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Broken Pieces



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Into The Mystic

This is a book of magical poetry.
That will inspire you and perhaps life some burden off your shoulders.
Come with me on this beautiful dance of words. If you would like to purchase this Ebook and need it in a different format or language we can arrange that for you. Cover design by Ravenscraft Studios. https://payhip.com/b/u56E


The first time they held hands…

as they walked along the shore…

was when they began to understand…

what hands were created for.



The first time they hugged one another

felt like they had never hugged before…

it was then they began to understand

what arms were created for.



The first time their lips met

left each of them wanting more

and it was then they began to understand

what lips were created for.



The first time they fell in love

they knew it would last forevermore

and it was then they began to understand


what hearts were created for.

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If at the moment of conception our life becomes not our own. 

What do we become, but the skin of another, whichs turns to waste.

        copyright RW Erskine 2018

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He asked her how her life became so beautiful…

how she was the essence of elegance and mercy and art…

“I have always listened closely,” she said,


“to the whispers of my heart.”

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You Contained the Universe

Your soft lips

Kiss my skin

Like a flower kissing the cool summer breeze

And it is so warm

And so cold

So soft

But so dangerous

Like a lion

You were bold

And unpredictable

Every movement

Was a mystery

But you were comfortable

And gentle

Like a mother bear

Protecting her own

And your freedom was so intoxicating 

Like a hulk soaring through the open sky

Leaving trails of adventure in the air

And experience

You were wise

Like an owl looking into the starry night sky

Your eyes could be seen from miles away

Like headlights in a dark night

You gave light to everyone’s path

You were the most magnificent kind of person

Because you

You contained the universe  

Be silent... be still...

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Goes the sound of my beating heart,

Pounding in my chest like a marching drum.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Be silent....

Be still....


Delegate! Properiate! Flume!

My mind is swirling, whirring,

rapid conudrum,

Zwoom! Zwoom! Zwoom!

Be silent...

Be still....


Tap-Tap! Tap-Tap! Tap-Tap!

The cement my feet do clap,

In their hurried pace,

Be silent...

Be still...


Nerves unended,

Heart is bounding high,

Sent my life a soaring,

Too scared to breathe,

For I may die.

Be silent...

Be still...


One longing touching,

One hopeful stare...

Be silent..

Be still...


My heart...

Oh my heart...

Be silent...

Be still..

How We See

When we are young...so very young...
I imagine from the start,
everything we see is beautiful
because we’re seeing with our heart.

As we grow older our vision changes
as does everything we see
for now we’re seeing with our heart and mind
and they often disagree.

Then we reach a certain age
I’m not sure exactly when...
we return to seeing with just our heart
and all is beautiful again.

And we sit back and we wonder...
Would our world be so torn apart
if every moment of every day
we saw only with our heart?


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