Before a rainbow appears a little rain
before we find true love
we must feel a little pain
you may run away from your problems
but your problems will still remain
you must leave the past behind
before you can make a change.

To travel through life successfully
we must accept life is no bed of roses
and see problems as challenges
you can learn from
and ride the storms
take the bulls by the horns.

You can't rely on others
to give a helping hand
and get on
you may win a battle
but there maybe a war yet to come.

Life is for living
and serving God up above
and being thankful for all he has done
and all his love
don't let live slip away
Don't put of until tomorrow
what you can do today
or you may wake up one morning
and look in the mirror
and find it's too late
your old and grey.

Peter Dome, copyright. 2012.

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This I Ask

Make me a torch
Set me aflame
Like you did to those before me
A burning fire,
Bright and hot
That cannot be ignored
Use me as a light
To shine on the dark
Use me as salt
To attract those who are hungry
Make me a preserver
To uphold the human soul
Use me as Your mouth-piece
The still, small voice
That draws them to You
Those unforgettable words
That shakes the soul
Use me as Your hands
To heal the broken,
To comfort those who mourn
To give them beauty for their ashes
And joy instead of sorrow
To rebuild the ruin, the devastations,
And destructions of the past
Use me as Your feet
I’ll go where you send me
For “I am here; send me!”
Lord, use me as a servant
To teach through what I do
Not just from what I say
To “Harvest, for the time is ripe”
To serve others, and not myself
Father, show me to be Your son
Your blood washes over me
Show this to them
That they can see
That they can hear
That they can shout
What You have done for me
That they can know
That they can understand
That they can be loved too
And that is only from You

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The Old Man

Sitting on his rocking chair
That’s where you’d find him, he was always there
Sit on the front porch, breathe the sweet summer air
Living life without a care

I used to stay and talk about life
He’d talk about his kids and beautiful wife
Outlived them all, now 93
And I thought about how sad that’d be

But he said, if he went back
If time somehow went off track
He would never change a thing
He was content, and then he’d sing

“God, when you see fit to call me home
Ne’er again this earth to roam
I pray that you’d remind this boy
That only you can give us joy.”

Twenty years and now I’m grown
Got some kids of my own
A loving, dear, and beautiful wife
And it’s just a wonderful life
I remember the old man now
He went back home anyhow
And now he’s gone to his family
I smile at how happy they’ll be

And I pray, “Lord, help me be like him
Give me his wisdom, his freedom from sin
And let me have that joy he had
So I can be a better Dad.”

Now my friend, time is short
And to you it won’t report
So, love and raise your family
And you’ll be happy, same as me.

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My Work

Time and its essence was birthed by your wisdom.
the stars, they are numbered,
as they play at Your Feet.
Your Holy Presence gives light to the sun,
night becomes day, only to repeat.
You bathe my life in the sweet glow of Mercy,
no human hands could incite such a touch.
So, I will close my eyes, and like the stars that rest above me,
Sleep in the rapture of this cradle I call Love…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Can you rest?

Age of Revelence

As a wise man, I have learned
from my foolish ways-
In my darkest days,
I found comfort in my loneliness.
In my foolish days, I misbehaved!
Gave into temptation...
awaited sad in the station for
the bus to come-by,
but when the bus came and
rode away, I went
A joy ride of pleasures,
sinful fulfillment-
Innocence lost but gained
maturity, enough to say,
"Foolish practices are wise

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was a fool!

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word crank

i glimmer and glow
like new fallen snow
ring like a rhyme
pleasant to show
but you've heard that old adage
there's a reason its told
it's true what they say about glitter and gold

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little words of wisdom



you're so annoying


you try to send me little words of wisdom


but they just piss me off


and make my shoulder's tight


always trying to give me


a way out of growing


"you're perfect just the way you are"


"imperfect is perfect"


"everything is as it should be"


"you don't need to change"






it annoys the crap out of me


how 'bout something like


be the change you want to see in the world


something that encourages growth


isn't that what you're job was supposed to be?


you who always told me I was perfect


before I ever learned a fucking thing


it would've been a lot more helpful


if I'd known I had to work 


a little harder to really learn


no, I'm not some little genius


I'm not soooo good at playing the guitar


I never even fucking learned it


can't play but a couple of notes


No, I am not a great tennis player


I can just hit a few balls back and forth


but I don't know the game


I never learned that either


I am not a great artist


I never learned any technique


I never had to


cuz in your eyes


I was already perfect


so I didn't have to learn anything


but it's not true


no... I'm not okay just as I am


I do need to change


I do need to learn


I do need to look deep within


I do need to shed light on the darkness


I do need to stop the lies


and your little words of wisdom


are fucking bullshit!


So shut the fuck up!



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The Eagle Soars Tonight

Ugonna Wachuku


Through green hills and

misty mountain sides,

dreamy dusk breaks in on me.  


Shadows of the moon-beam

gather around me for the

journey ahead. There is a

dance of souls and minds.

Tonight, the owl hoots

no more because I have

landed. The eagle is here.


On welcoming mountain tops

of home and beauty, I watch

these majestic name-sakes of

mine soar through blue skies

and caring clouds of heaven.


Breathless, I learn from them.

Enchanted, I watch their visionary

strength. I am calm. I am

overwhelmed. I am humbled.

I am inspired...


Tonight, I must start a journey

to new beginning. I must fly

stormy and peaceful skies through



But then, I have learnt from

these name-sakes of mine. Like them,

I must soar tonight under moonlit

skies of home as I make my way

to new dawn on earthly clouds.

I will surely soar tonight.


Tomorrow awaits me with joy

at the landing field of love

and painful joy. These towering

mountains will not conquer me


I am Eagle;

and I will













The Eagle Soars Tonight: 

~ Critiques/Comments ~  

Valerie Jochum
So Majectic of a read Ugonna!  This line in particular, "Tonight, the
owl hoots no more because I have landed. The eagle is here."  Made me
think of the tiny caterpillar, how he one day just disappears into his
cocoon because he knows the time is now, for his emergence to become
the butterfly he was meant to be.  I truly enjoyed the whole piece.
Thank you.

Rachelle Wiegand
After such a beautiful entry in comment to ane dition of the Top Ten,
Ihad to come and see the poetry behind the Poet... Beautiful,
inspirational words flowing like the Nile here...  Breathless, I learn
from them.  Enchanted, I watch their visionary  strength. I am calm. I
am  overwhelmed. I am humbled.  This is truly a beautiful write. I am
graced to have found your pages. Thank you for sharing here. Keep
writing and reading :)

Mary Charest
You write with the majesty of eagles.  I can see that you are a great
visionary.  I enjoy your work immensly. Mary
Tim / manatee Marshall

Patricia Jones
I find myself drawn to the poems with eagle references. The splendor
of the eagle (your namesake for which you should be proud) simply
surges though this verse. You choose your adjectives wisely (caring
clouds), and skillfully control the flow of the poem so that it
captures the grace and nobility of the eagle and its message. You take
the beauty of God's creation and make it unforgettable.
2002-11-15 11:14:50 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My name Ugonna means Eagle of God or Eagle of the Father. Like my essence-sakes amongst God incredible creations, I am wonderfully made to soar and achieve with keen vision and strength. Indeed, I love my name so much because it creatively inspires my life in a very powerful but humble manner! There is an enriching beauty of the spirit within the depths of my creative soul. Welcome to my world of love, peace, tears, pain, inspiration and empowering creativity! 

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