like hating 


I will be your tissue

When you feel like crying


I'll be the understanding

When you no longer feel like dating 


I will be your words

When you have nothing to say


I will be your morning

When you feel like you have no day


I will be your water 

When you are thirsty


I will be your shade 

When you are hot 


I will be your eyes

When you no longer can see 


I will be with you

When you're at your favorite spot


I will be the one who restarts your heart

When it feels like it wants to die


I will be your legs

When you can no longer walk


I will be your something

When you feel like you have nothing


I'll be your words

When you can't talk


I will be your love

Till my dying day

Promise you everything

I'll stick by your side 

When no one else will

I will be your whatever

I will be your something

Always and forever



*Always And Forever*



 Dedicated to Derrick Mann

 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


When you came into my life that day

I was curious to know

I had to leave but wanted to really stay

I wonder what God wanted to show


Maybe he wanted me to give love another try

Not to be afraid of a broken heart

Maybe this time will be a happy cry

Knowing nothing will tare me apart


To hold someone special again

To share the tears

Knowing I found a trusting friend

Behind leaving the fears


Hopeing we spend the future together

Whatever it may bring

Always promise our friendship is forever

If we fight lets not make it a big thing

And always protect eachother

And hopefully one day I'll wear your ring



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to a special man in my life that ive loved for a very long time.....Derrick Mann

oh yeah... (another inspiration from RoC)

many moons ago

I could have

thought this be true,

but love is never lost,

it's just removed 

from our view,

enough is always enough,

when enough has been done,

it just isn't always easy,

and rarely ever fun.


when it's seems 

nothing has been gained,

the truth remains in a seed,

It's usually plenty enough,

just not what filled the need.


when love's always sweet,

tough love is what's missing,

it's isn't always about,

all the hugging and kissing.


let go and let love,

show your true love the way,

sometimes it's the pain that cures,

the heart too shallow and grey.


blow it away,

and let go of expectation,

you'll find most times that even love,

needs a vacation!!!! 






10:14 PM 6/29/2013  ©



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Don't believe the hype. It never ends...and that is part of why some people go nuts over it!! 


Inspired by:

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Stay This Way


You always smile although I'm mad
You always try to make me glad
In all ways, you are never bad
If I'll lose you, I'll be so sad

I never asked a favor from you before
But now that I am loving you more and more
There is only one thing that I pray
I beg God that you would stay this way

You make jokes for me every hour
You keep all the things that you vowed
I never had seen you furious
Although they said you're notorious

I won't ever want you to change
I love who you are this way
So I'm begging you to stay
Please remain like this each day

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"STAY THIS WAY" is realizing after being cruel to someone that you need that someone so much after all, and that you don't even know how to live if that someone would be gone.


Patiently waiting,
Quietly hoping
For that one chance
To see something beautiful.
To hold it in my hands,
To know it's warmth,
To feel it's gentle embrace.
Never knowing
If it truly existed,
Always hoping it did.
A soft whisper,
A light,
A hint for me to follow.
Believing I Have found what I have been waiting for,
And then the crushing realization that I have been waiting
For Nothing.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I've always hated the feeling of being let down.
Comments/thoughts appreciated.

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Forever& allway's :'(

Forever & allway's :'(

our relationship is gone
Friends we remain
the memories Makes me cry
all the memories we made
kissing your soft lips
for the first time
holding you like
you were drifting away
you fall asleep in my arms
up all night telling our dreams
the laughs we made
the smiles we gave
but Tommorrows a new day
with you on my mind
and my heart
rest your worried eyes
i'll never leave your side
I love you Samantha forever & alway's <3 :'(

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