Dark Love

Final kiss

you make me question my own dreams

all that i have made,destroyed

time passes yet still a mystery you remain

do you hold the key to my new universe

will your eyes unlock my troubled doors

will you promise me passion for pain

desire for death

will your very flesh satisfy my soul

or will you strip away my skin

bleed my very tears

with you i will have my last dance

the final kiss goodbye

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Bitter Despise

Lost Love

I wish I could still be your everything,
I wish you looked at me still with love in your eyes,
But we've drifted apart,
Now all I can see staring back at me is bitter despise,
I'm sorry for all that went wrong,
I wish you still looked at me like a dream come true-
Where did we loose our dreams?
When did I become nothing to you?
And as I watch you drift further away I think to myself,
Good bye my dreams and goodbye my heart.
Part of me will always hold you close,
Even though we drift further apart.
Time has taken it's tole on us,
It's left me heartbroken at best.
I couldn't be the wife you wanted,
Now you are leaving like the rest.
You can't stand when I'm near,
And I'm sorry it's all gone wrong,
I'm not the wife you wanted,
Our love is all but gone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Josh

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What Lies Beneath

What lies beneath the waters?

A myraid of endless beauty?

An unknown terror?

The peaceful flow of the creek soothes me like no other, yet the anticipation I feel towards the darkness below is unbearable.

What lies beneath the waters?

The utopian I have longed for?

A danger not yet revealed?

Is it possible that I can still sleep soundly, listening to the rapids sweet lullaby, while my dreams are crowded with images of this perfect place being a silent killer?

What lies beneath the waters?

Grace and wonder not understood by man?

A murderous secret afraid to be uncovered?

I am drawn ever closer to my questionable, secure home, where I find myself being pulled under by an uncontrollable, incredible, inhuman force.

What lies beneath the waters?

A quiet resting place?

A breathless girl searching for a companion?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

gotta say, i love this one.. i think i have a love for water. lol

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metal chick


i know a girl

she wants to be an immortal

she's a metal chick

she hates all religion

she dresses in leather

she's a midnight queen

she loves halloween

she's a metal chick

she tried to be all

pretty in pink

but she faded to black

she tried razor blades

but to no avail

violence and bloodshed

now your speaking her language

she gave up her life to be a

metal chick

spiderweb nylons and catsuits

devil's temptress

my mistress the

the metal chick


and leather pants

she'll never die

she'll always be in metal

metal was the only religion she loved

my baby

the metal chick

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she loved the dark {for every goth girl}


they laughed when she wore leather

but they cried when she stole their men

she had tatooes of ravens

she loved her room dark but her men darker

who knew i had the sexiest,finest one

they mocked her

spit at her

but i knew the truth she never spits

she drew blood

oh how she loved the dark

and she owned my dark heart

she wore spikes and boots

and i bowed my dark goddess

my goddess my inspiration

my personal dark winged angel

oh how she loved the dark

she loved it so

i drew lots of blood

she drew from me

craving my attention

looking in my eyes like a razor blade

looking in hers like being consumed by fire

we both loved the dark

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Peace At Last

I am sitting on the edge of this cliff

alone with my thoughts.

The only sounds are the raging waves crashing against the rocks below me, and the rolling thunder above me.

The only sights are those of the blue-gray waves under my feet, and the black sky streaked with lightning over my head.

The smell of the salty ocean and the overpowering scent of the coming rain surround me.

All I feel is the chilling embrace of the ever-strengthening wind, and the emptiness within my heart and soul.

No one knows why I have fled,

or what I intend to do.

I bring myself to my feet, attempt to calm my ragged breathing, and stagger to the side.

I look down over the rocky edge,

and hear the livid water calling my name.

I turn my face away from them and slowly move

back their way, to the end of the land.

I spread my arms wide, as if to welcome my coming death.

I close my eyes and take a deep breath; the salt and moisture in the air burn my throat.

