Dark Love

Passionate Embraces.

Passionate embraces, I drink down your poison.

Flooding my veins turning, spinning into something desperate.

a wanting need inside, clawing its way to surface all it is,

How can you controll me so, captured my mind body and soul.

Oh this obsessive desire I feed myself, drowning in you, awakening into immortal life.

My body moulding to your everlasting temptation.

Purely this is torture, a new desire rises and I’m going under again,

Words of such passion then silence oh how you taste, how you desire what is most unreachable.

Don’t fight this let it grow; let it take over….. for this is what passion is made of.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this in a MSN conversation with a friend who said i should make a book lol, i dont thinks its that good but please feel free to comment. i want to know what u think.... thanks x

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In love with the Satan

I'm nothing short of perfection,

my death has become my resurection

and it's a vision I can't resist,

like the touch of your fingertips.

Your words carress me like a lover's whispers.

My sins are those I lick from the edges of you skin

and I know hell has never felt this good.

My verses aren't those of the bible

and even God can't save me now.

I'm falling even more in love with you

and my wisdom is beyond the obtrusity of the moment

but I just don't care

because that's the way I want my life to be.

I never thought I have the strength to carry on,

but my past is something which by-gone.

Now I live in the glory of your call

and  know I'll be there to show how much I care.

I was born to make you happy

you take away the mistakes that haunt my visions and make me something

that's nothing short of perfection.

I should have chosen freedom

but my cage is within you.

The whispers aren't those from the living

and my nightmares aren't that forgiving

but I am who I am

because you created the wonder I have always feared

and I don't want to wait for my life to be over

before I can be all that my dark hopes are made of.

All we have are these moments

and I know,

as I taste the forgivness of my betrayal on your lips

that I am nothing shortof perfection

...because of you...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I think the title says it all-this is someone who doesn't serve God-he/she serves Satan.Those that are religious will know that as surely as God is there, so is Satan.

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Tell Me

Just tell me that you hate me,

When i hurt you this much,

Tell me you don't love me,

I promise i wont fuss...................

Tell me that you don't care,

When i go to speak with you,

Maybe say good-bye,

So I'll know that we're through...

Tell me that you cant stand me,

when i call you on the phone,

Laugh at my face,

When i do something wrong....

Because looking in your eyes,

Tells me all these things,

You say you care,

But your eyes they scream ( I HATE YOU )

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StIl Burnin black flames

sitting on the edge

of sanity

gazing upon the people

all so pale

and without humanity

searching for a girl

with broken heart

and lonesome soul

looking for an angel

who can't be imaginary

lonesome and loathsome

i sat in the shadows

feeling of being trapped in a portrait

or being trapped in my sorrow

i sense the colour fade away

shapes blurred in the shadow

life was draining away

my vision got narrowed

feeling of being cheated

of happiness i should have had

like a person being

tortured in hell

at last

the moments of joy

i think i saw you from the corner of my eye

you walked in moonlight

shined like million star

being so close

but felt so far

you wiped a new born tear

you brushed it of my eye

feeling your warmth

i feel i could fly

but wait something is missing

why do i feel so cold

why i still have this fear like pain it rose

woke from the dream

i wish i could have died

at least it can't be bad

did not feel

much pain as i was dying

i couldn't really love you

you couldn't be mine

maybe not in this

may in the next

you will be mine

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Pretty Little Pill

I bet I could take this pretty little pill...

and drag myself up out of this self-sentence, this hell I am wallowing in.

Perhaps I should...

Take it.

Or do I enjoy...

the suffering.

The feeling... of being alive, though it hurts so bad.

This feeling of knowing it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all?

Am I wanting the feeling to linger...

for as long as I can hold on...

afraid that once it fades...

I won't ever feel.

not again.



to recapture the feeling...

afraid of it slipping away.

