His Angel of Death

Last night The Darkness woke me from my sleep,
I was ready for my fate, prepared to forever leave.

But The Darkness puzzled me with a warm stare,
The Darkness embraced me and told me not to be scared.

The Darkness told me that he was in love,
With an angel that he once dreamt of.

He shared with me the beauty of this angel so fair,
He told me of her big green eyes and her dark brown hair.

In the midst of his story I asked him why he came to me,
He wrapped me in his arms and said, "Can't you see?"

"You are my sweet angel, but I took your wings,
I stole them long ago, so you could not fly away from me."

I shook my head "I am no angel, all I bring is pain."
"You are an angel, but for that I am to blame."

"For ages I have loved you, but you have never guessed,
Now I can have you, and for this I am blessed."

"I have followed you your entire life,
I loved you so much that I stole you from The Light."

"Your beauty made me yours, and only yours until the end of time,
I will give you your wings, if you vow to be mine."

"Let me hold you, become like me,
Embrace the dark and finally see."

Last night I began my destiny,
The Darkness finally came for me.

The life I once lived has now been put to rest,
Now that I have become His Angel of Death.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It just came to me right in the middle of the night last night! LOL!

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