Take me to Church

Take me to church so I can finally slam shut the door
I don’t believe in all that nonsense anymore
Hell is already here so you cant scare me
I wish I could take you to the places I go at night to see
Its all about control and fear to manipulate the masses
But I now see the world through these shit tinted glasses
If there is a creator up there he must be disgusted
By the children abused by the priests that they trusted
My church is my brothers that I went with to War
The  alter the battlefield that we hate and adore
My holy water the blood that was spilled by the young
The dead my saints and my soul the songs that we sung
So take me to church so I can slam shut that door
You call me a heathen but your God created War.

 ©  Tony McNally

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A Short essay on my own believes about my religion

Short Essays

Growing up I had always been Catholic (I am not a right-wing christian fanatic, btw). I went to CCD (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine - aka Religious Education on the Catholic believes) growing up. Sometimes I would get tired of going every single Sunday to mass (since it what one is suppose to do). When I got to college, I started seeing my religion different and got tired of going every single Sunday to mass and I stopped going, but I still went while on vacation to keep my parents happy. Yes, I still believed in my religion, but I wasn't 'happy' for some of the teachings and I believe one can do them when they please if they wanted to (such as premarital sex), but I still wasn't happy with my religion though. After graduating and my old priests were still at my church, I was talking to one of them about the religion and told me to believe what I want to believe... it may be right or it may be wrong, but you decide.
In the space of 10 or so years, I still questioned my believes as being a Catholic. I know that by heart I am Catholic, but my mind isn't. About three years ago when my church started to celebrate their 250th Jubilee Anniversary (old Catholic Community in New Jersey)... I decided to participate and help in the committee... maybe with doing this, it will help me be closer to God. (FYI: I only go to masses on Holidays, yes, I am one of those)...
So, during the time of events, I enjoyed being part of my church community and it made me come closer to God then what I had been in for many years... I was actually happy to be where I was. I try my best to be part of the word of God even if I am not a "good" Catholic or Religious person, but like I said, I try to be the best. During the time of these events, we went to several places, some being special Catholic Churches in Philadelphia that brought me closer (FYI: I love a good Catholic Church and its decorations that make that church its true value... been to many several in Mexico and Brazil). I went to basically ALL the events we were having too (missed two I think)
Now that the events are over... I feel that I am drifting from the word of God again, but I always try somehow to get closer to him. While the events of my church, I am the admin to our FB Page and I would put pictures of the events... so just recently, I decided to put on it a daily prayer... I believe by doing this, it will help me be a little closer not only to my religion, but closer to God as well. I know it is not the same, but for me it is a great start. And I may still just be the kind that will still be going to mass on holidays only...
During the time of the events, my Father had hip surgery (on both, but not the same time)... the first time I actually went to the hospital chapel to pray a little because I know praying has always been a strong factor for me, I know it is not much, but in my heart I believe it is the right thing to do even if for many they don't believe in so.
To this day, I know that in my heart I will always be Catholic, but my mind still questions it no matter what. But in order to move forward, I first I need to 'fix' my life and be on the right path before I move forward with my religion. It will not be easy, but I think I will be alright with my believes and my church...

On a different side note...
I cannot compare my religion to other religions since I have never been to any other services of other religions, but only that from what I read in books and online. I understand some of the other Christianity religions, their purpose and their believes... but then there are others that I don't understand or their purpose. And I believe that those religions are missing out the true meaning of Christianity... (all the hundreds that are 'popping' out from who knows where). However, those that I believe are doing it right, I respect them for their religion and I don't question it as long as everyone knows what their purpose in life and the future is in beliveing in God.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I would like to share with you how I feel about my religious believes. You may criticize me all you want, but how I feel, I will not change it for anything since that is how I believe...So, I want to share my story and believes...

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I Can't Believe In Darwin's Theory

Some people believe in Darwin's theory but I don't.

These people want me to believe Darwin but I won't.

I can't believe in Darwin's theory because it goes against what the Bible teaches us.

If I have to choose somebody to believe, I choose God because he's the one I trust.

Darwin wanted us to believe that we evolved from apes.

Darwin was only a man and men can make mistakes.

But God is perfect, he never has and never will make a mistake.

I'm sorry but Darwin's theory is something that I must forsake.

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Son Of God

He's the Son of God and he was the greatest man who ever lived.

He's compassionate and he has always been willing to forgive.
He's the Son of God and his blood was collected in the Holy Grail.

Jesus died for Mankind's sins, he died so that we won't go to Hell.

He's the Son of God and his death brought a lot of tears.

They nailed him to the cross and impaled him with a spear.

He's the Son of God and in certain Bibles, his words appear in red.

