Tea, Counseling, Inspiration~~

"How my tongue envy's for the taste
of bourbon; a nice cold whiskey on 
the rocks! "It's bad for you- yes, this
I know!"...I walk into a bar and order
two-shots of Sprite, "Yeah, that 
wouldn't sound right!"
I want my future full of remedies, 
never-ending limits, my vocabulary 
redefine with words of wisdom, 
advice, intellectual conception- 
sounds of bells, chimes, and rings 
from distant universes, visions of the
OMEC, purification of mind, body, and
soul...a spiritual journey to the 
unknown and known- the impermanent 
and permanent-
teachings from His Holiness are my 
guidelines to Nirvana...but first I must
defeat the demons within-
"I poured too much liquor over my 
dead homies, I've drowned them in 
their graves." 
All praise to sobriety; an oath deadlier
than the seven sins; a paranormal 
activity...the delusions, sweats, shakes
and shivers- the chimes of time slowly
ring away the beat that was destroying
my song, my life...
I seek counsel, UN-bias advice...my days
are brighter now, my smile warmer. I 
sit and write now with a cup of tea and 

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