The Sleeping Village

Night time.


The moon appears, faint in the distance.


Darkness has settled,


Heavy like a blanket.


It is cold outside, a sliver of winter.


Warm inside.


Heat comes from a sturdy stove;


A fragrance of home,


A reassuring lull,


The promise of morning.


The village sleeps.

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I rest in thee


OH how I thirst for You
In You, I feel peace
There's only You I can depend on.
My world, the world is full
Full of mundane things we call work
But at the end of the day
When everything is quiet
I longed for that special place
in the corner of my little self
where You patiently wait
to curl up, and sleep and rest
In your loving embrace.

When I lie down
I go to sleep in peace
You alone Oh Lord,
Keep me perfectly safe.

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Chill 2.0

Back in the same spot

Where time freezes

Carrot and tomato juice

And company of visible angels

Celebrating the now.


Tomorrow has to wait.


If it doesn’t come –

We’re not sitting here in vain

For this moment, this time…

This miniscule part of the revolving

Of the earth, of universe –

Of life.

Is eternalized.


We breathe…


Tomorrow has to wait.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

13Jan13- Dinner with Jes, Shalee and Soon Kong @ the Little Cottage Café, Penang Island.


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Chill 1.0

The universe revolves

I close my eyes…

I feel it move – slow and fast.

Round and round – I’m dizzy

In this spiral worlds of ups and downs,

I drown.

I scream – Silently.

And yet, at the end of the day…

There’s time to breathe –

To exist.

Here and now – I freeze time.

At the Little Cottage Café.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

09Jan13- First dinner at the Little Cottage Café, Penang Island. Long day. Thanks, Jes. 


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Come to Terms with the Morning

Somewhere far it wasn't midnight, yet
here tonight, midnight seemed endless.
The open mouth of the window whispered:
a bird, confused and upset, chortling
and beating its head against the trunk of its tree.
An angered, yet impotent wind blew
and rapped the broad string of a flag
against its staff; the silence ruptured by its ringing.
The feline, ever-woken, pads a place to rest
and digs his stubbing claws into the bedding.
His widened-eye attention draws to shadows
cast by our befuddled bird who cries against the dawn.
Caught by light of moon and star, he flutters
and fights to shoo away what's ruffled him,
stirred him and in turn, forced me to come to terms
with the earliest morning I've seen in days.

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The Warm Summer Breeze


It was the young, warm summer grass
the heated summer breeze;
I walked upon the grassy hill,
a horse grazed near the trees.




The warm wind was pleasant
and my heart was at peace,
as some birds sang in the evergreen trees
and bright rays of sun hit my back.




So I lay there on that quiet hill
on the warm, dry summer grass,
and thought what a blessing it was -
to simply be.

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My Work

Time and its essence was birthed by your wisdom.
the stars, they are numbered,
as they play at Your Feet.
Your Holy Presence gives light to the sun,
night becomes day, only to repeat.
You bathe my life in the sweet glow of Mercy,
no human hands could incite such a touch.
So, I will close my eyes, and like the stars that rest above me,
Sleep in the rapture of this cradle I call Love…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Can you rest?


Seen from a distance
Fluttering in the breeze
The sweet perfection
Is fading.

As the sun grows dark
And the moon becomes too bright
The once immortal
Are fading.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Sleep Deprivation

Desperate for an end
Particularly for this wasted time
Sitting here with empty thoughts
Debating on my crime

I come to a conclusion
As well as I have come to many
Looking for truth or insight
Or for something of which there are not many

I bled
I looked
I cried
I wondered
I dabbled through my mind
I found that there is nothing left
For nothing gets left behind

I'm convinced I'm lying to myself
And hopefully I believe
For if not I could destroy myself
Before I even leave

This thing that feeds on me
Gnawing and preventing sleep
Is merely just a phase, a weakness,
a joke
I will survive for I believe

So goodbye dear friend
Goodbye to you too stranger
For you I no longer have use
I only have myself to trust
To hold on to
And to love

But this will not be the last of me
For soon I will return
I may appear the same
I may not
I will leave that for you to discern

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem I wrote early one sleepless night, soon before I left.

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