No matter how long we roam,

Ever embraced we are by the colossal home,

That we call earth, the safe abode for humankind,

Like it, another place we can hardly find.


The earth lets us live,

Lets us cultivate and provides foods to survive,

Even after we pass away,

The very earth gifts us the second home right away.


The earth is ever on the move since industrious,

Hinting at the necessity to work ever thus.

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*The Earth Beneath You*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

When ever you walk around 
You step on rocks beneath your feet 
You hear a crunching sound 
Where ever you go the earth and foot meet 


The rock so cold and dark 
The trees so brown and bare 
If you happen to walk without shoes 
You'll get cut or end up with an ugly mark 
Or better ye get a bruise 
Walking on glass would be a foolish dare 


The sand is tan and dull 
People say the earth is a beautiful sight 
Or you have a beautiful soul 
But they never wondered 
What it would be like without light 


The earth beneath you is dark and dreary 
Damp and cold 
It's like a horror series 
Keeping the earth from falling 
You could never hold 



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Shift up, Shift down

You shift up, you shift down

Once were you there,

Now hither you are

Slow moving over time,

Moving fast in instances


The dread falls upon

Everyone you knew

Then your still,

And everything you threw

Is but real


But the delight,

Brings you back to light

And then again,

You shift up, you shift down

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Filtering golden through crimson leaves,

The Sun’s light and the regal Oak tree,

Create daily, a beauteous masterpiece.

An ever-changing portrait,

Drawn by the hand divine,

Is Nature’s gift to mankind.

Red dust, lilac dusk, and green cacti 

Bring forth a mosaic so majestic

A knotted throat and a teary eye

Spring forth, like first seeing your child.

Even those grim and gray thunderheads,

Attempt to document, hence the camera flashes.

How could such beauty come about? By chance?

Perhaps it did and humans, being children

Of the Earth, cannot help but see and be

Inspired, awed by our eternal matriarch.


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Lambing Time

Animal Rights



Lambing time: Is it

spring birth
or the time of slaughter
when their souls leave earth


-saiom shriver-








Whether it's cows, pigs, sheep, deer, dogs, cats, or any other mammals, birds, reptiles, fishes, insects or other... they are God created and holy creatures.  Picture is of a feedlot where enslaved animals are held before their final sadistic journey.


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Star Child

Are you a star child? 

 Can you make the flowers bloom 
with a wave of your hand?
Do diamonds wonder what it would be like
 to be you?
Do your words linger long
 like waves, 
made to lap the beaches velvet shore
 and rock in its poetic ebb?
Does your gravity pull the 
 into the infinite orbit of your eyes; 
and when welling a tear,
could they wash away the sea?
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Sojourner on the Red Planet



Today, the Fourth of July,


In the year of the Lord, 1997,


America commemorates her birthday


And regales the world with a rare and sublime gift;


Sojourner on the red planet,


That scans for a modicum of life


On a far and thirsty wasteland.


It’s all in the news,


And a man of wisdom says:


‘We need to know the history of Mars,


Why so red and no life bears?


 Why Venus is fair and forlorn?


Whether we be on a fate as one of them?’




And the robot trudges on and on,


Clamps hard on rock and dust -


A real son of his father,


Who churns and grubs the earth


In desperate quest for gold.


And tomorrow the earth lies forlorn:


A specimen for tomorrow-people,


Who may as well be along
This dire fate that eats life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

As I sat on a sofa in the cool, dark expanse of the club house and watched the previews and the eventual launch of the space shuttle that bore the Sojourner to Mars, I could not help but think about our own earth. Other Youth Corps members around me in the club house of the Corpers' Lodge at Saipem Camp could never imagine  my thoughts, but I saw the pictures of Mars: the pictures of a dead but once vibrant planet. Was it possible that our world was also dying and would one day lie as red and bleak as the dead Mars?

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Six Feet of Silence

I buried my love in disbelief.

Self-Deluding with calm conviction,

Calling all cruel jests and falsehoods.

A shattered voice cracked my sanity in half.


I buried my love in fire.

His bones reduced to ash, carefully capped,

Handed to his mother in black.

She held the world in her arms then.


I buried my love in the earth.

Scattered to the seven winds among

Dappled green forest grass teeming with life.

Now, filled with death.


I buried my love in the ocean.

A river poured from my soul, out my door,

Salty, hot, and unceasing.

It mingled with the sea.


I buried my love in silence.

I made not a sound save the soft

Scuff of my boots in passing.

My heart froze in the bitter chill.


I buried my love in my mind.

Handling treasured memories with care,

Binding them tightly to my frozen heart.

I promised I would never forget him.


He smiled.


Fires rage.

Winds blow. 

Trees grow. 

Oceans roar. 

Hearts sing 

and all is forgiven


The Fading Sun

The Fading Sun

Luis Fernando Morales Flores A00999058

Ana María Padrón Martínez A00618350

It was just another regular day on vast mother Earth, everything was normal, the sun was rising, the birds were chanting, and the wind was blowing. It was a hot summer morning when all the animals began to wake up, first came out the lion with a big roar, in the distance the giraffe was stretching his long knees and his long neck, calmly the hippo was taking a long bath in the prairie lake, on the side of the lake the tiger was taking a big gulp of hot water warmed up by the sun, the last animal to show signs of life was the prairie dog who came out of a burrow walking slowly and yawning.

 It was almost noon, and at noon all the animal met out in the long grass of the prairie, so all of them were getting prepared for the meeting, when suddenly something strange began to happen. The first animal to take notice was the hippo, he noticed that the water of the lake was drying out and that not even his legs were now covered with water so the hippo quickly hollered: “Help!” “Help!” “Something strange is happening!” Quickly all the animals heard the hippo´s cry for help so they immediately ran towards him, and the giraffe asked: “What´s wrong hippo”? “The water, the water is all gone” answered the hippo trembling with fear. The giraffe really didn´t know what to do when all of a sudden they heard the tiger scream: “The grass!” “The grass is dying!” so everybody rushed out to where the tiger was in the prairie and they saw how the grass was turning black like coal, nobody understood what was happening. Just moments after, the lion came close to the group, “It´s happening” the lion said in a soft voice, “I can´t believe it´s really happening” he added. None of the animals knew what the lion was talking about, so the prairie dog asked crying out in tears, “What lion?” “What´s happening” “Tell us!” he screamed. The lion took a deep breath and said, “My friends, it has all come to an end, soon the sun will go out, the stars will not appear, and this, all this will be over” “How do you know about this?” asked the tiger, “Because, that´s the way life works tiger, we lived what we had to live and we did what we had to do, we were good animals, but it is time”.


 All the animals began to look at each other with a gloomy look, everybody knew it was going to happen, the lion was always right, they thought it was time to say their goodbyes. But before they could even start to say their last words, the sun began to fade and the stars never came out again, just like the lion said.

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