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Three Words

Your smile brings joy to all who see it,

Your eyes shine brighter than the sun

You look at me and my heart soars,

My face stained a deep crimson

With that i know you've stolen my heart,

But alas...it's hopeless.


That smile isn't for me, nor your beautiful gaze.

To whom you may ask does his heart belong?

What keeps him so close yet ever so far away..


A girl, a young love far more beautiful than I.

Her delicate form, her perfect hair

Let's face it I could never compare

For her endless beauty eats away my self-esteem

Day after agonizing day, the further i stay.


Distanced from the one my heart longs for,

And distanced i shall stay.

For if i were to ever give my heart away,

all he would do is laugh...I know he would.

I would never be able to be held anywhere near his heart.


Still, if I were able to have a small chance,

A small glimpse of hope I would tell him how I truly feel.

I would tell him...


Your smile brings joy to all who see it,

and your eyes shine brighter than the sun

When you look at me, you make my heart soar

You're the only one i could ever wish for.


But until that day, the day my chance comes

I will wish to hear those three words

And even though my hope runs thin,

I love you,

More than anything.

Silver Chimes


My friend borrowed my blue phone

She for me opened a note

You sent me a smiley face

You frowned on the name I made


Recalled we were arguing

All we said were too crazy

You'd pull out Bible verse

I gave you science curse


But you said I should believe

No matter how I would live

It was the very first time

Someone made me feel all right


I learned all weren't fine

I watched it lose its shine

Like the songs out of rhyme

We ended with a sigh


All the memories you left behind

They rung like thunders and silver chimes

They were beautiful flowers though not all

Should have saved it when I saw it would fall

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"SILVER CHIMES" is a poem about a past relationship and its immediate effect to you.

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to many times

the pain,

life throws at me

hot ring of coals exploding

through my vien.

to many times

i take the pain,

relentless it comes

through dark mist of night

out of control frieght train.

to many times 

i take the pain

but nothing compares to loosing you again.

out of control frieght train piercing through 

like your cold dark stare ,

i only have fare.

one way ride 

no one to care

alone with myself only my soul to bare............................................


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Three Years


Looking at the happy crowd
Sitting here all alone
I wanted to walk away now
Crying loud was my soul


I remembered everything suddenly
All the accounts for the past three years
I then recalled how I loved desperately
And how they all gave me my fears


The first was a real nice one
Giving me all the smiles I could ever wish
Someone I wish I could become
But I found that my heart was still unready


Then a year after, I met someone
A girl with glasses talking 'bout her crush
She dumped me 'cause I wasn't the one
We became bitter and harsh


It is true that for eight months I grieved
Until a new one came along
This might be an opportunity
This one listened to my songs


But no matter how hard I deceive myself
Truth is that no one's here with me
I remember everything all too well
How they all made fool of me


They all only filled me with lies
I spent those three years with tears
They played my heart with dice
I loved truly but still I end up here


I wish upon those stars and smile
But even if I beat myself with a burning rod
A couple of million times,
I know no one would come


I wish God is here and hear
All my life I have longed for some love
I don't ever regret a thing
Though I've given all I had

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is viewing "THREE YEARS" of my life in one perspective.

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Once Again


You were on my door
Perfect smile you wore
Tears had flooded me
But you'd never see

Like nothing happened, You
entered my room of blue
I wiped my tears away
Didn't know what to say

I promised myself I'd shout
But I took a new route now
I swore I'd leave you this time
But I stayed, don't know why

What my head was thinking
My heart kept on trashing
I'd erase your number
Though I still remember

Again, I'm a fool
Drowning in a pool
My heart broke but then
Here I was again

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"ONCE AGAIN" is hating someone so much because of what that someone does to you but because you love that someone so much, you still have open arms whenever he/she comes.

An Untitled Story


I met you on the first day of class
You're a prominence, I stood no chance
You're a lister, I was a dropper
You were heaven, I was a scavenger

The year had been good for there was you
You were my inspiration each day
One smile from you perfected the whole day
But I knew you did not feel it too

Your dark skin was just the same as mine
Your innocent smile made you like a child
I never felt this crazy before
Each time you're near, I took a detour

When our eyes met, my body got stiff
Couldn't say a thing, I couldn't speak
And I really loathed reality
Because you and I could never be

Before I fell asleep, I cried hard
I had to accept the fact I'd discard
You could never love me more than friends
Each time I closed my eyes, all I see was you

And then I relied on hating you
Your smile hurt 'cause I never caused it
Your tears hurt 'cause I never caused it
But could I ever find someone like you?

How could something wrong felt right?
You inspired me to follow my dream
You taught me to look before I leap
Tell me, weren't you the one to be mine?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I created this one in my first semester in the University of the Philippines. It's about falling in love with someone who could never be yours. I guess it's just "AN UNTITLED STORY".

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I'd Go Back


Not so long ago,
I filled you with sorrow
You loved me every single day
But I was cruel all the way

Though all are well now
I'm lying on the ground
Thinking why I had been so wrong
I wish I could write a song

You gave me all I want
But all I left was grunt
I was selfish those days
Yet you two still cared

If I only could change the past
I hope I'd be given a chance
To change who I was for once
Cherish every moment while it last

Author's Notes/Comments: 

There are many things we want to change in our lives if ever we're given a change to fly with a time machine. For me, there's only one thing. "I'D GO BACK" tells what it is.

Beside Me


I cannot go to sleep tonight
I'm thinking if you're alright
If you're feeling this way too
If you say these things like I do


The days had been very nice
But the nights were cold like ice
Thinking of you makes it colder
Recalling the past makes me bluer


It seems only yesterday
When you wrapped me in your arms
In your pillow there I laid
I was starstruck by your charms


I never knew what took over me
All I know is that they were real
Once I saw you beside me that night
Never stopped to look and think twice


The warmth I felt with you remained
The ache of waking up still stayed
The pain the past brought kept on
The joy from that night went on

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"BESIDE ME" is longing for someone you are used to be with every day but there comes a time that you should part ways.

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Stay This Way


You always smile although I'm mad
You always try to make me glad
In all ways, you are never bad
If I'll lose you, I'll be so sad

I never asked a favor from you before
But now that I am loving you more and more
There is only one thing that I pray
I beg God that you would stay this way

You make jokes for me every hour
You keep all the things that you vowed
I never had seen you furious
Although they said you're notorious

I won't ever want you to change
I love who you are this way
So I'm begging you to stay
Please remain like this each day

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"STAY THIS WAY" is realizing after being cruel to someone that you need that someone so much after all, and that you don't even know how to live if that someone would be gone.