Monthly Archive for January 2022

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Teachers Of Universal Nonviolence In All Faiths Prose saiom Jan 1st
Matt Ray's Rhyme Poem saiom Jan 1st
Coronavirus And Carnivorous Poem saiom Jan 1st
Dangerous Sweetener Poem saiom Jan 1st
Shocking Rods And Cattle Prods Poem saiom Jan 1st
@ 27.055 MHz: Ad Astra; Days Of January, 1905 Poem S74RW4RD Jan 1st
The Murder Evidence Has Been Eaten Poem saiom Jan 1st
His Laugh Lifted All Jokes Poem saiom 1 Jan 1st
Autumn Gifts Poem saiom Jan 1st
Ocean Absolution Poem saiom Jan 1st
Empty Canvases Of Sky And Sea Poem saiom 1 Jan 1st
Forgotten Poem exthias1983 2 Jan 1st
pure and wild Poem Pungus 2 Jan 1st
The Lethal Atkins And Other Ketoacidosis Diets Prose saiom Jan 1st
January 1, 2022 Poem S74RW4RD Jan 1st
3 Year Old Kurdish Boy Alan Kurdi, Refugee From Bombing Of Syria, Found Dead in The Surf.. Kurdish Refugee Poem saiom Jan 1st
Ignored Drug Dealers Poem saiom Jan 1st
Vision In Dark Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Jan 1st
Tom The Cat Poem saiom Jan 1st
Happy New Year May It Be Your Best So Far Poem saiom Jan 1st
The Healing Of Green Poem saiom Jan 1st
To Thanaa Poem allets Jan 1st
New Year's Day Poem allets Jan 1st
Dear 2022 Poem DelusionalPoet Jan 1st
PAIN IN MY HIP Poem georgeschaefer #pain #paininmyhip Jan 1st
Saying Hello To 2022 Poem randyjohnson Jan 1st
Not In Chaotic Shards Poem saiom Jan 1st
Shinto Shrine Cone of Pine Poem saiom Jan 1st
Sun's Pocket Poem saiom Jan 1st
He Hated Nature Poem saiom Jan 1st
RELATIVE INDIFFERENCE Poem georgeschaefer #relativeindifference Jan 1st
NUEVO DE JULIO Prose georgeschaefer #nuevodejulio Jan 2nd
At Tiberius' Thoughts, Just Before Macro, Or Somebody, Murdered Him Poem S74RW4RD Jan 2nd
+ 2ND POEMS: To The All-holy, Immaculate, Most Blessed And Glorified Lady, The Theotokos And Ever-Virgin Mary, 2 Poem S74RW4RD Jan 2nd
সেই পরিবৃত্তে Poem shawon1982 Jan 2nd
NEW YEAR DRIZZLE Poem georgeschaefer 2 #newyear #newyears #newyearsdrizzle Jan 2nd
Risen Poem Wordman Jan 2nd
২ জানুয়ারী ২০২২ Poem shawon1982 Jan 2nd
IMAGINING A HAPPY NEW YEAR Poem joy #happynewyear, #imagine, #imaginingahappynewyear Jan 2nd
JUST LET IT RIP Poem georgeschaefer #letitrip Jan 2nd
Betty White Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 2nd
Christian History Regarding Vegetarian Diet, Celibacy, Reincarnation, Women Etc Prose saiom Jan 3rd
Foolishness Prose TheCure242 1 Jan 3rd
@ 27.105 MHz: Galacticies; The expAI's Contemplation And Recording Of Ultimate Thoughts Poem S74RW4RD 2 Jan 3rd
Chameleon Poem saiom Jan 3rd
They Transferred From Killing Animals To Rubberstamping War Poem saiom Jan 3rd
Driftwood Sculptures Poem saiom Jan 3rd
Of Bear Cubs And Seal Babies Poem saiom Jan 3rd
Gretel's Brother Hansel Poem saiom Jan 3rd
Don't Sell You Thoughts Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Jan 3rd
Why Do I Care So Much Poem prego2x 1 Jan 3rd
Fall Poem owlcrkbrg 1 Jan 3rd
Uninvited Into The Ark Poem saiom Jan 3rd
MASTER POETS Poem georgeschaefer 2 #fibbonacci #masterpoet Jan 3rd
