Dark Love

I need you here

I need you here

I need you to be with me

I want you here

I want you to love me

But this is wrong

All my feelings are confusing me

Do you love me?

Or is it just another game!!

I kinda need

You hand upon mines

I kinda need

Your lips touching mines

I want you to love me

But do you want me?

I need you to be here

But would you love me?

I would give you the world

But I cant if you don’t feel like me

So tell me now

Don’t let my feelings fade away

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I wish…

I wish this was different

I wish I was the one…

I wish you would talk about me

As you do with her…

I wish you could read my mind

Because you would know

How much you are to me

I just love so…

But I guess being best friends is ok

You can always count on me

Ill never leave you down

I pinky promise this

If you need a shoulder to cry I will be here

If your heart is hurting just run to me

Ill make you feel better

All I can say my best friend is I love you

All I wish I could say is I need you here

But the way you talk about her is how I wish you would talk bout me

And the way you look at her is the way I wish you could see me

But I guess being best friends is ok

You can always count on me

Ill never leave you down

I pinky promise this

I wish I wish you were mine

I wish I wish I could say this instead of signing it

I wish I wish your heart was mine

But I guess this is alright because after all you are my best friend forever

And this I do pinky promise

So run to me

If I need help

Run to me

If you feel like this

Run to me because all I want is you!!!

I wish you….

Author's Notes/Comments: 

its actually a song for my band buh i like it as a poem

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Demonic Angel

Dream my demonic angel


For in hopes of someday your dreams will come true

Sleep my demonic angel


For I know when you sleep

You are at peace within yourself

Stay sleeping my demonic angel


Be well rested for the future ahead

Dream my demonic angel


I wish I could dream

I envy you

Jealous of you

And at the same time

Care for you

Love you

Wouldn't want any harm towards you

Your lucky

You could sleep

You could dream

I wonder what your dreaming about

I wonder if its me

Drift my demonic angel


Drift away in the music you listen to

Drift away in the music you play

Drift away in your dreams

Sail away in good memories

Drift away in your sleep

Dream my demonic angel


Dream and sleep

For I will be here

Waiting until you awake

Sleep my demonic angel


Sleep and dream

I will be here

Waiting until you awake

Hoping that you tell me everything you dreamt about.

©~Chibi~ 2008

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is a dedication to my best friends, Demo and Scruffy. By complete accident, I manage to merge my two best friends into one poem without noticing until someone said something.....

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Burning, burning.

The pain, it hurts.

This fire burning in my heart.

I can't quench it.

Water, Light, Air,


This burning sensation, it hurts,

I hate this pain iI feel.

It's like I've died and gone into an eternal sleep of torture in hell.

This burning feeling I have is going to kill me.

These People.

These Faces.

I know them.

But I can't remember their names.

I hate this feeling.

This, burning feeling.

Why won't it stop?

Make it stop.

Someone, anyone, make it stop.


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La noire mariée

Lorsque l’amour embrase deux coeurs effrénés,

Quand ces âmes se croient devenues invincibles,

C’est alors qu’elle va à l’encontre de sa cible,

Telle une furie, fulminante et déchainée.

Sublime robe en loques, noire et dentellée,

Un fin voile cache son teint cadavérique.

Ses yeux rouges crachent la fureur maléfique

En maudissant quiconque osant s’énamourer.

Son courroux s’infiltre, tel l’eau dans nos poumons,

A travers les veines bleutées bien apparentes

Des insouciantes victimes en pleine extase.

[Et pourtant]

Une mélodie enfouie dans son médaillon

Envoûte mon trognon ô combien dilettante…

-Mariée noire, laisse moi faire table rase.

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A Note For You - from my doorstep

Aquí estoy, recargada contra mi puerta; sentado en mi peldaño. Mi madre me llame para cenar, pero aquí estoy, pensando. Tengo mi telefono al lado, estoy esperando mensaje de tí, un recado de su propia manera. No comprende la vida. Hace dos días que cuando pienso en tí, induce tan emoción. Mirando las hojas en el suelo, puedo dibujar tu rostro con los pinceles de mi mente. Yo se que las millas entre nosotros no desaparecerán, pero en algun rinconcito de mi mente, me siente que te verá pronto. Las puntas de mis dedos sienten hormigueo, faltanda contacto con los tuyos.

Algun lugar, oí el rumor que siempre hay alguien pensando en cada persona. Un sentimiento me envuelve, y pregunto si estás pensando en mí tanto como tu llenas mis pensamientos. El olor de tus hombros se entretiene en el aire; como quiero que tu estás aquí conmigo; aquí en mi peldaño donde me siente como no estás tan lejos. El sonido de mi telefono me roba de este cielo. Estaba embelesado, pero no eres tú. Mis sueños se debilitan, y se van volando. No quiero pensar en ti cada momento, hay otra parte de la vida a que debe prestar atención, pero nunca te escapará, estarás conmigo para siempre, por lo menos estos días.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for spanish class. based on "el recado"

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( To Be Continued)

I'm grasping at straws...

Losin every sense Ive used to rescue me...

The final thought of giving up is something not very new to me...

I used to be.. The strongest man alive, with a heart of gold...

Bold enough to bring attention to when my life seems to unfold....

Now the golden heart is shattered and I cant blame nobody else....

This time its my insecurities that pushed our love up on a shelf...

I've dealt with pain before...

But its nothing like the blow that dealt a devastating shock inside my heart....

I did it to myself... So answer one question.... How the hell am I supposed to deal?...

If nothin that I've grown to love is real anymore because I killed it.... I want to hear em...

The words that brought a smile to my face... So many words have disappeared...

The silence is deafening in this place...

I can't erase the memories,and I can't erase the love,

I can't erase the fact that I was too scared to give you what you my all...

I'm praying for another chance... But I'm too afraid to ask it........

and I'm too afraid it'll push you away if I decide to chance it...

I'm dyin slowly on the inside....

I can feel my heart decreasing in completing full repetitions,

causing slowing of my breathing... You've been my light inside the dark...

And I wish it would've showed... I wish I had just one more chance....

Instead I'm dying cuz I don't....

Too cold to take my clothes off.... Too hot to leave em on...

Outfit after oufit.... Dont know whats goin on...

Trying to piece myself together but shaking too much to hold a thought...

And when the shaking finally subsides.... I sweat so much I think I'm drowning....

One second, no emotion.... The next, they're all exposed...

One minute I can breathe... The next I'm gaspin as I choke...

Am I that much of a nothing? That easy to let go... I think Karma's trying to kill me...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this was worte about my ex before i found out that my thoughs where right.....cheating bitches

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Come Closer...


You think you see what is behind this smile?

Do you? Tell me, I am curious what it reflects

And the deep seas of genuineous that are eyes?

What do they tell you? Really? All of that?

Odd becuse behind it all is the wolf grin

The age old predator in a new and shiny skin

See now how far you have walked into the lair

Becuase you saw beauty and tragedy there

You are much to close now... and you know it

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In the earth somethings turning

something squirming, something yearning

In the earth a dream is burning

wishing so for cleansing rain

It is love so undying

A love that's sick of lying

Upon the wind you hear it sighing

As it whispers out my name

It wants to crawl out in the daylight

Stretching out, standing upright

Shake free the shroud of cold spite

Let it clatter like a chain

Upon its face a star-crossed smile

And yet its been there all the while

As long and ancient as the Nile

Deadly as its flooded plains

Rob Crocker ©2008

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