new day




everyone's wasted words 


and efforts to  


manipulate you,


so many long,


tedious years


of struggle.



lost, now found,


through your love for me,


the only thing


they all tried so 




to tell you,


show you,


trying to coerse you towards a feeling 


that was so unnatural for you.




but you see now, my love,


how the mind distorts.



all they had to ever say


is that the love you feel,


will lead us all 


to this day.



this lesson learned,


in this hard way,


keep it safe inside you,


it won't lead you astray.




I will never blame you again,


for the despise you 


learned by their selfishness,


and haughty dogmatic dramas,


their ignorance of 


true love.


I believe they truly,




have no understanding


of its 


power over us all.



there is no more 


they can say,



New Day!!





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by my love for my fiance and:


A new love, a new start

A new dream, with new hearts.

New words, new emotions

New fears, ever growing.

A new life, with new obsessions

New rules, and new catches. 

New loss, new devotion

With no pretenses, no commotion.

A new calm, before the storming

He is the llight, before the mourning. 

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The Start of a New Day

When does morning start?

When a creature awakes,

Or when the sun rises?

Yea, the morning is

When a creature awakes

To find it starting anew

In the world dominated

By mortal souls.


The human wakes up

First by opening its eyes,

Then stretching its muscles

And sitting up in a position

To retreat from the bed

That held it prisoner 

During the long, dark night.


Out of bed it goes

Attending its normal

Robotic morning routine

Whilst thinking of the future,

Of what the day holds,

And how the day will go.

Either gleefully or woefully

Does the human think of this

For not all mornings 

Are filled with happiness and glee.


Fearful not is the human

Who takes things as they go

Wave by wave.

Wave by wave harassing it,

Wave by wave attacking it,

Wave by wave saddening it,

Wave by wave entertaining it,

Wave by wave knocking it down.

Each wave the human does take

Accepting each as a challenge,

As an opponent, an obstacle,

And one that must be rid of.

Defeat is not in its dictionary,

For there is no defeat

If one can rise again,

And face the same challenge

To only be victorious.


The human does not give up,

It does not ponder on the past,

But it rises from its ashes - 

Waking up to start anew

In a world dominated

By mortal souls.

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In the land of the dead
You now live,
That you'll leave so soon
I still cannot believe

Your memory looks so fresh
As if you are here,
But when I look around
You are gone and that's my fear

You are a great mother
That will always be remembered,
I know you are far away
But in thine heart your love still lay

Mummy wa
I long for a day
A day I hope is still very far away,
We shall all stay together
And to paradise we will stroll
In there we shall live happily forever...

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every day, taking care of a parent,

day in, day out, becoming drudgery at times,

takes a lot of patience and energy, no doubt,

the caregiver healing too, 

as life gets rearraged, inside and out,

then the day dawns, and mom or dad passes,

life suddenly has open doors, 

seemingly by the masses,

how can something so full of challenges

leave you so empty?

no deliveries at the door, no call bells, it's eerie,

a void of uncertainty fills the home, and you can't see,

how your life, once so tethered down, doesn't now, seem free,

but this is the journey of how experiences leave seeds,

that live on long after you become familiar with any deeds,

new neural pathways, can assist new growth,

loss, even after mourning, brings more difficulties,

but it also can teach new ways to cope.



4:47 PM 7/10/201 ©



Author's Notes/Comments: 

about how doing new and never before done things can help after a loss of any kind.

Shiny Apple




O my great one! 


How you shine! Shine! Shine!


The arms of the ages open,


Receiving those worn, scarred and weary souls


To embrace a new freedom of dreams!




O my soul of loving concern,


For those beaten by war, 


And the ravages of man's frailties 


That most often lurk unseen within his being,


Lift up your best alms,


And transform those regrets 


Beyond the iniquities of the past.



Streets paved with the shadows 


Of lonely and searching immigrants 


Lost in time and groping for security,


Never allowing malice to obsure your divinity.



Shine! Shine! Shine On!



6:23 PM 7/8/2013 ©




Author's Notes/Comments: 

New of dreams for so many.

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You walked lightly into my life
And I thought yo would stay
But you walked away impatiently and impolitely

I was glad you came my way
So you could wash my pains away,
You never succeed and you ran away

I know sometimes I get angry
And say some words I don't mean,
That's what makes me human, I'm not perfect

You were the star that ignited between my eyes
The sun that slapped farther into the western sky,
But you should also know you were the cause of my anger

No matter if you choose to come back or not
My entire life is forever changed

Just because you loved me for a moment in time
And because I chose to love you for the rest of mine

If you came back, I'd be glad,
For every piece of happiness you'd restore
And for your magnificent return I strongly implore...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The word OLORI MI is a western Nigeria word meaning MY QUEEN

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You came at the wrong time
When everything is done
When the battle's lost and won
When I'm lost in thoughts like others do
When I feel much love for thine and not for you

You came at the wrong time
When the sun sets and the moon appear
When mine heart is torn apart in fear
When every single thing is foredone
And When my trust and love of thee is gone

You came at the wrong time
When I'm done sitting on the lane
When I'm sane and can recall my names
When the worst decisions of my life I have made
And when all my feelings for you has now began to fade...

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I'm Scared

It's taking a deep breath...

It's not being able to stop the smile...

It's just being happy...


and you don't even know...


Im scared ... I don't know where we're going...

I dont know where to go... we're just going...

I'm scared babe... you say we're good, you say just let it be...

but fuck babe... I need to know if i should run for cover...

I need to know if i should just hide now before it's too late.


and you dont even know...


I'm scared babe... you're going to break my heart, you're going to make me hurt...

you say just let it be... you say just be...


I tell you please let me know ... you say you're happy and i am too

but please let me know babe... let me know if you want to let this go...

 i'm not going to lie ... im scared babe...


not of you walking away ... but of you just letting go...















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