Dark Love

Immortal vows

I know I am not as you

And you are as all others

Blind to the truth that is me

How can you ask me to do

What you will not ask of your brothers

It is wrong this thing

You are right to ask

Once like I, still you will not see

This gift is not as simple as a ring

More a sorrowful task

I will undo in you what is mortal

The world for you will die

As a puppet on strings you will be

Now come and step through my waiting portal

And taste the gift I give, the lie

Out of you flows all life

Consuming your blood is my delight

My happiness is in you the key

Now you’re made my eternal wife

No more with death shall you fight

First your brothers then father

Let us hunt them now like cows

Drink with me deep from their mortal sea

Your sisters and mother we’ll not bother

As you swear by these immortal vows

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Your Love Sucks

Walked from Crofton to Annapolis

Touched my face to the shuttle train window glass

Headed back to my head in my hands

Went as far as to say "I love you", from New York

You just laughed it off

For what it's worth

Your love is all i need

But it's not enough

Waited for you to change your heart

Caved in to..my rib cage

Broke and back to my word against your words

Love's the only thing to which i'd be a slave

We just don't get the choice

For what it's worth

Your love is all i need

But it's not enough

I'll be sentenced

By your next line

No repentence

So we'll just be friends

I'll lay in someone elses bed,

Wh'le you lay inside of your head

What a way to live, what a way to die

What a way to go about time

Walked past the boardwalk to the sea

Touched my face to the spray drops from the waves

Headed back to my tears in my palms

Trying to figure out how my hands are clean

But i'm still stuck

For what it's worth

Your love is all i need

And it's not enough

But i'll never give up

It sucks...

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Vampiric Impulse

I walk the streets,

painted ladies at the corners,

men with bottles

filling up faster than before.

The night it refreshes me,

I relinquish my pain;

my eternal damnation.

Little boys light the street lights,

tiny fires strike the faces

such sweet faces.

Cherubs of desire

mocking me.

The flame arises in my chest,

my veins dry and tense.

I need to feed.

Some homeless man or slutty wench

I will capture their lust

bottle it with my feminine ways

They will sucuumb to me.

The night breeds all manners of fear

but I fear no more.

Gentle waves of anxiety rush over me.



I must feed now.

A man walks out of a store with a package

I can feel the blood in his body,

the sweet, intoxicating perfume of it.

I will take him.

Silently I follow, his footsteps are languid and decisive.

My mind wonders how to kill him.

I run my fingers over the edge of my hood,

slowly it slides down my head.

Golden hair,

soft, fair skin.

Pretty, helpless, needy.

I am every man's desire

and every woman's model.

The moon is silent as I fall to the ground.

Quickly the man turns around.

I gasp and wail slightly,

he is mine now.

His steps are quick now

I feel the pull of his human life.

"Miss, have you taken suddenly ill?"

Then I see him.

And I cannot breathe.

So long I have spent in my own world,

feeding off the mortal soul.

I am wasted to the feelings they possess...

Or so I thought.

"I am...fine..."

I whisper.

I mutter.

I cannot breathe.

I don't have to breathe.

"Please, let me help you up?"

His face, his features!

Oh! How I long to remember my lover's eyes!

The sight of his charming smile,

his worried eyes!

Where have I been sleeping these many years?!

And when his hand falls into mine,

there is a soft glow to my skin.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You Cannot Escape Me,
Not That You Would Want To...

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como arroyuelo...

simple y constante

como montana...

imponente y segura

como la mar...

amplia y ancha

como el viento...

amable y cordial

es mi dolor profundo

sentimiento que te ofresco.

Guardámelo en tu alma,

y tal vez se contamine

de lo bello de este mundo.

Rolando Matias- Febrero 13, 86

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La Humanidad


La Humanidad....

Amigos y desconocidos

los necesito a todos

no para mantenerme en vida'

simplemente para ser humano

y compartir sentimientos:

afección, humor, generosidad...

Cual genuino es mi afán de amar,

sin tener nadie para amar,

reír, llorar, ganar su confianza.

Ideas y pensamientos...

se pueden amar...

pero nunca te darán el calor,

de un abrazo.

