The Best Person I Know

There's no perfection in a place called Earth

Each day we dive into uncertainty

That's ain't no curse or burden though

That's precious spark - absurdity.


There's no perfection in people's hearts

Each day we suffer from avidity

That's ain't no good but it imparts

It gives conception of infinity.


The best person I've ever knew

Is the person I've never met

Ain't no there best or noblest


Ain't want I to be so...

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The Start of a New Day

When does morning start?

When a creature awakes,

Or when the sun rises?

Yea, the morning is

When a creature awakes

To find it starting anew

In the world dominated

By mortal souls.


The human wakes up

First by opening its eyes,

Then stretching its muscles

And sitting up in a position

To retreat from the bed

That held it prisoner 

During the long, dark night.


Out of bed it goes

Attending its normal

Robotic morning routine

Whilst thinking of the future,

Of what the day holds,

And how the day will go.

Either gleefully or woefully

Does the human think of this

For not all mornings 

Are filled with happiness and glee.


Fearful not is the human

Who takes things as they go

Wave by wave.

Wave by wave harassing it,

Wave by wave attacking it,

Wave by wave saddening it,

Wave by wave entertaining it,

Wave by wave knocking it down.

Each wave the human does take

Accepting each as a challenge,

As an opponent, an obstacle,

And one that must be rid of.

Defeat is not in its dictionary,

For there is no defeat

If one can rise again,

And face the same challenge

To only be victorious.


The human does not give up,

It does not ponder on the past,

But it rises from its ashes - 

Waking up to start anew

In a world dominated

By mortal souls.

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Around The World!!!

I have always wished to travel around the world!
To feel the beauty of nature that has a splendid swirl…

Each country has a unique history on,
Food specialty of many countries has a magical wand!!

I have seen the Travel Show,
All I know I just have to travel more!!

To get an opportunity to travel all over..
Will give your life a makeover!

People who travel extensively are very flexible,
They can eat variety of food,
They don’t carry a very angry mood!!

They have traveled so much,
That every place has drilled some experience to keep in touch….

Travelers are definitely lucky,
As traveling makes them strong, to deal with the mucky…

Yes it is the blessing of various places,
That teach one to adjust in life’s various phases!

Just by traveling all the time,
A stiff personality can change to be soft and super fine!

This is the beauty of the diversity in the earth…
Each land has its own value and worth!

Let’s thank the Supreme Lord once more!
As only the Divine Nature can pour,

A churn for us when traveling across the world!
Learning experiences to change us over a while,
Turning our entire personality in a stunning style!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A traveler can easily add a dash to his personality-Credit his travel!

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Mr. Briefcase

It’s 7:30 AM at high school and everyone you know is just being one more participant of this intriguing daily phenomenon: the zombie march. Everybody has just left his or her bed and is probably only coming to school due to some kind of inertia. Different types of individuals can be observed and classified according to the urban sub-culture that they seem to belong: there’s the football player, there’s the cheerleader, there’s the nerd, there’s the geek, there’s the punk, there’s the metal-head. But there is also the one and only guy who seems not to fit on any of these classifications, and whose name is not known by any of the students: Mr. Briefcase. No, he’s not a briefcase per se, or… is he? You’ll never know what he’s carrying on this forever-in-hand object. This peculiar individual, rare in his species, has a personality that oscillates in flirting between the nerd stereotype, the geek one and the punk one. His rebel is a yet more rebellious; he stands out by not standing out, in the dawn of life called adolescence. His negligence to be a hormone creature and instead recreate a premature man, ironically describes the subversive nature of the adolescent human being. Where everyone’s ravenous for sexual accomplishment and recognition, he’s not even part of the equation. Where everyone’s a bitch, a jerk, lovely or lonely, his epithet’s an object he has turned his self into. We may think that we are the ones excluding him because of his peculiarity, but the reality is that he’s excluding himself from a bunch of morons and high school lambs. Talking only with teachers: adults, he’s in a social limbo, he will never adjust to the teenage hood, yet, and at least for a couple of years, he’s not an adult. Not being able to fit into two out of four of the mayor classifications of the human lifetime, he decided to become a briefcase: squared, practical, logical, technological, eclectic, ageless, faceless, wordless but not worthless and brown. A briefcase is a rectangular case with a handle for carrying books and documents (wordreference), or a parasite monster that eats our soul and zombifies you remora style. Maybe if you ask him for the time his response will come from the below his hand. Quiet whispers, or loud angry words of social discomfort. Yesterday I talked to Mr. Briefcase… Don’t know anything about him.

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