He was in agony as he was crucified and then sadly, he was dead.

He's the Son of God and he rose from his tomb after he died.

They couldn't end Christ's existence even though they tried.

He's the Son of God and he could resurrect the dead and make the blind see.

Because he's so wonderful, he means a lot to you and he means a lot to me.

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The cold depths of secrecy


Col. Anderson. "So this is the god you worship...this is the reason for all the suffering and death...over something that should never have been."

Dr. Kay. "This was our salvation, Col. Anderson...this is what saved us...and will save us again."

Col. Anderson(Gripping the .45 tight in his hand). "I see nothing but jars of cold, dead remains, computer wires, and dusty old monitor screens...there is no god here, just butchered remnants of something you made but could never control, nor understand."

Dr. Kay. "With all due respect, speak in ignorance...upon awakening, his knowledge will be our understanding. When the resurrection comes, all will be revealed...we are one and the same...soul and mind. After all, we created him in our image."

Col. Anderson. "Does your image not frighten you, Dr.?"

Dr. Kay. "No, Colonel."

Col. Anderson. "It will."

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Bastard children of the imprisoned son


Throughout the city, cults began to rise, calling themselves deciples of the persicuted child, and the sons and daughters of the new age, among many other names. Police units, being underfunded, and undermanned, could do little to stop them. The followers of the so called, new religion, predicted the day of Tyrant, and a new world to come, often blocking the already cluttered streets, chanting, dancing, and going to many drug induced states. Units could only disperse them, but they'd soon find other places to hold their meetings, and arests were few and far between, as often, police found themselves overpowered by the large crowds who would fight and die in the name of their new god.

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Prophetic Profits Line Political Pockets

Is it ironic that our prophets are marketed to profit the preacher's pocket?


It seems prophetic scripture is a profitable mixture of spirituality and social interaction; last time I stepped in a church, I envisioned cats goose steppin, their hands raised to acknowledge the Spirit but I'm wonderin if Der Führer is present.  Speaking of prophecy, these profits we chase will be the end of humanity - death creates a war economy where PMCs are commodities bought and sold to perpetuate global homogeny.  


New World Orders dictate a rise of profit, so our prophets are shifted to suit the pockets of those in suits and suites; our politicians accept legal bribery to sell us up river, our population swells and our problems become bigger.  We give in to fear and accept propaganda while we demand actions from those with hidden agendas.  Overseers out of officers above our written laws roam these streets looking more ravenous than their dogs.  As the blue line stretches from state to state, the state of the union dissolves; to state it simply, the Police State seems reminiscent of the Third Reich.  


RFIDs implanted as governments demand their chattel be branded; the mark of a beast we fed with our blood, best mark your numbered days of "freedom" as you chatter about your favorite programming.  Can it be coincidence entertainment on television is called programming?  Manufactured characters from sitcoms to newsrooms, distorted opinions layered like a cake with as much sugar coating, ensuring you will swallow the harsh medicine of reality crumbling.  


But never mind that, what color is this dress man?  And never mind THAT, douse yourself with this bucket of ice man.  From one scam to another, our attention is commanded - ironic that the only real deficit is attention.  If our attention had intention to shift our intended goals from profit to parables utter by prophets, imagine what our pockets would hold then.


Every day, if I open my eyes, I realize another layer of the real lies -- how we're compliant to the point of reliance on a system that simplifies human lives to assembly lines.  A culture that preys like vultures on the disenfranchised, selling lies to shallow minds encapsulated by fear; never did they mind the depth of the graves dug here.  For the truth it seems has been categorically smeared with distractions, millions booking face time to clear collective ADHD like ten second Tom.


One week, two weeks, three weeks, gone.  Attention deficit, human destruction imminent, and the cycle resets because we were too lazy kid.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

One of my pieces with a heavier amount of rhyme and rhythm.

Loaded Clip

Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial.
Everything is possible but not everything is legal.
Everything is optional but not everything is acceptable.
Who are you to say you know it all?
Who are you to say humans are the end all be all?
Does your life show omnipotence?
Or does it show fear and uncertainty of the future?
Do you really think you control the universe?
Such arrogance should make you question yourself.
But why would you if you knew everything?
Wouldn't you die if a bullet penetrated your skin?
Imagine me as the gun and this poem as a loaded clip with each word as a single bullet.
Do you feel powerless yet?
The power lies in the creator.
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Death of the crow

And the foul of the air fell from the skies
and the heavens burned
and the oceans boiled
giving up their dead of every kind
even so the angels fell dead upon the earth
so that paradise would no more be inhabited
and the remnants of mankind would be wiped away
before the face of the child beyond the stars