The walls close in on me,
And my breathing becomes heavy.
I begin to see things,
Visions that don’t exist.

The visions now surround me,
The visions yell at me.
My ears begin to bleed,
And the silence deafens me.

My thoughts are coming undone,
As the visions pull me away.
I’m taken to a new place,
Nothing I have ever seen.

I think about fighting it,
But maybe it’s best for me.
I let go of everything,
I let this new world guide me.

I think about what this is,
But I don’t really care.
I have let myself go,
The visions now have all control.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I feel like this is my best one yet, what do you think, and how do you like my overall form?

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I like it Tyler. Nice job. :)

I like it Tyler. Nice job. :)

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It's Alright, Your Style

The form is structure which is fine - the style and the content will grow as you read more pp poets and hit the library for the classics and modernist and contemporary writers - it takes decades to master the many forms of verse - Lady A