Forever Loved

lonesome time's

We woke just to see

All the rain-becoming rivers,

Don’t go don’t run be not afraid,

Holding back my fear

To keep you calm and strong,

I will be here to hold you tight.

The waters rise to our surprise,

Leaving nothing but deep a bliss,

Holding bake with all my might

Keeping these tears out of sight,

Thinking this is our last night

But saying will make it through,

Nothing will stop us we are so true.

with my last breath i have to say

I'll love you no matter our

It is time to make our bed

Below the water so dark

Kissing our last kiss

With Death we now depart

To the space in the heavens

Just for you and me

Never letting go

My love you've

Always been forever


Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is my way of describing the ending of my relationship

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