All I wanna say is you're heaven sent,
And if I ever meant something more than a relevance in your presence
Then time can enhance the joy and we can't prevent,
We can't prevent the fact that I found me a keeper.
Cause despite your physical features
I'm digging your style and your mind which is deeper.

You're a Queen so I'm trying to seek inner,
Cause you see I can clean,
I can cook what you craving for dinner?

It's whatever, I feel honored to spoil you
Sometimes love is like water and oil
So as long as we remain loyal,
I'm inclined in creating life with you so my seed and your soil..
Well, thats the epitome of glorious.
It's obvious we can play that part,
I'd wish to fall asleep in your thighs
And wake up within your heart.

I know the past has been hard on you
I know I wanna protect and provide for you.
To be honest I never thought I'd see past
The first impression so, subtracting depression it brings so much pressure
Trying to fulfill your suggestions and for what's worth your gestures give in to temptation.

With intentions to impress you or
Undressing your integrity
I never wish to paint an ugly picture in your mind
For you and I will be one for eternity.

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