Hinting at greatness,

The young boy hurls

That ball, with blue flame

And fire chasing it.

In his exacting delivery,

He is surgically precise.

Like a cornered viper

In momentous moments,

Under preposterous pressure,

He is at his deadliest.

Anyone with knowledge

Of the game can see

His gift and potential.

The boy himself will

Soon realize his talent and,

Already his heart holds

The game in a vise like grip.

That combination, is his

And his family’s ticket

Out of their meager home.

He is a desolate spark of hope

In the pitch blackness.

Like a struck match he will

Illuminate the night.

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my ode entitled you are a blessing


You are a blessing

And life your getting

Sun rising or setting

House bought or letting

Whatever the window dressing

Forget second guessing

Same for any stressing

Don’t entertain messing

Hinders progressing

Karma redressing

Higher vibration


Gratitude expressing

A top dressing


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