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Please Give Me The Green Light(Again)


get this feeling that you want me to touch you,
tracing my skin
getting this feeling that you want us to kiss,
breathing on my lips
get this feeling that you want me to fuck you,
spreading halo'd wings
i know you want to make love

it just doesn't rhyme
i'm all out of beat
tripping over my feet
and i'm not even standing
i can't stand it as i sit there still
as you lay there, still
but i will...

get this feeling that you want us tongue-tied,
not the way i am
get this feeling you want us to undress,
i'm standing before the world
get this feeling that you want me to fuck you,
i'm fucking up
i know you want to make love

i know we want to make love....

it just doesn't rhyme
i'm all out of beat
tripping over my feet
and i'm not even standing
i can't stand it as i sit there still
as you lay there, still
but i will...

i didn't want you to feel like i'd ever rush you
i don't want you to think you've rushed me
but i feel a rush of blood and nerves that's quicker then i've seen
"am i not ready for you?", has warped me cause i

act like feelings that you want me to touch you,
have slithered up my spine
have this feeling that you want us to kiss,
been breathing down my throat
like this feeling that you want me to fuck you,
just spread out dirty wings
have this feeling that you want me to miss you,
cause you're walking away

i'm just out of time
i'm all out of beat
motion out of my reach
with us i'm finally nervous
i can't stand it as i sit there still
as you laid there, still
but i will-

please give me the green light
translate it cause i'm color
no wait, it's a clear
please give me another
cause i will...

but i will...

but i will..

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Melodys Maelstrom


I'm standing on a road that isn't taking me anywhere. A deep dark road that only gets darker. And when I feel as though things are the darkest they could be, I take another step and am blinded. But I have reason for this journey. I've walked so far into the darkness, and become more curious about the end of the road with each step, that I can't stop myself anymore.

Maybe towards the end of the road, I'll find wonderland. A land of pixies and shrooms, bright colors and endless happiness. A land of ecstasy, euphoria, orgasmic joy. Maybe theres a river that will quench my thirst after this long journey. Maybe if I keep walking, the darkness will start to fade. And I won't ever want to look back.

Or maybe at the end of the road, I'll face my greatest fears. Maybe I'll walk right into a black ocean of despair. And all that will be visible then is my own anger, Anger that manifests itself in the form of eyes staring my every move down. Watching me as I sink into the ocean, farther and farther into the blackness. Watching me die, ever so slowly, suffocating and dissolving into the background. And the last thing i would see is that road. Wishing that I could continue walking.

Maybe there is nothing at the end of the road. Maybe theres a wall, a dead end. And my only choice is to jump off, and fall into abyss, or to turn around and walk back.

Or maybe my road will lead right to his. Maybe the road I'm walking on now is the same one he told me about. The road that leads to a fork in the road. Dark, and darker still.

But for now, I continue walking. Stuck inside this maelstrom of anger and fear. Frsutration and loneliness. Darkness, and darker still. And maybe, just maybe, I'll find comfort in it again.

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Ivory Fields

Why is it so dark in here?

Where veins run dry from flat out fear

People mourn for different things

But don't they stick together

The lights are gone, just like you

Protecting someone else

And no, to me that does not sooth

Aren't you meant to be the shield?

We all have secrets that we hide

Trapped by laws which we abide

But are we hiding from the laws?

Or the secrets that we've formed

I dream about you every day

With poetry that will never decay

But I guess it's not meant to be

Considering you like her instead

This mask is just that, an old disguise

Which holds strong through every day

It's happy with light in everyone's eyes

But really I'm fading away

Remember me now as I am blown

Through fields of ivory

And sing my song like I was never gone

Not just a memory

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is real life, and to me means a lot. It is based on some friends at school, and I really feel like this right now.

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Dawn's New Hope

A new dawn is approaching,

For light has broken through.

Life is grown anew,

The sky a shade of blue.

Orange flames dance the sky,

Painted a soft reddish pink.

Looking from atop the bluff,

Wind blowing in my hair.

Maybe she did love me,

Maybe she just used me.

It doesn't matter anymore,

This is the day of reckoning.

Melancholy is the world,

Love my heart is dead.

Burning my soul is love gone,

I jump today when the sun is up.

Staring into the light of dawn,

Time is almost up.

Closer and closer my death draws near,

As my life is now clear.

Goodbye love,

Goodbye heart.

Jumping down,

Wind blows faster.

My body weightless,

My mind flowing free.

Wings spread afar,

My world going black.

Faster and faster I fall,

Last thought I have.

I loved yo-.

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