Some people believe those of us with a bleeding heart can’t possibly be strong…well those of us with a bleeding heart would like them to know they’re wrong.


In the remainder of this poem…if you choose to continue reading…you’ll find a few examples of why our hearts are bleeding.


They bleed for Native Americans, for people of color, for women, for LGTBQ, for immigrants…for all those people who have ever been and continue to be wronged…they bleed for all those who have ever been made to feel inferior…to feel as if they don’t belong.


They bleed for our innocent children who attend school thinking they’ll be safe within its walls…who have been or fear they will be shot while walking down its halls.


They bleed for soldiers in countries whose leaders think the only solution is to fight…and in a world where some of us throw leftover food away…they bleed for those who go to bed hungry every night. 


They bleed for all the homeless people…for all those without healthcare…for anyone in need…they bleed for we the people when our leaders have forgotten how to lead.


And they bleed for the planet we are living on…they bleed because so many don’t seem to care about the damage we’re inflicting to her lands…her seas…her air.


To all my fellow bleeding hearts…let me leave you with this thought…

Is it wrong that our hearts are bleeding…

or is it wrong…

that so many hearts are not?


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I am not a doctor! Let me make that clear right from the start…but you don’t have to be a doctor to understand the importance of the heart.


I know, as far as vital organs go, the heart is beyond compare…which makes me think that something this crucial to our existence…was created to be shared.


To me the miracle of our heart…what truly makes it great…is its ability…no matter how many times we give it away…to revitalize…to rejuvenate.


Again I am no doctor and I have no proof of what I’m about to declare…but, from my experience, one’s heart grows bigger and stronger the more that heart is shared.


And even bigger, stronger and more powerful…(this is another lesson I have learned) when a heart that has been given away…gets one back in return.


In giving our heart away to others…there is a shared awareness…understood…and oftentimes unspoken…that shared hearts will gather round…whenever one of them is broken.


So, a bit of advice on the heart…from a non-doctor…if I may…

If you want to keep your heart beating strong 

if you want to keep it healthy…

try giving it away.


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He can’t explain it logically

but once he found her…

the person he adored

his heart felt like it grew…

larger than it had ever been before.


And when she died

when she was finally gone…

never more to be

he wondered if what he felt 

was his heart breaking

or simply 


returning to the size it used to be

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Broken Pieces



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Into The Mystic

This is a book of magical poetry.
That will inspire you and perhaps life some burden off your shoulders.
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The first time they held hands…

as they walked along the shore…

was when they began to understand…

what hands were created for.



The first time they hugged one another

felt like they had never hugged before…

it was then they began to understand

what arms were created for.



The first time their lips met

left each of them wanting more

and it was then they began to understand

what lips were created for.



The first time they fell in love

they knew it would last forevermore

and it was then they began to understand


what hearts were created for.

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If at the moment of conception our life becomes not our own. 

What do we become, but the skin of another, whichs turns to waste.

        copyright RW Erskine 2018

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He asked her how her life became so beautiful…

how she was the essence of elegance and mercy and art…

“I have always listened closely,” she said,


“to the whispers of my heart.”

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