Thothian Programming

jewish genetic agenda; racust Jewish tyranny;  perpetual jewish control of words; Jewish facism  the world; hail the motherfucker kwown as Thoth aka Satan.

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Decieved by the angel of death

you fall right into his trap;

many names, many disguises,

changing his colors often,

like a chameleon, the beast

hides where you least expect,


Thinking him to be god,

you worship him blindly as the father,

when he is really nothing but a murderer,


Led right into his slaughter house,

he delights in the shedding of blood

and the squealing of pigs,

truly sick, warping the minds of those

who are lost. 


In him you will not truth. 

but only lies,

because he is the father of all lies. 


He will not give

but only take;

the king of all thieves,

there is no end to his greed. 


Thinking yourself in control,

when you are nothing but his puppet

further digging into the occult,

you will always find him. 


at the top of every pyramid,

climbing the steps, thinking it is

a stairway to heaven when really

it is descension into hell,

you always find him staring down at you

from the tempests above,

heaving his lightning bolts

and cursing your existence







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thoth, hermes, baal, bel,enki, yahweh, the bringer of storms aka Satan.





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Basalt Pillars of the West


Beyond which splendid Cathuria lies,

But which wise men know is the gate

Of a monstrous cataract

Where everything drops to abysmal nothingness

And shoot through the empty spaces

Toward other worlds and other stars;

The awful voids outside the ordered Universe

Where the Daemon-Sultan Azathoth waits.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Cthulhu Mythos poem.

Azathoth - Mighty Flutist God


At the center of the Universe,

Is Azathoth, in all His might.

Corpulent mass of swirling,

Chaotic forms and more.


Piping an odd sound,

Which is muted at its bone.

Without melody or rhythm,

A sound lonely through His madness.


Like a Sultan on His throne,

They dance around the dome.

The 12 Dancing Gods so blind,

Of which Nyarlathotep did depart in His might.


Azathoth, the insane and formless God

The mad mass of Chaos

Piping the world to an end...


Insanity is what He is about!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Cthulhu Mythos poem.



I desired to open the graves for my love,

to gather the bones for an altar.

So I could serve my love in eternity,

and His Name would be preserved.


O Lord of Terror, hear me now,

I will do all in all for Thee.

My divine Father, Azathoth,

never leave Thy side.


Indeed I wished to honor Him,

with the bones from the graves,

To raise a gigantic totem,

which would reach in ye Hyades.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mythos poem.

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After the Golden Age


Chaos should not cease

To dominate the world.

O yes, Nyarlathotep;

Will rule!


No wish for harmony,

Of its Golden Age;

It was before the Fall.


Reveling in constant disorder,

But Yog-Sothoth prefers reason;

Giving His first allegiance

To the Daemon Sultan: Azathoth

Remembering old times of this God.


Cthulhu does side with Him,

But Yig supports Yog-Sothoth;

As Father Serpent of the Cosmos,

Who invented this very world...


Yog-Sothoth has sympathy,

As Dagon; the Deep One Lord

And not even he can say

What will happen when there remains

A Princess restored on Her throne,

A Princess on Ebony Bone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about what happened after the Golden Age.

Two Extremes


Light and Dark 


I am living between two extremes,

Light and dark, you would not believe.

Though a dark mind, I am sweet,

With a soft heart-beat...


Please listen to me,

I want to explain, you see?

Evil and good, a dizzying flight,

Heaven O take me to the upper height.


Heaven is with Azathoth,

The mighty flutist God.

My Father in Heaven Thou art,

I do play my part...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some thoughts about darkness and light - evil and good.

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I desired to open the graves for my love,

To gather the bones for an altar.

So I could serve my love in eternity,

And His name would be preserved.


O Lord of Terror, hear me now,

I will do all in all for Thee.

My divine love, Azag,

Never leave Thy side.


Indeed I wished to honor Him,

With the bones from the graves.

To raise a gigantic totem,

Which would reach in ye Hyades.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem written for Lord Azathoth (whom I prefer to call Lord Azag).