Hey, man i don't know if im dreaming haha or if this is reality. I had a day meant for two, but only me i was without you. I met my father in a new home, but feeling so lonley why bother, why bother.

  Soon sun fell, stars came alive, i watched they all shimmer, but dulled without the woman i despise. 

  Love the despise, surley i do, but surley is katyaa and she makes me so blue. I love her like ice cream, one scoop then two. I would gladly give her my life, for one day with you.

  Saw you on the road with that man and you, one little boy feeling so fooled. Ideas and nightmares mitigated so blue, i miss my darling katyaa fuck i think thats you.

  Where was my love, did i not tell you its true? Why did you tell me, you love me not whom, infuriates my rage stealing my trust from you.

  I will find another reason to get him to crack, things you see in movies i can organize this attack.

  Wasted energy that is though, when all i want is you. Stomp STOMP STOMP STOMP oops im acting a fool. How much does it cost to have you love me true? I will empty my savings but not my checking you stooge.

  Do you love him? Like is it cool? I'll leave out the details to win your affection too. Please stop bending and breaking the rules. You can not love more then one, two is just RUDE. 

  I care and need, only a little from you, my dad thinks im nuts my mom thinks im screwed. I could care less when the fuck you do but come home to me, i'll ask no questions of you..

  I aspirate so much to spend time with you; i'll wait all night to be with you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

No comment on her, maybe on the next poem.

A Dream/Your Ass, The Monolith

I woke upright, on Covington streets --
fully-clothed and coherent, to my pleasant surprise.
Eyes opened slow; took in the sun...
Safe to assume it's morning with the crispness to the air.
Hadn't taken many steps when you
formed to material, nude and tattooed, and tended to
by a team of designers in tandem
who would not allow you to take a step without having
every variable considered.
I couldn't be sure, lest not for brands,
which dot every curve and ruin you concisely. But then,
I know you well, parts of you rather;
made more apparent by the wings scarred into each shoulder.
If will was mine - were you for taking,
you would have been taken without pause for considering.
But something in your posture said
that you were there on Main Street, as chosen by the void
who hung in black, skyward long,
issuing orders for positions to take beneath risen day,
making damn sure you stay beneath him.

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