Saying Goodbye

It's My Sweet Momma

Grief & Grieving
I heard her heart beating,
From there, inside her womb.
She loved me before anyone,
While I was in my first room.

She birthed me and held me
and rocked away my cries.
It was by her, I first knew love,
When I first looked into her eyes.

She raised me and reared me,
Taught me right from wrong.
And showed me, by her example,
How to be strong-woman strong.

She spanked me when needed,
For which I'm no worse for the wear.
She's guided me through trials,
Through sadness and though despair.

She's been my very best friend,
My teacher, and my biggest fan.
And she'll forever be my hero,
For all my remaining lifespan.

But now she's so very tired
And she longs to go Home.
Where she'll hurt never again
As through Heaven's streets, she'll roam.

For that, I'll be so grateful,
She's more than earned her reward.
As once she arrives in Heaven,
She will be fully healed and restored!

And I know this won't be the last time,
I'll see her beautiful face...
For one day, I'll join her,
In that Glorious Place!

But oh, sorrow until then,
My heart will surely be aching,
For it's not just anyone, you see,
It's My Sweet Momma, God's taking.



Author's Notes/Comments: 
I write with the ink of my soul and this has to be the easiest, yet, the absolute hardest poem I've ever written. Cry
I love you with all my heart and soul, Mom. <3
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"The Last Goodbye"

Just a thought!

Deathly sounds from a Wurlitzer Organ, piping tunes for a funeral wake

Playing up and down scales, in flattened keys, that make a body shake

A haunting ora, echos through riffs, in darkened chambers of the dead

Eerie music stains your soul, releasing demons in your head

Like scratching nails on a chalkboard, sending chills down your spine

The music grips your darkest fears, in the hallows of your mind

A thousand stares intensely viewed, with final words of dread...

The organ stops, one last goodbye, they close the coffin, your dead.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"The Last Goodbye"    My eulogy for Vincent Price...."Read by Vincent Price" ( if you can picture that)

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Hello & Goodbye

Faith Angel

FROM the depth of my being
A promise of life barely begun
I love her and mourn sadly
THIS is all I can say
HELLO and good-bye, my Baby.

A sweet, painful memory, that's what you are now
NOTHING could ever make me forget
GIFT and grace you were from heaven
ENDED so soon without my embrace
LOVE of my life, so long my Sweetheart.

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The Train (For Javelin)


A confidante a teacher

A lover a friend

All this and more

And now it has to end


You’re catchin’ a train

Goin’ away for good

Leavin’ me cryin’

Anyone else would


Tears drip off my cheeks

Hitting earth harder than rain

You tell me you love me

And step on that train


Leavin’ us all forever

An’ never comin’ back

Stay here please

Cut me some slack


I want you, I need you

As we all do

But no matter where you go

I will always love you


~Chrystal Swallows

Written on

October 29, 2003

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was another one written to Javelin. Come to find out, he did't 'go away.'

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Life has been swayed by a wonderful girl

For years upon years she's cast upon worlds

Eclipsing the sun and the moon and the blue

Lighting aflame a desire to choose

Every phase has been spoken aloud

The time that we've spent and wasted on how

we might fit together in the thick of the breeze

Come now to find we collapse from our needs

The straying of hands upon body and mind

Defeated by chance and threat of decline

We sat by the glass and tried not to stare

But found that our eyes were hid by the glare

Sharing the good that life saw to sowing

Observing the ward all hurt and unknowing

We came out to call but at all the wrong days

As our opposite half went prancing astray

We spoke as young lovers without holding hands

We dove down for cover again with each strand

A fault was discovered and we tried to ignore

But came back together once and once more

The window removed and all is exposed

The sun can't reflect and our view is our own

We see just each other but our words cannot sound

And everything is falling as we're breaking down

So I say that I love her and bow down my head

Scribble goodbyes upon parchment and pen

Wish her the best and declare indiscreet

As everything black runs wild through me

And struggle to best that which will bring

me down to the ground and off both my feet

Ending the last of what I was sure

would be my revival back to my words.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'll always love you, Christina. Bye.

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Saying Goodbye

Down the steps and to your car

I watch you walk across the tar.

And at my window I stop and stare

Tears roll down by I'm not aware.

Back in my room, I'm all alone

But I still feel your presence and smell your cologne

The past couple days, you captured my soul.

I close my eyes tight to go back in time

When I was with you and the world was mine.

But thinking of that makes me weep

As I know I'll be crying myself to sleep

But it's fine with me, because I know

That in my dreams, your face will show

And there, together, we will be

Immersed in love, just you and me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

May 27, 2007

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