13 n e e d l e s


Pricking needles in your skin
Watch the metal slide right in
Drawing deep, the vampire drinks
Life away in tubes and trays

Drip, drip, drip
Slipping away... Getting paler day by day
Drip, drip, drip
Fading away... Getting weaker as you pay

The wailing and the lights
Spinning in your mind
The bed is moving by itself
The mirror darkens to a door
The faces appear, getting near

The needles stab... into your veins
The needles stab... into your brain
The needles stab... into your eyes
The needles stab... into your mind

The swirling blood... streaks of white and red
The ghosts are back again!
In shadows and in black
The swirling blood... turning dark, the lights go out again!

Eat the flesh of other beasts
Gain your strength from the feast

Are they needles? Or are they thorns?
Are they spikes? Or are they horns?
Watch the liquid slowly fall
See the bodies slowly crawl
The Devils make the trade

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The whitemare reveals another level in the blindlight haze, a test to traverse into strongest life! This may be a method by which certain forms in black draw forth lifeblood from victims as a veritable "sacrificial offering" to dark deities.


The subject awakens to find the figures hovering above combined with sharp pain in the extremities, and an increasing sense of weakness throughout the body, while the heart begins pumping more fiercely, though it feels like there is fire flowing in the veins. A sensation of falling follows, when the brain is of a sudden assailed with a vision of streaks flowing around consciousness, blending into a scene of slow ebbing bloodrops cascading down a long cone-like spike festooned into the stained earth, while impaled bodies descend down towards the ground, and the echoes of resounding laughter.

Over a table carved with the Seal of The Draegon, a parchment is signed & sealed with the pentagram & 13 hellish signatures, and a final diabolical recompense. All grows black again. 

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Vampire Weekend


Animal instincts kick in

Preying in the night begins

No beat to a drum dwelling within

Only raging needs, wild in sin

The need to feed tonight


Endangered kind making a change

Consuming handfuls with no shame

These teeth and claws have no range

The need to feed tonight


Glowing eyes see the coming dawn

Once a lively town vanished, gone

The need to feed tonight


Hidden until the moment is right

The need to feed tonight

Hiding Out


Maybe a vampire

Maybe something else

Hiding out

Behind the pillars

For none to see.


Blood at loss

Tired of escape

I am hiding out

Supernatural being.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Someone is hiding out...

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user img


The vampire called himself

a phlebotomist.

A healer said of himself

the lobotomist.

The plantkiller termed

himself  a botanist.


  -saiom shriver-



George Bernard Shaw: I love little children but I don't cut off their heads

  and stick them in vases.

Sathya Sai Baba: Why pluck a flower and hasten her death?


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Dead Meat


Dead meat,

Is what you eat.

Nothing alive,

It is not wise.


I don't know the reason,

But I know the cause.

It is rotten, it is corrupted,

And will drive a man mad.


Madness comes from eating brains,

I ain't no cannibal at late.

But eating meat I have to do,

Or certain things I can't see.


Blood is very good,

I have no Vampire mood.

But cruel some call,

What I describe at all.


My mind going ways,

With meat these days.

Demons, Ghoulies and the rest,

Outsiders are a real pest!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some thoughts.


Just For Fun

I never knew I could want something so much

Or someone so strong

As I did you

Sparkling beauty like diamonds in the sun

Light skin and dark eyes

Lovely to behold and dark within

How could I know how this would end

I gave you everything

I grew intoxicated on your kiss

And then

You sucked the life out of me

And left me cold


I never had a chance

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Untitled, Undiscovered, Unveiled

If I want all the phantoms to vanish,
if I want the undead not to dare
to approach
even stealthily, subtly
to commit my ache feeding and wheedling
I shall keep on creating, from now on--
not more sweetest and new roundelays,
but new bullets of silver
and more aspen stakes.
Since empire is for the vampire,
and for me
only misery.

Author's Notes/Comments: 
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Baby Vampire (a lullaby)


Lullabuy and goodnight
Baby vampire sleep tight
Later on
When no light
You will wake and take flight

Flying through
The night sky
Victims meet your sweet eye
Landing near
Stalking them
They will take their last breath

They will fight
To no avail
Baby vampire will kill
Then to home till next night
When you'll once again take flight.

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