Dark Angels Dark Light

I am the last of my kind, the last wizard on earth, the last of the guardians of the old world who were sent protect God's newest creation from the fallen angels in the days after the war. Having powers over the very elements of earth and of life itself, my people waged war for thousands of years against the fallen children of heaven, and against Lucifer himself; fighting back the evil until the day of the dark angel's demise. Now I stand alone against the forces of chaos, as I pray for the return of my brother who will stand by side in the second war that has awakened the dragon. I await the day of his return.

Waiting for Happiness

Another morning dawns
I step outside to drown my dull thoughts
I ache from sensations of yesterday's melancholy
I walk away from it all
I scale my local heights until I find a somewhere
I lean against a a segregated tree on the peek of a hill
I can see the hills roll beyond my eyes
From the top I watch clouds pass
The endless sky loops behind
The blue back drop sets me adrift
The sunset comes like the will to sleep
I see my world turn
I see soft skies
I see a profound truth, a meaning, a beauty to the emptiness and natural simplicity
I let my thoughts run
Keeping to myself
A million words pass through my mind
My monologue is without voice
The subtle truths to the pages of my manuscript
The light edges on the figure of my silhouette
I wrote this for you to know
Because you made my day

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Strength (Safety)

Too much yellow tape,
But no caution.
Safety's being sold,
At an one hundred thousand dollar auction.
The reviews states that 75% of the owners had lost it.
And the little they have left,
Still leads to death too often.
Still leads to threats too often.
Because the graveyards are filled wit people,
That stood up and fought it.
..And the ones that got caught in.
Ask the government and hear them say,
They never would have thought this,
Could ever happen even though they taught this,
And brought this.
They see it as a sale.
We see it as a cell.
Trapped in the violence,
As earth transforms into hell.
We don't speak,
So we are seen as the chickens,
And minority violence is the stone.
Dead man gone.
Alive man in jail....,
And when he gets out,
The cycle once again begins.
He will either be the dead or the alive man at the end.
And it never ends,
Cause if you got anything bad on your record,
You can never win.
Getting over looked at the job interview you attend.
Applications you hand in,
Gets tossed in the bin.
And you got bills you gotta pay,
You signed that contract with a pen.
So you end up back on the corner,
Sellin dope again.
Hope is at an end.
Rope's the new trend.
Soap's removed from skin.
Notes is by a boat,
In the polluted water,
Where it's dissembled pieces soak in.
They drained the water,
Where are acing ancestors had to wait to go in.
Making sure their strength was going to float in.
Now the water of the weak is what we soak in.
There's holes in their plan,
And we gotta poke it.
We are being corrupted,
You gotta know this.
You gotta show it.

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The honor of forgiveness and pathways that lead to home


Somewhere beyond the Pegasus galaxy, remnants of our celestial fathers and mothers must exist;
the leftovers of decay and the society that still lives on in our genetic code;
the knowledge of our ancestors that sleeps within our consciousness must lie still in the vast void of the universe;
the broken promise of return, waiting to be forgiven by the the generations that find them, must lie in wait among the stars.



Of our true past, we know very little;
of those who came before;
those who planted the seed of life, we only have faint
images of, we only see in pieces left by the ancients who once walked and talked with the father race.
Once, they promised to return yet again, to the generations of the first and second seed, though they've since faded into the void of time and space. The offspring of the offspring have been left in darkness.

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Absolute power

Before the people he proclaimed absolute power, and a new age of peace and economic growth;
an age of spiritual awakening in which the people would learn of their true beginning and find unity with the over soul, and they shouted his name in unison.

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In the beginning


They went away and never returned;
now no evidence of them exist, except the seed they left behind;
an offspring that doesn't believe in them,
that has over a million years, forgotten its own beginning.

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Obsolete by design

Day and night, the machines operated; convincing other machines through programs once created by their own creators, to give birth to the bio-mechanical sons and daughters who now inherited the earth. Man programed his own demise; extinction by design.

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The Gods Of Man

They didn't come here on purpose, they didn't come for our salvation or our destruction.
There was no divine plan; no grand intervention.
When they came, they were just as lost in the void as we were;
floating around in the vacuum like a speck out in an ocean of of nothingness;
searching, hoping, and praying to their gods something would be just over the horizon.
Two alien worlds met that year; we were changed forever.