by Jeph Johnson


I asked a religious friend of mine, who is a big fan of Pearl Jam, and is always trying to convince Eddie Vetter abortion is wrong,


(so are condoms, by the way)


how many 33-year old virgins he knew.


I was trying to argue that being a devoted Christian for ten years made me some sort of weird freakish outcast.


No one believes me anyway, and then when I try to explain myself I get smirks of disbelief.


I was told by my church-going buddies (who'd lost their virginity in high school while "backsliding") that some girl will really appreciate it some day.


Now all I meet are single mothers, divorcee's and seventeen-year-old's who are more experienced than I am.


...and they could care less!


I asked him again: 


"How many 33-year-old virgins do you know of?" 


He smiled.


I had forgotten he was Catholic.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

1999, 2017


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I wish I could light a candle

For all the lost souls of the world,

To let God see the light

That shines deep inside of them.

Let not their sorrow blow out their flame,

But let their embers glow again.

And I wish I could teach them to love themselves,

God,and the people who love them,

But care not about those who don't care enough

To reach out a helping hand;

But instead,shun them,

And push them farther into the deep,lonely graves

That they have already dug for themselves.

But,alas,I'm only human.

What more can I say?

I wish I could do something.

All I can do is pray.

But maybe if he's listening,

He'll take away their pain;

And give to all the lost souls

The chance to start again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just want people to learn to only listen to themselves,people who love them,and whatever God they believe in(if they do),instead of always trying to please everyone(which never works),and letting criticism make them stop loving themselves,or doing what they dream or feel is right.

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in one feeble attempt,

shaking off the cloud

that envelops me,

I struggle and gasp

for air.

the mist is dense,

my eyes focus on

gray and hazy smoke,

I know darkness will soon consume me.

impulse pushes me to run,

but stood still I, valiantly

brave through it.

the smoke lifted,

the clouds disappeared,

faith triumphed.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have lots of fears, shown in different faces.  But I know, my faith will vanguish it all!

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My heart is full of


When I see a rainbow

Crossing the bluest skies.

My heart is full of


When thinking of love,

I pictured God.

My heart is full of joy,

When I think of God's creation,

His son Jesus Crist,salvation and

His eternal love for man.

My heart leaps up of joy,

When I see the clear and blue


And also the moon and the stars.

My heart is full  of joy,

Because I can see so clear,

God's glory and undying love,

All written across

The skies,the earth, the sea!



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What Was God Doing When

What was God doing when he first blew up

the naught and single-handedly begot

the aught in that terrible Big Bang?

Was He pondering on Sin, Repentance, & Redemption,

while huge galaxies & worlds unfurl´d in cosmic radiation?

Did He dwell on Moral Law, Sexual Continence,

& Lifelong Matrimony while the choirs of angels sang?

Did He think of Life & Death, of Misery & Pain,

as his mighty dreadful Hand stirr'd the cosmic brew?

In what genial, timeless moment did God engineer his Hell?

Did He watch all sinners roast in a fancy grand preview?

Could his infallible Reason fully fathom how insignificant

one human life would be in the scheme of Cosmic Time?

Did He stop to think of Just & fair as He wrote his Passion Play?

What rating will He give it when He writes the end review?

And when everything´s been said and done,

Will God just rewind the tape in a terrible Big Crunch?

Will He have the Play re-played while He enjoys his Brunch?

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