Before a rainbow appears a little rain
before we find true love
we must feel a little pain
you may run away from your problems
but your problems will still remain
you must leave the past behind
before you can make a change.

To travel through life successfully
we must accept life is no bed of roses
and see problems as challenges
you can learn from
and ride the storms
take the bulls by the horns.

You can't rely on others
to give a helping hand
and get on
you may win a battle
but there maybe a war yet to come.

Life is for living
and serving God up above
and being thankful for all he has done
and all his love
don't let live slip away
Don't put of until tomorrow
what you can do today
or you may wake up one morning
and look in the mirror
and find it's too late
your old and grey.

Peter Dome, copyright. 2012.

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I enjoyed this read. :)

I enjoyed this read. :)

Copyright © morningglory

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Thank you.

Thank you so much. looking forward to reading your work soon. Take care. Moog.