She is not an egotistical person…vanity…she has no trace

yet she was lamenting getting older…and all the wrinkles on her face.


Her husband overheard her and decided to intercede

“Come with me for a moment." he said…”I know just the thing you need.”


She took the hand he offered as she’d done a million times before

and they walked hand in hand together until he opened the front door.


Outside the summer morning was cloaked in a misty fog

And though there was no thunder…it was raining cats and dogs


She looked into her husbands eyes…silently urging him to explain

“Take your shoes off.” he smiled…”We’re going barefoot in the rain.”


He ran into the rain…leaving his shoes and socks behind

as she watched him jumping up and down she thought he was losing his mind


But if he’s losing his mind she reasoned then I guess I’ll lose mine too

and out she headed in the rain without her socks or shoes.


They laughed and sang and even danced and when their playing was through

He brought her back to that same mirror and said…”Now let’s take a look at you.”


“I love every wrinkle on your face.” he said in a voice both soothing and kind…

“Because those wrinkles are just remnants of what your smiles left behind.”


“Don’t let your wrinkles get you down, don’t let them worry or annoy.

besides being an indication of your age…their a celebration of your joy”


“I find each wrinkle beautiful…alluring and beguiling.”

Then he kissed her and as he walked away

in the mirror…


she was smiling.

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I find as I grow older…as I watch the world unfold

despite losing hair and gaining wrinkles…I don’t often feel old.


Oh sure I know there were skills I had when I was young that I somehow today lack

and I’m not often sure when I look in the mirror who’s that old guy looking back


and sometimes that smile that occupies my face can turn into a frown

when I realize it’s much harder getting up from the floor…that it was getting down.


But for the most part I’m happy with my age, with who I am…where I’ve come from

and as long as I am feeling happy…I say let the aches and wrinkles come!


But the other day in the book store a thought occurred to me

that the young man I like to think I am is not the young man other people see.


A young family asked about our building

commenting on its beauty…remarking on it’s style

So I told them a little about it’s history

How it had been here for a while…


I told them there’s a plaque out front

to remind us of this building’s glory

on it is the original owner’s name

and a summary of it’s story


I told them it used to be a movie theater

In the 1920’s…way back when

It was here the youngest member of the family asked

“Were you working here back then?”


Everyone within earshot chuckled

(my laughter was more controlled)

as I wondered did she really think

I looked 100 years old?


I imagine children have a hard time determining age…

perhaps this is a skill they lack…

anyway….the next time someone asks about this building

I’ll just tell them…


read the plaque.


I am 66 years old today and as I turn another page

I am happy for all life’s wonderful moments that help cushion my old age.


I’m happy for the love I’ve shared…all those rides on other people’s shoulders…

Isn’t it amazing how love has a way…of preventing getting older? 


I am happy for my family, my friends, the people who have helped to make me…me

and I’m happy for the childhood I’ve brought along with me.


I’m happy my brain can calculate how old I am…as I walk further down life’s path

and happier still my heart and my mind…were never very good at math.


Finally I’m happy knowing even though today I’m the oldest I have ever been


I am also now the youngest age I will ever be again!

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I remember getting glasses…and feeling so sublime.

I was in the second grade…seeing the world for the first time.


But my eyesight gets a little worse each year…a fact I can’t ignore.

I was 7 years old back then…today I’m sixty-four.


So when I picked up my new glasses yesterday…as I am wont to do.

I put them on my face…and I marveled at the view.


The world was bright and beautiful…so much clearer than before…

and I smiled until I saw my reflection…in the mirror on the door.


I couldn’t believe my eyes!  I was so much older than before!

I’m sure I didn’t look this old…in the last pair of glasses that I wore.


So I quickly ran and got my old glasses…and I was glad to see

a younger man was in the mirror…staring back at me.


So now I have two pair of glasses…one for seeing the world clearer…


and one I put on anytime…I’m looking in a mirror.

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