Rest Now Honored Soldier

Rest now honored soldier

Put your burdens down

The end of watch has come

Trade your sorrows for a crown

Take all these earthly worries

Bury in the ground

Finally relieved

No more honor bound


Rest now honored soldier

The battle there is won

Your oath now here is finished

Your trials now are done

We grieve for you o' soldier

But in service we're content

The innocent protected

The evil finally rent


Rest now honored soldier

And though is lost your name

Raise high your head

Do not bow in shame

You have received greatest honor

In Valhalla you have claim

Rest now honored soldier

Content in your acclaim

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Here rests in honored glory an American soldier known but to God.

Requescat in pace, militem honorem.

For: "The Unknown Soldier"


Light and Dark



Deprived of my sight

Sitting in the void

Nothing but myself to fill it

Dark thoughts enter my head

They cover my eyes

Yet I can't see it

In the Blackness


No matter where I turn


There is nothing to see

And then a luminous explosion

A light pierces the darkness

A star from afar

Blinding me again

Blinded by whiteness

Covered in rays of light

And still I cannot see


But now there are voices

Around me they are fighting

Some for the darkness

Others for the light

I hear them killing

I hear them destroying each other

And doing atrocities in the name

Of the Darkness or the light


But all I can think of

and the more that I ponder

I've come to realize

Is that neither lets me see


and both blind me equally

Clockwork Human

Light and Dark















Am Not






My Heart












Give in
















Start a War


Too late to feign innocence

You've heard it all before

I can't take one more chance

I won't hurt you anymore


Consider this my letter

That I write to myself

That I couldn't get better

And I won't take you as well


Stab me

Break me

Beat me

And chain me

Leave me on the floor

Gasoline on my body

Light it outside the door

Take the man I was

And burn him to the core

Lets start a war


You deserve much better

Than I, for now, could be

Personality suicide

I can live for more than Me


For if even I can do it

Then everybody can

A personal revolution

Its time to take a stand


Stab me

Break me

Beat me

And chain me

Leave me on the floor

Gasoline on my body

Light it outside the door

Take the man I was

And burn him to the core


Lets start a war

Waking Nightmares

Light and Dark

I sleep

I dream


Or somewhere in between


For within waking nightmares

Nothing's ever as it seems



I wake

I stare


Or am I truly there?


Reality's an illusion

And it never will play fair



Am I sleeping

Do I wake


In which world is which?


Should I end my life in one

I cannot choose to switch



So do I sleep?

Do I dream?

And visit somewhere in between

But within my waking nightmares

True reality unseen

The Seer

Just For Fun

Today I sit upon my chair

and watch the world unfold beneath

The stories that I see in there

I to you, for now, bequeath


I see age in specks of dust

A lifetime carved in wood

Time's corrosive touch in rust

Just like a lover could


My eyes open to the Sky!

And there I see the stars

But look down, and time flys by

With speeding headlights of cars


Look to the rain, wisdoms countless

The same water fell on Rome

I speculate, with reasons doubtless

Civilizations last shorter than stones


You may think I ramble insanely

That my mind has truly blown

But these thoughts forever chase me

And will leave me utterly alone.  


Light and Dark

Right here

Right now

With this ocean between us

Where tragedy confronts eternity

I can finally see your light 

From the darkness of my own heart

A grave machination of despair

The soul taken

My corpse remains 

You walked through my fires unscathed

You've passed through death's dark gates

And yet still live


Still, I look for you

Relentless, I'm lost without you

The ghosts of my past haunt me still

Continuously burning me alive

A whispered silence inflaming my throat

Exhausted with no lungs to breathe

No air with which to speak

But a hush and a sigh, then I'll be gone

Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?

As my vision bleeds to red

Your freedom burns my heart

It puts fire in my bones

Until I'm left with ashes of what once were

And shadows of what could be


I don't need to be reminded

      that its all meaningless

I feel the slow hours tick by

      from my already too short life


Another breath

Another bottle

Another wasted day gone


Fill my lungs with cancer

      And why?

I don't die faster

Fill my gut with liquor    

      The pain doesn't leave


Why try when there is no end

I refuse to race without finish

"Everything is meaningless, says the teacher"

Listless at my own apathy

I don't care to care

       I can't 

Because it doesn't matter


Why live for life's sake?

Why die to end it?


All is without purpose

"Everything is meaningless, says the teacher."


The wall

The wall


These words strike this wall. And fall to the ground in a pile.

Doing nothing, no damage at all. Still I write, and speak all the while.

They change nothing, have no effect. At least if they do, it's none I can detect.

But I pour them out, along with a prayer. Those are much stronger, they'll chip a layer.

I need new ones, ones never spoken. These can't show my love, this language is broken.

 Maybe ones I have, perhaps in the right order. Finally break this wall, crumble the mortar.

I feel so small, and this pile is so deep. Still I clear it away, and start a new heap.

This barrier so strong, thick tall and wide. But I'll never give up, this can't be denied.

See I know this wall, and what waits behind it. If you saw it like I do, you'd know I can't quit.

I have to get through, and mend what I've torn. Show Im a new man, that I've been reborn.

Change took too long, but God it's here now. This I must prove, Lord please show me how.

You think I'm the Mason, I made it this thick. No I didn't build it, but I did mold the brick.

I'll never break through it, it won't come apart. I see this now, but there's hope in my heart.

If I can't go through,  I'll just have to climb. I dust off my hands, I've made up my mind.

I take hold, finding the cracks. I think I'm half way, but I'm scared to look back.

But I never looked forward, to see how far it is. I had faith in myself,  knew I could do this.

Of course I slip and fall, back down to my knees. It's help that I lack, why couldn't I see.

I'll call upon God, I'll take him with me. But I just fall again, how can this be?                         

So folding my hands, I pray once again. Lord I'm clearly lost, don't know where to begin                  

“You can't take me with you, or shout down a wall. You come with me, and you'll never fall”

He said this to me, though through a man's voice. I'll follow these words, I have no choice.

That wall isn't so bad, it gives her protection. And if I've cracked it, it's beyond my detection.

His word as my sword, and his hand I've found. No need to go over, he'll lead me around.

And on the other side, she sits needing mending. I give her the truth, no more pretending.

We walk with him, or this won't work at all. But if we both take his hand, he won't let us fall.

Walking away, both holding his hand. We set out to rebuild, with him I know we can.

I look back one last time, I see rubble no wall.  What I couldn't scratch,  he had simply made fall. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another piece I wrote about love and relationships.  This one reflects how we can put up walls against one another, or help another build them. Also strikes at how hard they can be to tear down. Points out in the end that just maybe sometimes we need a little help.