being yourself

Don't be Delicate


Don’t be careful,

Don’t be delicate,

Fuck what anyone has ever told you,

Their transcendent propaganda will never be you,

Your resume will never tell anyone just how soft your hands are,

How much better you smile than me,

Be the ocean inside yourself,

The one when it swells,

Soaks you in shame,

The raging currents of you,

Slamming against your disheveled shorelines,

Are among the most beautiful I’ve seen,

We can go there together,

Let the toxic water run through your toes,

Build castles with the mud and rocks along your coast,

Scrape the cobwebs out of your seashells and make them your diamonds,

We are in this room,

Where thousands have been before,

Walls blank like a new chalk board,

Faces young and afraid,

Alive and stupid,

It is our time in our world so bureaucratic,

So mechanical,

To be the envy of the old,

Your tears are grease on my aging pistons,

Sliding up and down my cylindrical soul,

Hitting the carbon and chemicals in my throat,

Your laugh yanks at my pull start,

My valves popping, hurling clockwork onto the floor,

Are you sadness and shame?

Denial and betrayal?

Their mixed drink is exquisite,

I can hardly put you down,

Let me get drunk off you just this once,

Be my empty bottle in the morning,

I'll be yours,

So I can pray until the end of time,

That we wash up on eachother's shores,

To waste away together,

Until this ocean finally takes us,


Be your self

I wanted to be famous.

But that's impossible to be.

I wanted to be many thing's i can't.

Now im just me.

Wannabe's follow other's.

A wannabe is like my sister that follows my brother.

Do like me.

And don't do what you see.

I'm being normal.

And i'm just being me.

Don't be someone your not.

Be in your own world your own spot.

Don't try to fit in with other guys just cause there cool.

Don't be a wannabe don't be a fool.

Don't try to fit in with girls cause ther popular and hot.

Don't try to be them, don't try to be who your not.

Be who you are.

And don't go that far.

Don't follow other's ways.

Be yourself cause that's a good way.

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Yes and No

yes i am
i am ugly
i am average weight
i am strange/weird
i am weak
i am lost for words
i am a childish person
i am traped in endless thought
i am covered in scars
i am hard too love
i am weary
i am self dependant
i am one of a kind

but at least im...
not covering my face in make up
not too skinny i might die
not so stuck up i make others sad
not putting others down to make myself 'stronger'
not splurting out foolish things
not trying to grow up fast
not a air head
not some one who knows no pain
not some one who is loved too much for the wrong reasons
not so bold i scare people
not dependant on others (a mooch)
not the same boring SLUT!!!

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True to myself.

I've never been one to follow other people
like sheep
I'm not afraid to stand up for what I believe
I may not be loved by everyone
but I strive for goodness truth and peace
I fight against injustice
and provide a voice for those who cannot speak
protect the victimised
and the weak.

I may sometimes
have to swim against the tide
for what I know is right
I often make mistakes
but my conscience is clear
when I go to bed at night.

Don't judge me if you don't know me
I'll never change for anyone but God
there's much more to me than you see
what ever I am
I don't try to be anyone else but me.

Peter Dome. copyright.2012.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If I don't stand up for myself, no one will.

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Coming into this post I was gonna put some big ol’ philosophical mumbo jumbo, some reason why we’re all hear blahblahblah. But there is no one reason why. Everyone is here on their own terms to do their own damn thing. I’ve just come to realize that not everyone does that. Not a lot of people do that anymore. Everybody just conforms into the mold society gives to us. I do that too. Anyway this is just a post, if anyone has read it, or finds it suitable enough to read, or has wandered upon it through their meaningless scrolling through Tumblr to find something awesome we’d all like to emulate, this is just a post, to say go out in your own life and live it. Every single person ever deserves to be happy. I feel like throughout this “civilized” lifestyle we’ve become accustomed to not being happy. That being miserable and living life in your own corner-room office space is what is supposed to go on. But just think about it. Take one giant ass step away from yourself and look at yourself. Is this where you want to be? Are you doing what you want to do? If the answer is “Fuck no!”, well you and me both buddy. You need to say fuck them. Fuck all of those punk-ass oppressors, whoever they may be. Fuck you school, or, fuck you grades. Fuck you standards. Fuck you expectations. Fuck you random ass people, though even though you merely walk in and out of my existence I worry about how you think of me just because. We need to go out and live. Fuck society, fuck humanity, fuck all these predetermined ideas on how everyone is suppose to live. Just fuck it all, even if we go down to the very basics of, not even people, any living thing, what is their natural purpose of existence? Do you think wild animals care what anyone thinks? Well if they could speak I bet they’d say, “What?”, because they don’t even care about the question enough to even answer it correctly. The animals are out there living to do their best, to make the most out of their mortal experience here on this place we call “Earth”. One simply does not live and freely choose to be miserable.

Live your own goddamn life and fuck anyone in your way who tries to stop you from being your own version of happy.

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I am me

Do I fear the sadness
And all the regrets
And the things I should have recognized
That I’m not willing to accept?
Maybe I’ll break
An enlightening snap…

I’ll be honest with my self
It won’t happen like that.
See, I reason with myself.
Yet I’m still not who I am
I drown denial with apathy
-imagine reality- Damn

With that, I sing
And I say
I am me
I am free
And I believe it is true
Till I type that last key y

Author's Notes/Comments: 

horrible name, sounds like a terrible poem. I stayed up later than i wanted to, that's not really an excuse.

No Longer Here


You've left us now,
and are in a better place.
A place where you can
do whatever you want.

You can be yourself
without any hesitation,
never bending to the will
of anyone else.

You're free now,
free to be you,
free to be who
you really are!

You are no longer
with us,
but you are
in a new place.

One where otheres
might not know you,
and if they do,
they know th real you!

You are able to
jump up high,
up into the sky,
and fly!

Fly free!
Fly strong!
Fly high!
Just Fly!

You may not be
with us anymore,
but your memory
will forever live on.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To a friend who has left us all.

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Be Yourself!

Be yourself!

Be Yourself,
every day,
and every night!
Don't let others
tell you who you
should be and,
who you shouldn't be!

Be yourself,
and nobody else!
You are you,
and anyone who tells you
that you shouldn't
be like you,
shouldn't be around you!

Those kinds of people
are toxic waste!
They leak poison when
they open their mouths!
Stay away from them,
stay away!

Be yourself,
not for anyone else,
but for you!
Don't change to
make others happy!
Only change if you
want to change!
Only change if YOU need to,
not when others
think you need to!

Be yourself,
just you,
no one else!
You're meant to
be you,
not those other people!

Just be yourself,
nobody else!
Just be yourself,
just be you,
just be alive!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't know where this came from. Please let me know what you think!

I Can Only Be Me

My thoughts

I don't care who they
want me to be.
The only person that I can be,
is just one person. Me!

I'm me,
and nothing can change that!
What I do,
and what I say,
make up the person that I am.

The things I do,
and the things I want,
also play a part
in the making of me being me.

No, no one can tell me
that I'm not good enough,
and that I should be like them.

'Cause truly,
that's not really possible.
I might be able to act like them,
like others do,
but that's not me being me.

And that's also not me being them,
since there's only one of them,
no one else can be them,
since there is only one them.

I can only be me,
and I'm a wonderful person to be.
I'm special in my own ways,
and I go through my own things.

My life is my own,
to decide how to live it.
I can be like others,
or I can just be me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm not exactly sure what this is about, or what made me write it, but I think it turned out to be kind of interesting. Please comment and tell me what you think!

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