A menos que haya alguien...

que reciba mi amor,

que reciba un regalo material,

alguien que yo pueda

compartir sueños,vida,

que olvide nuestra faltas,

tribulaciones y aberraciones...

confiarles lo mas profundo de mi ser!

Esto nos hace humanos....

lo que necesita nuestra humanidad.

Rolando Matias

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El Amor....


El Amor....

Sendo mago,

es este señor.

Cuando menos lo espera,

en forma de truco...

Se te encalca en tu ser,

y por arte de magia,

transformando y trastornando.

dos personas andado aparte

los mantiene unidos,

como iman cosmico...

lado a lado.

Rolando Matias

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I’m restless tonight,

Here in my bed tonight.

You’re not here,

You stay clear.

I’ve lost my mind,

My heart, my soul.

Where have they gone

I do not know.

All I know is they left

When you left that fateful

Night. I lost my mind,

So now I lay here every night,

Cold, tired, sleepless.

I need you here.

I want you here.

I know why you left,

I know you care.

But what you don’t know.

Is my heart and soul,

Is you. When you left,

Was worse than any pain,

So now I wait here.

Slowly waiting to die.

Slowly waiting for you.

Wishing you would come back.

For you are my heart and soul.

I am restless tonight.

Without you by my side.

Please…I love you.

Come back.

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The Castle of Old Oak Chapter 11

Song's & Stories

Deadly Secrets

The dining doors open as the guests begin to seat themselves, although Amanda wonders to where Sir Crimson, Ali and Shana had disappeared to. As she excuses herself to find out where they had went, Miss Di and Mistress Rebecca help seat the guests, as Miss Sophie barks out orders the servants. The servants start to pour the wine and bring the appetizers to the table along with soup and fresh pumpkin bread. Miss Amanda walks out to the main hallway though finding no one there proceeds up the stairs to her and Sir Crimsons room to freshen up.

She stood still as she reached the top of the stairs. Her ears caught the sound of soft laughter coming from the closed door of her room. A female voice uttered a gasp and she frowned. Stepping towards the door, Miss Amanda reached for the gold candlestick on the hall table and lay her head against the cool wood of the door. She listened. Her blood boiled. With a ferocious swing, she thrust the door open, stepping inside. The candlestick clenched in her hand, her knuckles blanching in fury. Miss Amanda seethed, "What is going on here?"

As the door flung open this startled Miss Shana, as fast as she was. She leapt for Sir Crimsons dagger that sat on the nightstand next to the bed. Within seconds she had it drawn and against Miss Amanda's throat, Ali gasped and yelled stop! as the dagger fell from Shana's hand, sticking into the floor at Amandas feet.

The moonlight shown brightly through the trees. Tony was getting closer to what he could now see more clearly was indeed an old water well. There must have been some dwelling near here but no signs of such that he could see. The canopied stone well stood alone here in this opening with its fancy design.

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The Castle of Old Oak Chapter 10

Song's & Stories

A Devilish Dinner

Ali stood silently in thought as Miriah made her way off to warn Tony and lead him astray of the castle. She looked at her watch again, 9 o'clock. It seemed a bit odd that only an hour had passed since she had entered the ballroom on her arrival here, could it be? she wondered and she really didn't think so. She thought back about the words she'd just spoken herself of a time portal and thoughts of how she had reached Tony from here in a place where he didn't yet exist it wouldn't have been possible and now, right now, he is coming here for her. 'Why is everything so confusing' she whispered to herself as she stood awaiting Sir Crimson behind a tree near the path. He wouldn't recognize her in this mask she thought.

Hearing his foots steps move closer to where she was Ali purposely trips and falls in the path. Sir Crimson seeing Ali fall comes to her aid helping her from the damp ground. He asks if Ali was alright, Ali responds that she must have twisted her foot on the uproot sticking out of the ground. Sir Crimson taking Ali into his arms picking her up and carrying her to a near by bench. Shana approaches the two and asks if Miss Ali was alright, though Miss Shana already knew that Ali did this on purpose to keep Sir Crimson from the ball.

Sir Crimson told Miss Shana in a very firm tone to fetch a wrap for Miss Ali's ankle which infuriated her all the more but she immediately left, seeming to follow the order. Feeling his hand on her leg , she wonders if it is her desire for this man that makes her want to stay here. Whats going on in the castle has escaped her mind completely.

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