The Unconditional Mother

I am the Earth beneath your feet,
And the seed nestled betwixt them.
I am the rain to guide the seed to fruition,
And the sprout that bursts upon the meadow.
From sprout, to sapling, to bark, to birch,
I am every twig and leaf that falls to Earth.
You come with ax and now I'm timber,
To the mill and then ship builder.
I was the cotton in the field,
But now I am cloth for your sail.
I am the ocean you take to distant lands,
And the wind you catch within your sails.
I am the Earth, you are my leech,
But I am here for you, whenever you need.

A God Girl

I remember the first rain, 

It's warmth and mist and the Autumn-claimed highlands that it fell upon. 

I remember the school of tiny black fish kissing the ripples on the lake's cool surface.

The auburn pines and fallen logs over pathways, dampening stumps and the wind, the wind,

The wind that whispered all around me: "You Are A God, And Peace Is Expensive."


I remember the first men, 

Gazing around at their small and perfect world, new thoughts rushing so fast though their minds-

They were breathless. I remember their hot beating hearts as they strove for purpose and comfort.

They found a name for that warm earthy feeling that wraps around two people like warm blankets,

I waited patiently for them to greet me as they did each other, drink with me, laugh with me, 

Yet all they did was pray. 


Cement and plastic kill my pure loves.

This hell's imperfections spitting up at me like hot fat in a searing pan.

The sun is too bright for most, so noses are on the grindstone, 

On a project claimed to be far more powerful and prosperous than anything from my feeble craft,

My precious pretty people work too hard, too driven, far too fast. Yet-


I can see eyes in flowers, tongues in waterfalls and bony fingers in dark forests. 

I see every being, its lies and truths, its dreams and torments, every beautiful detail, 

As exact as a botanical diagram penned with a flourishing quill. 

I see connections- person to person- like veins knotted in a body,

Synapses and junctions snapping and jumping with all that delicious energy,

All that mystery and awe that I thought propelled all things, 

I give out frugally, yet freely to those who deserve it. My beautiful chosen ones, 

I will show you misty lakes in snowy mountain ranges, streams flooded with river reeds,

Deep valleys- cracks in the earth- stretches of tall exotic wonders stringed with vines,

I will show you that craved feeling of being home that people kill for. I will hand it to you. 

I will cherish you, as your eyes are my eyes and each new sight is my new wonder, 

I will happily give you those dreamlike moments of exhilarating bliss,

And shower you with them from above.

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The Person Who



There is nothing wrong

With staying in your own race,

Diversity is a beautiful thing 

To the mind that seeks creativity

And seeks understanding,

The mind that values each human being

And individual right.


The person who has reached 

The point of acceptance 

That we are the same 

And yet we are different

Both at the same time,

Until we no longer exist in a physical body,

And leave this level of existence.


The person who has learned what truth truly is.


The person who sees beauty in all things.




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He who knows it all


Truly knows nothing.



My father,


A wise, man of honor,


He always told us


That the reason we were blessed


To live in America,


Is because the higher brother


Was always looking down on us,


And watching over big brother


As big brother fell hardest


During times of egoism.




I guess that's why 


I believe 911 was staged.




It was,









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Black Galleys

Cthulhu Mythos

The race of the moon-beasts

Inhabit the far side of the Moon.

Sailing Earth's Dreamlands,

In sinister black galleys,

Trading for gold and slaves.


Hideous to look upon,

Concealing themselves below decks

When they come into the port

Of the ever-beautiful Dreamlands.

One I recall is Dylath-Leen,

Whom no man has ever seen.


The horned-men of Leng,

Take care of all trading marks.

The galleys take the slaves

To an island in the Cerenerian Sea

Called the Nameless rock,

Where they are tortured till eternity.


The evil vessel galleys

Sail off the edge of the world

Past the great cataract in the west,

And through the gulf

That separates the Earth from the Moon.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mythos poem.

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the edge of night


intricately weaved,

but without

sequence that can be seen,

but only felt,

our lives a


the silken feel of

human experience,



the wheel of 


chatters to the tune

we do not hear,

and the voice 

of the universe

cries out

a dampened spirit

all too far away


in its


the faint tears

from a piercing prick

of the needle on

tender skin,


the dream of

a heaven

flounders in rotted shrouds

of virtual realities,



to soothe raging doubts

of a species on the edge.


If...I Will Know You

You and me, 

Him, her, they, them,

Will one day die,

And if we choose the path

To self-actualize,

The path of 'right thinking',

We will be reborn in this life 

Not once, but many times,

Over and over again,

And our bodies one day

Will cease to breathe,

To feel when we touch,

To hear when we listen,

To taste when we eat,

To anger when we need,

To love in the ways we know love,

And to smell the sweetness of the Earth

In all of it's wonder and beauty.


And when that happens,

I will know you by and through 

The awareness I develop here 

In this lifetime.

We will not touch,

Or hear the melodic sounds 

We once heard of gentle whispers

That speak to the heart 

And touch the soul.


We will no longer share the sight

Of 'purple mountains majesty',

Below blue skies that

Wrap the sun for us each morning 

Like a gift fit for kings and queens.

But through my awareness I will know you,

And every dream ever dreamed will share 

The meanings of that which the universe

Carefully charted from the beginning.


Human life, a small but necessary and intricate 

Experience of preparation

To that of which we cannot or could never fathom

Through a mortal mind.


If we seek to live wisely,



The Answer to the Only Question That Truly Matters

At night, I stumble from my car to the house

Stumbling, tripping, shuffling my feet

I’m not drunk. It’s not dark

I’m starkly sober and it is bright

I’m looking up. Who could look elsewhere?

The source of the brightness in the night

The sea that we swim in

The galaxy opens up and swallows me

I want to be nowhere else

And yet I’m already there

We all are

Spaceship earth, interstellar travel to nowhere in a seemingly endless orbit

Cycling a star that will one day consume us

All of that space, all of that wondrous possibility

My mind aches just thinking of it

I cannot comprehend although I try

Awe and loneliness

Could it really be only us?

I feel cheated and so should you

Our deaths will rob us of the answer

To the only question that truly matters



Could it really be only us?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the first thing I've written in a very long time. I can never get my head out of the stars and I am forever trying to articulate the tightness I get in my chest when I feel that I'll never know what's out there. I want to write more, I wrote this very quickly. I just need somewhere to start so hit me with some critique! 


Nature / Folder 1




I never meant 

to hide it from you,

this gift I have, this 

innate ability 

to 'bounce back',

and evolve.


 I never considered that 

you would think 

the more civilized,

natural way, 

of human expression

to be such a travesty.


I never considered

that you were that

weak to think of 

me as weak, too,

and I am now thinking,

I should have considered.


6:37 PM 8/10/2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It is the author's thought that expression of face to face,  human to human emotion, and validation of such, is a necessity for a person to become whole and healthy. it is holding on to the emotions that can be expressed without physical violence that do most of the damage in the world right now...and it is all invisible, and why it has become so lethal to life.


in essence...our emotions change with our thoughts, and so if we are always expressing through words, without heart to heart communication... we only ever see half of the picture...of anything. Because the combination of thought and emotion can transform everything. Verbalization is the biggest and longest lie that has every been told.