Stay This Way


You always smile although I'm mad
You always try to make me glad
In all ways, you are never bad
If I'll lose you, I'll be so sad

I never asked a favor from you before
But now that I am loving you more and more
There is only one thing that I pray
I beg God that you would stay this way

You make jokes for me every hour
You keep all the things that you vowed
I never had seen you furious
Although they said you're notorious

I won't ever want you to change
I love who you are this way
So I'm begging you to stay
Please remain like this each day

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"STAY THIS WAY" is realizing after being cruel to someone that you need that someone so much after all, and that you don't even know how to live if that someone would be gone.

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Ugh! The feelings your poetry

Ugh! The feelings your poetry creates! Wonderful!

Copyright © morningglory

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Thanks for the appreciation .. I was even reluctant to post since I'm only 17 and there are a lot of people in here who are much better than me.