Dark Love


Take a left, take a right,

which way to go? Pitch black at night,

down this road, up that hill,

the night drones in and it drains your will.

Look left, look right, look up, look down,

nothing to great you but walls and ground.

No faces, smiling at you,

this nightmare sprayed in many hues.

You are all alone,

the wind does not howl or drone,

no sound, no light,

nothing to show this worlds might.

Now you see that nothing is true,

as the darkness ensues,

you see her one last time,

as she fades and becomes sublime.

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How I Love You

Scream, yes scream at me some more.
How I love you, striking me to the floor.

Cry, bore me with your expired apologies.
How I love you, weak down on your knees.

Caress, make my body tingle.
How I love you, though with others does your love mingle.

Lie, tell me I'm all you'll ever need.
How I love you, despite every unfaithful deed.

Promise, it was broken from the start.
How I love you, though it pains my heart.

Leave, forget me without a second thought.
How I love you, seeing you in a hole to forever rot.

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Tough Love

Memories, silent and proud,
They are all that remain.
Lies hide behind a woven shroud,
A moment passed, with no trust to gain.

A cherry sunset fading into tomorrow,
Today leaving while once again arriving.
You promised to stay, only left me your sorrow,
A feeling of confusion, within me I feel it thriving.

Ashes of a captured moment,
If only my memories of you I could rid.
The feeling pours over me heavy like cement,
This taste on my tongue, forever and putrid.

If only for you I could hate,
It would all become clear.
My love however, unable to change your fate.
To you my back I turn, as your end draws near.

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Peach Petals

Misty water condenses,

Droplets conform to tears,

Gliding gracefully along peach petals,

They descend like poisoned spears.

Darkness closes inward,

Petals sizzle, shrink, and crumble,

No growth can bloom in such tainted mist,

Silence slowly consumes, it twists.

Pitter patter amongst glass shadows,

Silhouette framed by sheltered barriers,

Yearning so deeply rooted,

Mistrust like acid causes decay.

Misty water condenses,

Droplets conform to tears,

Gliding gracefully along peach petals,

They descend like poisoned spears.

Wash away this unending jealousy,

Awaken the woman cocooned deep inside,

Forgive me for the bitter judgment,

That pierces like a dagger from haunted eyes.

Save me,

Love me,

Say you’ll stay,

Before my last petal withers as I fade away…….

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magnificent midnights


no matter how hard you push me

no matter where you go

i'll never be that far

i'll never be that far

i'll never be that far



i saw you behind me

sitting all by yourself

looking like you're watching

from the darkest parts of Hell

i was swallowed by your space

and took over your world

disappeared in your shadow

just to be your girl


it was the ride of my life

every moment with you

all magnificent midnights

while seeking our truth

the passion we had

now lost memories

and anything that's left

of the dark without me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i really hate how poppy sounding this song turned out so i don't perform it... EVER. but again... therapy for dealing with losing my vampire. 5-21-10

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Haunting Dreams

-The ropes have begun to cut your wrists,
cutting more and irritating the skin with ever twist.-

-Tears roll down your beautiful cheeks,
how I've been planning this moment for weeks.-

-Bound and gagged I hear you cry,
but don't worry sweetie it doesn't hurt to die.-

-Death is something not to fear,
as every second of our lives it draws near.-

-Can you hear the reaper knocking at the door,
time is up, you'll hurt me no more-

-My steady hand holds the knife,
that will spill your blood and end your life.-

-Yet as I'm about to commit my sin,
I look back at where we were and could of been.-

-Suddenly all goes dark,
ending my quest I would seen embark.-

-I awake to your smile,
I return the gesture despite my hearts denial-

-These dreams I can no longer bare,
soon they will become your nightmare.-

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The Cycle

-You scream at me, and I yell back,
our relationship has gone beyond being whack.-

-You slap my face, and I throw you against the wall,
smashing the phone so you have nobody to call.-

-I hit you, and you start to cry,
you tell me we can make it work if we try.-

-I apologize and now show only love and care,
you play along despite all your despair.-

-Kissing one another, we embrace one anothers passion,
making love in a sinful fashion.-

-We pretend all is well and long forgotten,
both refusing to accept our love has gone rotten.-

-Fake smiles to greet you when you wake,
as we forget all the bullshit we force ourselves to take.-

-Hiding our feelings of dismay,
awkward silence filling our day.-

-Soon the shouts will be heard again,
here we are, a place we have already been.-

-Our bruises from the night before still on display,
tempers rising as we begin our violent play.-

-A vicious cycle that we keep going,
even when the blood is flowing.-

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The Pleasure of Pain

Like a blade to my wrist

Your words cut deep

Always leaving me there to bleed

The pain however is pleasurable

Just like the sharp pain of your teeth against my skin

Like you fingernails raking down my back

Like you pulling my hair while I kiss you

Just because I can no longer have you

Doesn't mean I don't have memories

I still wear the marks you left

They are the only things I have left of you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love you C.E. just know that...

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i fear i may be a Judas,

for crimes against a heart

would i risk it all for a dream

could i throw away my hands creation

tears,pain,sorrow are no excuses

yet i revel in my dream

my heart not stomach grows hungry

desire clouds and sways my thinking

i am intoxicated,subdued and i like it

will you be my addiction

will you make me forget

will your lips erase my past

will your hands create a new me

will you listen at night when i whisper into darkness

will you watch while i bleed

i fear i may be a Judas

for crimes against a heart

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