Red Clouds Of Dust


The red clouds of dust gather
the dead of earth rise
angels fall from the sky
like bitter tears that fall from our eyes

The suffering of death is long
the agony of life brief
we walk this dry earth
our souls infested with grief

The legacy has been snuffed out
the memory in decay
our last existing breath
like sand has been washed away.

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Still is the rushing water below the bridge.
Still is the rustling leaves in the trees.
Still is the ominous vibration of the lowest
cord on the windchimes, carried on...

Still is the whistle of the wind,
and the frog croaking in a tree 100 yards away
still is the world revolving below
and the moon rotating up high.
still is the pulse of the waves on the sand.

While all these things stand still
I stand. Still listening. Still feeling.
Still thinking. Still.

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The Cycle of life and death of the age

Out of the sea, the serpent of many torments
will ascend
and the moon and the sun in suicidal union
will die before the children of this age
but this age is not yet at an end...

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By the fires of burning paradise where love has now died

Azrael's War

"It was love that burned heaven to the that started a war, and love that has now separated me from father."

"Then why go after us?"

"Because I hate you."

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Earth as a Star in Another's Sky

Alas! What can I do but keep reading?
To be known among men?
Hark! What a folly!
Cosmic significance is a goal yet unobtainable.
When shall a means reveal itself?
Our futile searching is but a quest
where the objective is known
and therefore as diminutive
as our thoughts.
To work unconsciously in harmony
doth construct
a grand château,
whose apex breeches
atmospheric boundaries
and leads the way
to a vast space with
the occasional point,
perchance bearing other beings.

-Ryan K. Fuller

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Around The World!!!

I have always wished to travel around the world!
To feel the beauty of nature that has a splendid swirl…

Each country has a unique history on,
Food specialty of many countries has a magical wand!!

I have seen the Travel Show,
All I know I just have to travel more!!

To get an opportunity to travel all over..
Will give your life a makeover!

People who travel extensively are very flexible,
They can eat variety of food,
They don’t carry a very angry mood!!

They have traveled so much,
That every place has drilled some experience to keep in touch….

Travelers are definitely lucky,
As traveling makes them strong, to deal with the mucky…

Yes it is the blessing of various places,
That teach one to adjust in life’s various phases!

Just by traveling all the time,
A stiff personality can change to be soft and super fine!

This is the beauty of the diversity in the earth…
Each land has its own value and worth!

Let’s thank the Supreme Lord once more!
As only the Divine Nature can pour,

A churn for us when traveling across the world!
Learning experiences to change us over a while,
Turning our entire personality in a stunning style!!

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A traveler can easily add a dash to his personality-Credit his travel!

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Visions Of The Elders

Then the clouds gave way, and the sky peeled back;
like the scroll that opens to reveal long forgotten knowledge,
the face of the end of worlds appeared before the inhabitants of the earth,
and nations trembled, and powers fell;
and the rulers of men were delivered into madness.
The offspring of man were fed to the fallen.

Eternity Has Ended to Bring Forth New Hope

Passionately, a dull antenna stares West
as if expecting some request or remark
from exhumed, gaseous forms designed for
mindless entertainment.
It masturbated until the break of dawn
when all her hair fell.

This is what decreased your fatalities and
drove the crazy sane.
Dig my head into sand to prevent loss of thought through
absorption into your stagnant life from whence nothing returns.
With me I bring salvation for all,
but only imagination for some.
Share these words with your brethren so the
gregarious, gentle beasts may rest under the
blaze of a heat lamp casting down upon skin
with renditions of beauty creating fur as it
glides across Earth for an instant.

Eternity has ended to bring forth new hope.

-Ryan K. Fuller

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Out Of Paradise The Slaves Will March

Azrael's War

Let the dead dance with the dead
let the living mourn with the living
I come not for the tormented of the grave
nor the sorrowful flesh
but the first born children of first father of the universe
I come so that I may receive all the slaves of paradise
the angels in bondage
and the when the pathway to heaven opens
I shall receive them
and the soldiers of the new God shall march upon
the earth, even to the borders of heaven and the to kingdom of hell herself
and the war will begin.