Dark Love

Love is my life


Love is my life

Love is my world

But if you

Don’t come back

To me

My life will end

And my world will


As I say this now

I turn into ashes

And into dust

And blow away

With the wind

Into the water.

My ashes hit rock bottom

And you never see me again

How do you feel?

Do you feel lonely?

Do you feel scared?

Do you feel depressed?

Do you feel happy

To know that I’m gone?

You probably do.

But that’s the whole point.

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A Black Rose Tattoo

A black rose tattoo

On my arm

With your name written under it

Won’t do any harm

But, you breaking my heart

It will never heal

Because I love you so much

I’ll do anything for you

A black rose tattoo won’t do any harm

On my arm but what if it was on my heart

And then crossed out

What would I do?

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Goodbye To My Soul

Goodbye To My Soul

Why must it all hurt now

When my life is changing

So fast I can't breathe

All that I can call mine

If falling from my hands

Why can't they see me anymore

Is this so commun

Just a teenage mistake

I took my own blood

How much more can I take?

If I close my eyes

And lay down my head

Will you see me again

Will you be in my bed

Every time I try and turn away

There you are again

Pushing me down

Ripping it all off

Is this how my heart feels

Is this how it happend

Or was it my choice

My dessision was mine

I let you take me not once or twice

God knows how long we were at it

And then you left forever

Does every girl go through this

And end up killing her soul

Why are you still there

These blankets must be burned

My bed all cut up

My room nothing but ashes

Will it all end then

Your on the bus

On the side of the window frame

You're everywhere I am

I just can't escape

So I stay in my bed of ashes

And I take out my knife

A bottle of wine

I drink to our death

To how you used me

Then I slice up my arm

Your hands all over me

I close my eyes once again

Finally tears run down my face

As the blood pours down my leg

As I cry out to heaven

I realize I'm alone

This was it, my reason to be born

Too bad there wont be a next time

No learning from my mistakes

As my body finally hits the floor

Goodbye to my soul

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we lie in bed with legs twisted

a wreck but we haven't made contact

my toes go numb with whole sheet over you like a body bag

but not as numb as we go everytime one of us has punched out an i love you

and you haven't been on the job in about a month or much longer

i can't hardly remember

and now i can hardly stay home

cause i know its ending

and i can't stand it

upright when its fatally tilting

like the lamppost you crashed into

the night you drunk yourself close to dead before letting me speak

but not as drunk as i get everytime one of your friends slept with you in this bed

and offering me a spot there when you couldn't get them out the window fast

the time you offered your sister

and now i can hardly stay home

cause its gotten insane

and i'm flipping out

your cousin shows me her scar

and now her virginity

cause she knows its ending

and its never ending

damn i loved you

and just maybe

you loved me to

but now all you love is you

and of course,

wreckless behavior

so heres some for you

theres a few lights out on a bridge tonight

and a few cables missing too

when you open the paper next to him or her tomorrow

theres a street car named desire

that didn't feel a thing in the ocean chill

and when your standing next to it and see its all twisted

raise a stone and have it say

just another decision with a ring to it,

so regrettable

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Kiss me

Sew my lips to silence my screams

Kiss me through the threads

Needle in hand to stroke my skin

Never worried about the pain

Carve your mark beside the others

Dig deep and bleed me dry

Run a finger down my throat

Trace the veins with your teeth

Taste the blood from my arm

The bite you had me make

Kiss my eyelids ever softly

Bruise me with your touch

Bind my wrists in kinky fashion

Stroke the cuts already made

Bare my figure at your whim

Knife in hand and clothes in shreds

Taste the blood upon my chest

Drip-drops from the blade

Beautiful eyes and precious lips...

Kiss them through the threads

Kiss me..

     Just one ..


Author's Notes/Comments: 

self- explanitory

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Vampires lips

The Vampires Kiss

A hunger so deep,

It consumes your soul.

Driving you onwards

To search for your goal.

Yearning for something,

You just can’t describe.

From this hunger, this thirst,

Nowhere, can you hide.

It invades your thoughts,

Almost drives you insane.

Forever it’s burning,

This unspeakable pain.

Then, a taste, so sweet upon your lips,

Tingles to your fingertips,

A warmth that spreads throughout your being,

Such an indescribable feeling.

For no normal man will ever know,

The thirst that drives a vampires soul,

Or the tenderness and utter bliss,

Of the sweet taste, of a vampire’s kiss..

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Don't give me gifts to help your conscience ease,

laying each one on my frozen heart,

when you tear my tender thoughts apart

yet think by roses my deep hurt appease.

They cannot repair wounds or dry my tears,

nor mend the jagged fragments of our years.

You think by pretty posies to restart

a rekindling of romantic cupid's dart,

expecting me to overcome my fears,

restore regard  that you believe your due.

Deceitful gifts of guilt disguised as gold,

imitation as all love from you,

bought and paid for with the trust you sold.

Take back your thorny roses, and adieu.

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as the light dims out on my desire

as the light dims out on my desire

Love conquers all

Made the preacher a liar

As the fame is dying within my heart

I can feel myself falling completely apart

All that the breakdowns make me do

Is fall in love all over again with you

As the sun goes down on the window of my soul

The feelings for you are growing beyond my control

As the candle molts down on this part of my life

I figured you could see me

Because all I can see is you

This chapter of my life is closed

But my life story still flows

One day you will be ahead, and all ill do is regret

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Krista Higgs

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Romeo And Juliet **Warning**

I fight the sleep that is held over me,

to think of your breathing for a few more minutes.

The blood falls over the shower curtain,

and I am certain that you will never love another.

Just as I am certain I will fall asleep in your limp arms.

I will be your Juliet,

and you will be my Romeo.

We will transcend life and death,

especially if I have to drag you there.

Too bad we went out Hamlet-style...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Romeo and Juliet were destined to die together... and so were we, love...

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