lost memory

I learned, under the light

The lowest year financially, borrowed time, three lovers,
three new strangers...
this New Year I will love my green eye girl-

I learned, under the light of the Moon to be sincere, the
rebel poet- should it be, would it be, I will give it with
Few are the smiles that nude me, many are the stares
that fall in love-

I learned, under the light of the Sun to be an adventurer,
take the rein, and claim my anger...
A year of surprises, friendships of the past return, one
flew away, soon she will return...the lost dove-

I learned, under the light of the Stars to appreciate and
accept the divinity of death for those whom will die in the
New Year...
Thousands of tears I have shed, becoming streams of
living waters. Some lies were truth. If you believe in every
word I say, you believe in every thought you think-

I learned, under the light that my salvation died on Calvary's
cross, and the hour of the end has yet to commence...
Accepted, that when I die, I want no attendance at my funeral,
cremate my body, ashes in the sea-
If they bury me, bury my memory in yesterday, putrid flesh
at dawn...give my bones to the dogs, so they will become wise
as I was-

I learned, that I am the Poet that critics the soul of humanity,
some accept me, many hate me...I care less either way!!!

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I learned...

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Whispers in the Rain

Alone I sit in the dark
watching the rain roll down the trees
watching the water streams down the window
no sound except the pitter patter of droplets

I see your face but with no memory of a name
I hear your voice but with no sound to know
a simple whisper of a promise echoes in my mind
a slight touch on my shoulder that I should know

But the whispers of this memory I have long held
escape my mind and slip away
The rain is heavier as the night grows
The silence of the room comforts me

The hand I felt at one time felt real
like an event, but quickly vanishes
Another whisper of a promise but fades
Tears roll down my emotionless face

It hurts, it hurts so much. This thought.
This memory of a man I don't know
This reminder of a promise hurts
The warm palm that lay on my shoulder is gone

I'm left with the cold and bitterness
I see your face again, but I am alone.
Your promise I remember
No, my promise I remember

To not do what you fear
To remember who I am
To forget the hatred in my heart
But i lied, I lied and

I killed you.

my love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not sure what caused me to write this. As you can see it's been way too long since I lost wrote any poems. Hope it's as enjoyable as my other poems.

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