FALSE ICONS OF YOUTH Poem georgeschaefer #youth #falseicons Jan 3rd
Morning passes Poem Seeker Jan 3rd
Child Who Kills Poem saiom Jan 3rd
Jacqueline Mars Poem saiom Jan 3rd
Lady MacBeth And Her Successors Poem saiom Jan 4th
THESE THINGS YOU WON'T REGRET Poem pamschwetz Pam Schwetz, pamschwetz, poem, POETRY, THESE THINGS YOU WON'T REGRET Jan 4th
SNAKE BRAINS Poem georgeschaefer #experimental Jan 4th
QUESTIONS IN A BOOKSTORE Poem joy #bookstorehumor, #questionsinabookstore Jan 4th
মিথ্যে মুখোশ Poem shawon1982 Jan 4th
Do You Think About Me? Poem exthias1983 Jan 4th
Do You Think About Me? Poem exthias1983 Jan 4th
Carpet Covers the Crime Poem saiom Jan 4th
30 Of Alcohol's Side Effects: Diseases, Violence, Traffic Deaths, Fires, Divorce Etc Prose saiom Jan 4th
Christmas Break Poem williamjroneyiii 1 Jan 4th
African Girls Sterilized By Pfizer And Other Big Pharma Poem saiom Jan 4th
SMIDGEON OF HOPE Prose georgeschaefer #smidgeonofhope Jan 4th
Oath of Hippocrates Poem saiom Jan 4th
White House & USDA Should Institute Vegan Only Food Stamps Prose saiom Jan 4th
Adverse Events 16 Prose saiom Jan 4th
Emily Dickinson Poem saiom Jan 4th
৪ জানুয়ারী ২০২২ Poem shawon1982 Jan 4th
Clara T Poem saiom Jan 4th
Horizon Event Poem saiom Jan 4th
Criminal Kidnappers Poem saiom Jan 4th
Sardinian Seas Poem saiom Jan 4th
All Encompassing Poem saiom Jan 4th
Final Destination Poem saiom Jan 4th
Hard Peach Poem saiom Jan 4th
Cindy Poem saiom Jan 4th
Liverpuddlian Poem saiom Jan 4th
"Sunday Winter Temple Trespass" Poem The1TrueMojo Jan 4th
fuelled by moonlight Poem Spinoza 2 Jan 4th
This Violence Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Jan 4th
VALERIE Poem chris Jan 4th
If Witnessing Child or Elder Abuse Poem saiom Jan 4th
Wherever you go – You are always home Poem Spinoza 2 Jan 4th
Genesis 1:29 Poem saiom Jan 4th
Extremely Unctuous Poem saiom Jan 4th
19 Biological Children Poem saiom Jan 4th
Another Poison Allowed By The FDA Poem saiom Jan 4th
Not In A Crystal Ball Poem saiom Jan 4th
Artemis Poem saiom Jan 4th
Aladdin's Lamp Poem saiom Jan 4th
Lawyer Jokes Poem saiom Jan 4th
The Sun Versus Night Poem saiom Jan 4th
The Worm In The Apple Poem saiom Jan 4th
The Guilt of Many Countries Not Just One Poem saiom Jan 4th
Thoughts When Leaving A Body Poem saiom Jan 4th
Stamp Of Love Poem saiom Jan 4th
Grieving Weight Poem saiom Jan 5th
Raincloud Flotilla Poem saiom Jan 5th
৫ জানুয়ায়রী ২০২২ Poem shawon1982 Jan 5th
@ 27.055 MHz: Ad Astra; Too Lovely And Young For The Slum's Shadowed Streets, For 'Lexander Poem S74RW4RD Jan 5th
Snowsifter Poem saiom Jan 5th
Bee Buzzing Bloom Guzzling Poem saiom Jan 5th
Queen Anne's Lace Poem saiom Jan 5th
আমারই রবে Poem shawon1982 Jan 5th
এত কিছুর পরে Poem shawon1982 Jan 5th
Charioteer Poem wemni Jan 5th
Exegesis Of The Fourth Chapter Of Life Poem wemni Jan 5th
Health Departments Prose saiom Jan 5th
As Soundless As The Tide Poem saiom Jan 5th
Water Held The Quill Poem saiom Jan 5th
Volcanic Basalt Poem wemni 2 Jan 5th
Conversation With God #2: SHY Poem wemni 1 Jan 5th
Looking For Happiness Poem wemni 1 Jan 5th
You Were Not Like Me Poem satishverma Life Jan 5th
