Empty Mirror

Wake up and everything is a blurr
Seeing the light in with sleepy eyes
Just to look at the mirror and see you in disguise
Who is this looking back at me
The image in the mirror could it be?
No because the reflection I see is empty
Though there is an image there
That image has nothing to share
Before we go onto our day
Hopefully that empty image
Will become full and fade away


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this poem this morning enjoy.

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All I wanna say is you're heaven sent,
And if I ever meant something more than a relevance in your presence
Then time can enhance the joy and we can't prevent,
We can't prevent the fact that I found me a keeper.
Cause despite your physical features
I'm digging your style and your mind which is deeper.

You're a Queen so I'm trying to seek inner,
Cause you see I can clean,
I can cook what you craving for dinner?

It's whatever, I feel honored to spoil you
Sometimes love is like water and oil
So as long as we remain loyal,
I'm inclined in creating life with you so my seed and your soil..
Well, thats the epitome of glorious.
It's obvious we can play that part,
I'd wish to fall asleep in your thighs
And wake up within your heart.

I know the past has been hard on you
I know I wanna protect and provide for you.
To be honest I never thought I'd see past
The first impression so, subtracting depression it brings so much pressure
Trying to fulfill your suggestions and for what's worth your gestures give in to temptation.

With intentions to impress you or
Undressing your integrity
I never wish to paint an ugly picture in your mind
For you and I will be one for eternity.

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Wake UP!

Wake Up! Wake UP! No more sleeping in bed
Little Peter is crying he needs to be fed

Angie is failing she can’t even read
This problem exists because she is poor- that’s what her teacher now believes

We are failing our children while we lie asleep
Our family structure is failing and is proven to be weak.

Wake Up! Wake Up! Mother while Peter is being raped
By the same man you love and claim it’s you that he dates

Wake! Wake Up! Dad your daughter is growing old
She needs a man in her life – so she sleeps with the addict who treats her cold…

Wake Up mom and dad no more thinking about you
But instead of our children whose thoughts are misconstrued

The alarm clock has gone off- No more sleeping in bed
Let’s save the children we have left
‘Cause half of our children are already dead.

Wake Up!!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wake up is a powerful piece screaming the needs of some of our children. Wake up has been described as the perfect wake up call for those caring for children. It is a great gift for someone in the social services field; teachers or any persons providing the needs of our children

Who's real ?

What happens when your tired of being used
Tired of writing sad songs and singing the blues
Friends ? Not friends at all
The same snakes you take to the mall
Everyday faces seem so predictable
Their only goal, is to ruin things unfixable
But you standing strong, taking all you can take
Backed up in a corner with a shell that can't break
And your lost, with no sense of direction
Just wanting to feel some type of love and affection
Cringing for words, craving for the truth
Looking beyond all disguises for who is here for you
Knowing what is right and doing what is wrong
Confused by the words they say so strong
Young wild nights turn in to unbreakable habits
Looking back to the past saying shit happens
Do words hurt ? Do they mean what they say ?
Will they give you the answer or show you the way ?
The truth is always left unsaid
But you will know who was real
Only when your dead

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'd really appreciate honest feedback. Be as blunt as possible.

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Who is real?
Who is fake?
How can you tell before its to late?
How can you tell before heartbreak?
Some never learn.
...I never learn

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