crying at commercials


if I am no one’s favorite song

how do I keep spinning

back to you

cause I’ve been dying to tell you we made it

now I’m just fighting all my sorries



please let me sit with you

while I’m crying at commercials


I want to fit to you like

the best armchair

you don’t even have to notice I’m in the room

but when I hold you again

it is the most familiar


and now even as I’m free to leave

I want to notice notice

every minute of this home

so it is something I can hold without disintegrating

spill through the walls when I am dirt

coat the holes when I am crying


I will keep holding you through the scary parts

I am no painkiller but

I will kiss you through the pain

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 11/8/21

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This is love demystified. So

This is love demystified. So this is what it was all along . . .


I've lived long enough to know that this is what it all comes down to: just being there. Nothing dramatic or supernatural. No quick fixes or being a "painkiller" or having the perfect one chasing you in the rain. You untangled the mysterious mess that so many people have turned love into. But in the end it's what you succinctly captured with stunning precision: 



please let me sit with you

while I’m crying at commercials"


And: "holding you through the scary parts" Yes! And, most amazing of all: "I will kiss you through the pain." 


Real life, beautifully expressed. 

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This is a beautiful love

This is a beautiful love poem---but the last three lines provide a definition of love, a practical definition, that is one of the most intense and finest that I have ever read in poetry, and I have been reading poetry for nearly forty-nine years.  I am just bowled over by the beauty of those three lines.  Your command of metaphor throughout the poem is excellent, and then we reach those last three lines and learn about love, not in the metaphysical sense, but in the practical, earthy sense.  This poem is superb!

Starward so to change to J-Called