Hope Poem exthias1983 1 Jan 5th
Letter to research group Poem shawon1982 Jan 5th
LONG SHOTS Poem georgeschaefer #longshots Jan 5th
CAPTAIN TRIPS Poem georgeschaefer #captaintrips Jan 5th
Pop the Propaganda Balloon Poem saiom Jan 5th
Neither Sleet Nor Snow... Poem wemni 1 Jan 5th
Seuss Reborn Poem saiom Jan 5th
LIKE HOLDING ON TO A CLOUD Poem joy #Childhood, #clouds, #likeholdingontoacloud Jan 5th
Franciscan Friars Poem saiom Jan 5th
Sliding Down Lily Leaves Poem saiom Jan 5th
Branding And Castration Poem saiom Jan 5th
Sunsparked Rainignited Poem saiom Jan 5th
No Striving Poem saiom Jan 5th
Whispers Became Buttons Poem saiom Jan 5th
Freedom For Ships Poem saiom Jan 5th
Wind Purifier Poem saiom Jan 5th
Dandelion Spheres In The Wind Poem saiom Jan 5th
Love and Sacrifice Poem prego2x 1 Jan 6th
Thou Shalt Not Kill Poem saiom Jan 6th
Are Animals Included? Poem saiom Jan 6th
The Eighth Wonder Poem deepblue 2 Jan 6th
Wasted Ink. Poem sweetwater 2 Jan 6th
MY FINGERS MANIPULATE Poem georgeschaefer #myfingersmanipulate Jan 6th
MY EGO COERCED Poem georgeschaefer 2 #myegocoerced Jan 6th
West Wing Poem saiom Jan 6th
Vision #57449 Poem wemni Jan 6th
Vision #64778 Poem wemni Jan 6th
Everything Poem exthias1983 1 Jan 6th
Pure As Gold Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Jan 6th
Peaceful Master Warmonger Pastors Poem saiom Jan 6th
Achilles Tail Poem saiom Jan 6th
Broken Vow Poem saiom Jan 6th
Gold Kernels Poem saiom Jan 6th
The Epistles Of The Thistle Poem saiom Jan 6th
Political Colors Poem saiom Jan 6th
LOVE BLOSSOMS Poem joy #love, #loveblossoms Jan 6th
i call this Poem cerulean_soulhaze #l#romance #love #relationships #feelings #emotions #marriage Jan 6th
Cleft Of Grace Poem saiom Jan 6th
Cobbler Of The Sea Poem saiom Jan 6th
His Royal Lowness Poem saiom Jan 6th
Rockgirt Tide Pools Poem saiom Jan 6th
Biorhythm Prose shewhodwellsint... Jan 7th
God Bless All Poem saiom Jan 7th
Freedom From Pain Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Jan 7th
crying at commercials Poem tallsquirrelgirl 2 emotion, love Jan 7th
Senator Edward M. Kennedy Poem saiom Jan 7th
Witches' Brew Poem saiom Jan 7th
Bees Harm No Bloom Poem saiom Jan 7th
WRINKLES Poem joy #aging, #gettingolder, #photographs, #wrinkles Jan 7th
Lotus-like Poem shewhodwellsint... Jan 7th
spiral Poem tallsquirrelgirl 1 Anxiety, love Jan 7th
Blueberry Blooms And Columbine Poem saiom Jan 8th
Better Than I Poem saiom Jan 8th
One Twin A Ballet Dancer Poem saiom Jan 8th
Fields Of Mustard Poem saiom Jan 8th
Marge's Dream Of Dance Invitation Poem saiom Jan 8th
Fewer Ozzie Prozzies Poem saiom Jan 8th
Translucent Chambers Of The Lime Poem saiom Jan 8th
Prayer Transcends Politics Poem saiom Jan 8th
Fighting Children Poem saiom Jan 8th
Pumpkin's Toothless Grin Poem saiom 2 Jan 8th
Pacifist Pacifier Poem saiom 1 Jan 8th
Nuclear Weapons Holding Nations Preach To Others Poem saiom 1 Jan 8th
Many Atheists Fear Death Poem saiom Jan 8th
What Do I Do? Poem exthias1983 2 Jan 8th
Left but for Night Poem Rashbar Death and thus Life Jan 8th
NEON TIGER Poem Pungus 1 Jan 8th
