—'Tis More Fun Using








—'Tis More Fun Using



'Tis more fun using

—money in my pocket, but

I know where it's from...

From other people's pockets

I'm now on top of the world








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited 09.04.2019:


I simply have italicized the whole English idiomatic expression "on top of the world" rather than just "top of the world" which previously thought to be enough to emphasize, or to denote, what I wanted to signify.  I only had the ample chance to finally correct this [idiom] now (even though I had always wanted to correct this sentence & to modify it as soon as possible.  Just because I thought it was not sounding right, & the fact that what had just played in my mind back when I was composing this was seeming to just correspond to a familiar song, something out of a Carpenter's song & its title, I had come to the conclusion that it was indeed an American/English idiomatic expression that relates to its real connotation (where the expression was actually derived, & whose real lexical meaning was what I also have meant to relay).  Thank you for reading on.



My ode to the fiscal Cliff

current affairs

My ode to the fiscal Cliff


All I hear is fiscal cliff
And lots of financial shit
Road runner, over the edge
Of a great big precipice
Run out of terra long ago
Now only inflated money and ego’s


It’s only a gun to the head
By bangsters; capitalisms dead
Threatening to take us all down
Unless we keep the cash cow
Full with tax payers money
Paid for with unfair austerity


Whether we like it or not
The buck surely has to stop
With our government reps
Aka The central bankers puppets
Who are looking after their mates
So when politics ends: Are Made


The bailouts only covering bad bets
Made by bankster representatives
Betting if you dig deep enough
Its just robbery and tough luck
This system, the dice are loaded
Complicated; almost encoded


To keep the commoners confused
So they can keep on robbing you
All these new bank instruments
Just pieces of paper; worthless
Money going the same way too
Hyperinflation is just another


This is why the powers that be
Are busy as busiest of bees
Cashing in on ill gotten gains
Highway robbery by any other name
Dick Turpin never had it so good
And the Chicago gansters hoods


Buying up all our food quietly
And turning cash into commodities
Real money isn’t in stocks anymore
The wealth truly knows the score
Capitalism collapsed purposely
It’s the biggest of all ponzi’s


It really doesn’t matter anyway
Gold silver and copper are the way
All bank accounts zeroed soon
Thing is not the bangsters move
Soon they will loose their grip
Humanity will be steering this ship

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