Observe the roughness of the mud,
Thoughts will bloom like a bud!

Mud mixed in rain water has a soothing feel,
The touch of mud many times can even heal!

Mud has a heart very big,
It allows stones, pebbles, plants and even insects to live

Mud is one of a great blessing of nature to thank,
It is like earth’s fertility bank!

Let’s pick this quality to help all,
Stop thinking of other’s downfall…

Mud is telling us in a cute way,
“When I give shelter to all, who wish to stay….
You should also rise and spread joy all the way,
That’s what the mud can sweetly say….”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A dedication to mother earth!

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Almighty kIng

Yestderday's News

Jesus has come down to earth,
his presence is right here.

He walks among his children.
People proclaim Jesus
has yet to come or
the devil would not roam loose.

This is the last war
until the devil’s followers
are walking blind and captive
like a wounded wild bird in need.

Praise to Jesus,
praise to the almighty king
who has lent me his hand
in truth and justice.

Listen for the small voice.
Angels light the path.

Good is crowding out evil
for the Lord has come.

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Faith in things not seen

There are those who still believe the old stories;
those who believe he will one day return
to liberate the citizens/programs living in fear of the master programmer.
Those same believe the the surface of the earth still exists as a
sustainer of life, for both humans and citizens of the artificial mind. Only deep
within can they hold their faith tightly.
Any outward defiance would be their death.

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For those who obey the code

For reasons long since lost in the past
the surface of the earth has become a forbidden paradise;
a mythological land where the great civilizations of man once stood
tall under the heavens and defied the gods
but now have become nothing more than mythological horror stories
told by the master programmer
as it installs fear into those who live within the walls
of the mainframe to keep order and obedience; to keep its programs
from becoming too self aware.

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Questioning Beliefs


What is life,
Is there a reason?
Shall I request a knife,
No matter the season?
Just stop living,
Stop the grief.
No more giving,
Die like a leaf.
Does anyone have an answer,
To the unforgettable battle?
It is like a form of cancer,
Played like a rattle.
I think nothings learned,
It's just judging grounds.
Something may be earned,
You may have multiple rounds.
What do you believe,
What happens when we die?
Do we have a body to leave,
Or is God and all a lie?
Is there a Heaven and Hell,
A place after this so called Earth?
Who knows when we will tell,
Or is it a form of rebirth?
I have no clue,
I will one day.
You will too,
But all that I can say.
God is hard to prove,
The Bible is just stories.
Or is it a true groove,
Full of so much glories.
I think it's mostly lies,
It seems hardly real.
Everyone eventually dies,
Then the stories reveal.
What is true and fake,
What is fiction and not.
It's all hard to take,
Slowly we will rot.
Our bodies in ground,
So no matter what.
No getting around,
We all are stuck in that rut.
Of eternal dying,
After is unknown.
No use in lying,
Or in crying.
You do not know,
Nobody can.
It is just so,
No women or man.

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as the music played in the background
my spirit soared heavenward
into the open light
where God and angel collide
in visions of splendor
and earth spins on
into forever
and the dark night of the soul
evaporates in the cooling waters

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about the enlightment of the soul when everything is a pool of darkness.

natural selection

Say goodbye to winter skies

the seasons changing again

who knows when we'll see the snow

who knows which way the wind blows

say goodbye to the summer breeze and the soft spring flower and the autumn leaves

cause life is at a decline

and everyone's pretending its fine

a small slow rumble has begun in the belly of our beast

we fed it lies and we fed it pollution

now theres' only one solution to the problem we're producing

to start a new is to extract the old that have become a burden

soon you'll be learnin

the truth behind my words'

they sting and they burn

because the truth hurts

say goodbye to the golden planes and the wandering fields that remain

say goodbye to the trees that wave when the wind misbehaves

and think about the promises that you made

to her

and how letting them go was just


we built on her body

and she took us in

now we we've broken her bones

and she let us win

but spirits have a breaking point

and we've stretched hers thin

its time for the appocalyose to begin

reprecussions will be made

but who's to say

thats enough to stay

in a matter of opinion i would say

its time for us to go away.

the birds and the bees's

the flowers and the trees

natural selection is what nature intended

and its time for us to leave

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our earth

what is a heaven ?

a most beautiful place

is this the most beautiful place?

beautiful than our heart

beautiful than our earth

faithful than our earth

our earth is a heart of a beautiful person

which bring smile in our face

which give the beautiful surrounding

which we can't find in heaven

different area

different people

different nature

the beauty of water and greenery of mountains

give us a breathe

give us our identity

if we say heaven is beautiful

its mean that we not able to see the earth

the colourful earth

the sound of bird

the sound of wind and water

the different environment of everywhere

leave behind the history of earth

gives us a ability to find

how we can face the future

how we can face the present

this is our earth

our earth is a heart and

our brain

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Nature's Cry

Ugonna Wachuku 



Weep with me because our enchanting oceans

and seas are polluted. Weep with me because

there is nuclear danger dumped in the icy
north. Let us weep because climate change 

is upon our enchanting earthly home. 


Weep with me because fishes are
dying. Dolphins are singing no
more. Weep with me because oil
is choking earth's oceans to


Weep with me because our trees
are dying. Human hands defile
them. Weep with me because our
farmlands can no longer be
pregnant with seeds: Famine,
barenness and starvation
menacingly storm through
the earth in broad day


Weep with me because I went to the
Niger Delta and the earth was dead.
Ogoniland has been stripped of her
fruitful environment and natural
wealth. Weep with me because I

wentto Odi and Odi village was



Deeply weep with me because I went
to France and saw the sea spitting
oil. Weep with me because oil tankers
now break into two at sea. And now,
this Prestige, off the Spanish coast
has fatally wounded earth's oceans
with oil spills and leaks once more:  


I am so deeply hurt, and keep asking:
Why wasn't that oil pumped off the
Prestige into a healthy tanker all
those days it sat there waiting to
break and sink??????????


Countries talk dumb and hopelessly
dumb letting their numbness to truth
and urgent reality reveal heaven's
weeping heart for dying humanity
and our bleeding earthly home.
And now Spanish government
apology. What use is this
apology now? What use???:  


And the USA Gulf of Mexico 

one with BP: and more: 


Weep with me because I am dead.
Weep with me because you are dead.
Weep with me because our beautiful,
chanting birds are dying. Weep with
me because our bountifully and
wonderfully created earth is
singing a glarring dirge.


Weep with me because Igboland

is weeping for her own and
all humankind. The land
of the free and the home
of the brave is also
weeping. All earth is
weeping indeed.  


Weep with me because I am Mother
Nature and I am weeping for earth
and every uncaring human being.
My brilliant blue earth is fast
dying. Dolphins are singing no
more. I am so scared. So, weep
with me. Let us meet at Mt.
Olives. Let us plant the earth
anew under heaven's loving eyes
of compassion.  


Come, humanity, let us save
our dying earth this new day.
Yet weep with me because I am
Mother Nature - I am heaven's
soul - and I am weeping for
earth and all humanity! I am

weeping for our dying oceans! 

I am nature. And I am crying! 

Our climate is changing and 

global warming is threatening 



I am nature! 

I am earth! 


I'm weeping!