The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act Generated by Butchers, Vivisectors Prose saiom Jan 8th
Make Room For This Year's Blooms Poem saiom Jan 8th
Lightning Wedding Poem saiom Jan 8th
Mate Moon Ascendant Poem saiom Jan 8th
Freedom From Pain Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Jan 8th
Some Need No Middleman Poem saiom Jan 8th
No Pets In The Diner Poem saiom Jan 8th
Not Puddles But The Sea Poem saiom Jan 8th
Shiva Never Shoves Poem saiom 1 Jan 8th
Rooster Rooster Poem Seraphim 1 barn, Chicken, Farm, Fun, goofy, rooster, work Jan 8th
The Bells Of Hell Poem saiom Jan 8th
هوامش Poem Thana-Darwish Jan 8th
MY BLEEDING HEART Poem joy #acceptance, #compassion, #Heart, #mybleedingheart Jan 8th
Somehow …… Poem giajl Jan 8th
Dark Clouds The Sun Did Firesinge Poem saiom Jan 8th
Hedge Fund Founder Poem saiom Jan 8th
Goose Geese Poem saiom Jan 8th
Nonviolent Government Poem saiom Jan 8th
Fractured Nuts Poem saiom Jan 8th
Snoop, Sleuth And Spook Poem saiom Jan 8th
Revelation's 5th Angel Poem saiom Jan 8th
Sunder Not Poem saiom Jan 8th
Mirror Detachment Poem saiom Jan 8th
Crabbers Next Door Poem saiom Jan 8th
Antlers Poem saiom Jan 8th
A Voice Of Compassion Poem saiom Jan 8th
Touch Treeleaves With Love Poem saiom Jan 8th
Why Does The Emperor Have No Clothes Poem saiom Jan 8th
Glass Sculptor Of The Buddha Poem saiom Jan 8th
Pot Users And Potus Poem saiom Jan 8th
Speak Not of Love By Harming A Tree Poem saiom Jan 8th
Date Rape Poem saiom Jan 9th
For Every Step Forward, Too Many Steps Back Poem LittleLennonGurl Jan 9th
King Winter's Frozen Unforgiving Poem saiom Jan 9th
Some Disregard Genealogy Poem saiom Jan 9th
+ 27.225 MHz: Departing The Harbor Of Caesarea Poem S74RW4RD Jan 9th
Somnolescent And Senescent Poem saiom Jan 9th
+ 2ND POEMS: To The All-holy, Immaculate, Most Blessed And Glorified Lady, The Theotokos And Ever-Virgin Mary, 1 Poem S74RW4RD Jan 9th
+ 27.225 MHz: The Evangelist And Bishop Saint Onesimus At Gaza [Expansion Upon A Historical Theory] Poem S74RW4RD Jan 9th
+ 27.225 MHz: Encomium To The Holy Apostle And Evangelist Matthew Poem S74RW4RD Jan 9th
Heron Clan: January 9, 2022, on Table, Sky Coat, Courtesy Titles only Poem djtj Jan 9th
CDC: Industry Protector Prose saiom Jan 9th
FROM ONE ATHLETE TO ANOTHER Poem joy #athletics, #frooneathletetoanother, #sports Jan 9th
What's It Gonna Take? Poem exthias1983 Jan 9th
Of A Wonder That’s…… Poem giajl Jan 9th
Judgmental Poem saiom Jan 9th
Virgo Square Poem saiom Jan 9th
Potato Chip Factory Poem saiom Jan 9th
A Desire to Incarnate Poem saiom Jan 9th
Soapbox Poem saiom Jan 9th
Defaulter Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Jan 9th
For Whom the Life Calls Poem THWYALG 1 Jan 9th
WILL Poem AngryLaughter 1 Jan 9th
I Have a Thirst. Poem giajl Jan 9th
Feelings for You Poem giajl Jan 9th
Loveś Passed Me by Poem giajl Jan 9th
Pumpkin Patch Poem saiom Jan 9th
Shotgun Wedding Poem saiom Jan 9th
Moldy Meat Gangrene Poem saiom Jan 9th
Turned into Gaseous Substance Poem saiom Jan 9th
Aqua Firs over Aquifers Poem saiom Jan 9th
To Pinion A Bird Poem saiom Jan 9th