As I allow the breeze to carry me to the murky and unknown waters below, I summon your memory to my mind, and drag you under along with me.

My soul feels peace at last...

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Lay me down

My soul aches for his touch.

Im hell bent on feeling his kiss.

My imagination tells about its sweet bliss.

Lay me down and melt your hand in mine.

Me and you could get lost in time.

This love i feel, It must be real.

Butterfly's, Starry eyed.

Lost in a dream, I never wanna wake up.

A dominant figure.

His aggressive touch.

Whips and chains.

Broken veins.

He makes me lose control.

Im chained to his soul.

..And his sensual touch,

Is this just luck?

Lay me down and join my soul.

This is beautiful love.

An indescribable feeling.

Its like a piece of heaven came crashing

through the ceiling.

I fell for you, I had no choice.

Your lullaby's rock me to sleep.

Such sweet music, You cannot confuse it.

Because of you, Im alive again.

The ice frozen around my soul and heart

melted at the start.

Its beautiful,


And magical.

One perfect gift, all wrapped up in one.

You broke me down, Got deep to my core.

Nobody can do that anymore.

This cant be love..

Its much to real.

The word barely describes how i even feel.

Your my dark angel and blood soaked wings.

Your the perfect razor blade in my dreams.

The truth is,

I love you.

I truly cant deny it.  

I surrender to you.

My soul is now yours.

The truth is i love you, Deep down to my core.

Stay with me forever, We'll make it through the stormy weather.

I love you baby..Always, and forever.

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Sweet BeGuile, so benign

Waiting as the stars align

You understand the world's so scary

And with your weight you'll carry mine

The man you are, all too kind

You remind me of a cat of mine

Who curls and whispers, pawing string

Ignoring clicks of the hands of time

One as you so hard to find

A rarity in a place so dry

You'll make her happy, don't despair

Your poetry shall make her cry


I will make your mention merry

You need not fear the time

She'll be here, in due morrow

Find a place to cast your sorrow

Shed your nerves and be not wary

You deserve her sweetest sigh

Do not stoop to beg or borrow

In her heart you'll leave yourself


I beg you boy, steady your head

Recline here now and rest instead

Hold my hand and tell me tales

Of the boldest things that you dare to dread

Let me know you, as you said

Your truest ways are mine 'til dead

She'll come and steal you away from it all

So let me hear you speak 'til then

Perhaps she mocks you under her breath

Thinks of you once while touching her breasts

It sickens my tongue to think of her plans

I can't help but wonder of the blood she has shed


Oh stay with me, and warm my skin

Like we're lovers so deep in rouge

Dear BeGuile, let's begin

And cast aside that witch you knew

My promises will always be

I'll pull you deep within

Poor BeGuile, you tickle me

And I've fooled you once again.

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Doctor Doe

Hello ma'am, thank you yes

I'm here on these imperatives

I'm desperate yes, thank you why

I do believe you're oh so right

Prescribe me something true and kind

To bring some passion to my life

Please don't wait I'm feigning ill

I'm wasting my vacation days

Understand my shifting eyes

I fear the walls are falling down

I can't say who or where or when

They're here to watch me break in two

I feel so empty I feel so dull

Can you help me, Doctor Doe?

I will not beg unless you ask

I will not bend until your mark

I am bankrupt, I'm a thief

I stole this story from another

I love you so, oh Doctor Doe

Disregard my lies 'til now

I don't know you so well at all

But your shape sure is a pleasing thing

Please be mine, for now and ever

Do not force the mad of me

Your bust, your muzzle

Your righteous firm

Your hips, your eyes

Your loving worth

Excuse me now I'll take a seat

Beside the father of you and I

Above we all I'll sit and watch

As you undress yourself at night

Clean my wounds, sew me up

Please lean down so close

Your lovely curves are all I see

As I'm captured by the light

Call me lover for one last time

As I exit your back door

The glass will make a bed for me

Upon society's floor.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wow this poem got fucked up.

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