Always Anonymous

A-Z poems

I leave letters in lockers

Secretly admiring those

way out of my league.

Whose biting words

Have dug their way

Through the wall i put up

And slowly sink their way in.

Yet i secretly admire you

The suple cut of your lips

The swinging sway of hips

As you sashay your way down 

The hallways of High School

Heels clicking against the asphalt

I leave love letters in lockers

Telling those who taunt me

That even if everyone else is against them

I love them for who they really are,

Because I never want someone

To feel the pain I do

And as i hang myself

From this garage door

Writing this letter to all

Who mocked me in hallways,

I hope my letters saved someone

Who all think are perfect and happy

And though you taunted me

Always Publicly

Know I never wished ill of you

Even though my letters were

Always Anonymus....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

First poem in my A-Z poem folder

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