Monthly Archive for December 2015

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
A whisper Poem silver Dec 16th
Pen Stroke Poem brokenhope33 Dec 16th
Umbrella Poem brokenhope33 Dec 16th
ডিম সিদ্ধ [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 17th
The Lost Box Prose hopelessly-candid 11 Dec 17th
Die ISIS Poem patodw1 Terrorist Dec 17th
Memories past midnight Poem SSmoothie 1 #Longnightswithoutyou #missing #lostlove #oldflame Dec 17th
Bang, bang... Poem SSmoothie 4 bang, bang... Dec 17th
There Will Be World Peace Poem randyjohnson Dec 17th
Will you take my soul tonight Poem silver 2 Dec 17th
মাঝে মাঝে কাঠবিড়ালি হতে মন চায়! Poem KingofWords কাঠবিড়ালি Dec 17th
Farewell Arnott Close Poem giajl Dec 17th
In Making Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Dec 17th
Renaissance Poem satishverma 1 # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Dec 17th
Time Poem babygirl22 Dec 17th
Where am i going Poem PearonBarnes Dec 17th
A Love Beyond Words Poem new_wave_franky #lost love Dec 17th
Teardrops Ode To Heartache Poem new_wave_franky 1 Broken heart. Lost love. Dec 17th
Full of Torment....You've Left Me Poem giajl Dec 17th
n i went on.... Poem bolt 3 Dec 17th
হেলিকপ্টার! [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 17th
Water Lilly [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 17th
Twilight [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 17th
কাঠবিড়ালি Poem KingofWords 4 কাঠবিড়ালি Dec 17th
Empty words Prose silver Dec 18th
In The Darkness of The Night Prose KindredSpirit Dec 18th
The Pain of Love Poem DaceyT Love pain Dec 18th
Strange Poem grimfate Dec 18th
Bitter Sweetners Poem satishverma 1 # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Dec 18th
Savings Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Dec 18th
The sum of life? Poem Gideonn Dec 18th
My Meaning Poem not_an_addict 2 Dec 18th
If Tomorrow 'Twere Poem giajl Dec 18th
Ó Dhubh Go Dhubh Poem giajl Dec 18th
Ó Dhubh Téigh Dhubh Poem giajl Dec 18th
December 18, 2015 Poem allets 4 Dec 18th
Winter Wonder Poem allets Dec 18th
Narcissism Poem Timeful 14 Dec 18th
Gotta have at least one Poem ohmbre 2 #lostinspiration #butnotthewill Dec 18th
May I Thank You Abigail? (Song Lyrics from my past) Poem new_wave_franky 2 Song Lyrics Dec 18th
We are Ever on the Run... Poem KingofWords 2 Life Dec 19th
Materialistic World Poem katie47404 Dec 19th
A Poem About Summer Poem mypersonalpoems777 2 denial, jealousy, past relationships Dec 19th
Babelfish IV Poem Slovenzonkle Dec 19th
Babelfish III Poem Slovenzonkle Dec 19th
Babelfish II Poem Slovenzonkle Dec 19th
Babelfish I Poem Slovenzonkle Dec 19th
Paying Dues Poem allets Dec 19th
Endless Thoughts.. Poem jademarciano Dec 19th
a poet's hand Poem 9inety 1 Dec 19th
My Heart is Burning like a Cigarette! Poem KingofWords Pain Dec 19th
I am a Teenager! [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 19th
Mania Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Dec 19th
Yellow Face Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Dec 19th
Bid Whist Poem allets 4 Dec 19th
sea of tranquility Poem silver 2 Dec 19th
Trees Weary Poem allets 2 Dec 19th
Sigh of Winter Poem bishu 1 Dec 19th
Diarywriter Poem bishu 1 Dec 19th
Elements Poem sofiag 1 4 elements, earth., fire, water, wind Dec 19th
Hurricane honey Poem Lumilenore #love #identity #lust #music #lost #searching Dec 19th
Love that never fades Poem benpmatlock caring, Depression, happy, heartbreak, love, relationship, sad Dec 19th
Wild Ride Poem pamschwetz 1 #love Dec 19th
Dreameyes Poem bishu 1 Dec 19th
I Love America [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 19th
Sheila, the Lone, High Desert Outhouse Poem owlcrkbrg Dec 19th
without you Poem silver Dec 19th
Trance's Sheer.... Poem giajl Dec 19th
There Could Never Be .... Poem giajl Dec 19th
খেলনা গাড়ি [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 19th
বিচ্ছু! [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 19th
আমার স্ত্রী Poem KingofWords স্ত্রী Dec 19th
অদ্ভুত সাধ! Poem KingofWords সাধ Dec 19th
I'm Old, Unlike Poem giajl Dec 19th
পদ্ম ফুলের মত তোমার হাসি Poem KingofWords 4 ভালোবাসি Dec 20th
I Like Pink Poem allets Dec 20th
A Sad Christmas Poem word_man 10 Dec 20th
Chameleon Poem mrpoofs 1 Dec 20th
No Crossroads in sight Poem ohmbre #Music#Blues#Soul#Art Dec 20th
Quality Write Poem allets Dec 20th
2015 Poem ADAPT Dec 20th
Psychometry Poem allets 2 Dec 20th
ব্যাঙ ডাকে! [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 20th
Christmas Countdown Poem allets 4 Dec 20th
Game over Poem silver 9 Dec 20th
sliz Poem lizardking 1 Dec 20th
In my own meadows Poem ohmbre #Eternity#Thoreau#Emerson#Nature Dec 20th
Intensity Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Dec 20th
*depression Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Dec 20th
The moon stays long Poem ohmbre #winter#moon#solstace#energy Dec 20th
Cobra's Lonely Hearts Boys and Girls Club of Westerwoodhood Christmas Special Poem mooncobra Dec 20th
Unamused Poem Carcass 4 Dec 20th
All night Poem ohmbre #sleep#dreams#nightmares#brokensleep#wontbeafraidofthedark Dec 20th
30 min. Horror Show Poem ohmbre #BloodnGuts#Gore#Zombies#Deadites#Horror Dec 20th
home Poem babe1233 Dec 20th
The Lotus Poem allets 2 Dec 20th
Stitches Poem allets Dec 20th
The Flood Poem KindredSpirit 10 Dec 20th
Hubris Poem beccaloni Wrath of the gods Dec 20th
Every moment Poem katie47404 Dec 20th
heroin is my own personal brand of heroin Poem pldappls 5 Dec 20th
Enchanted Poem Tushar1995 #love #secret #sad #broken heart #unloved Dec 20th
Slashy Face Poem mrpoofs Dec 21st
אין דער זאָאָלאָגישער גאָרטן Poem cjkrieger Dec 21st
The Lion Doesn’t Sleep Tonight Poem cjkrieger 1 animals in zoo, lions, sadness Dec 21st
clues Poem lizardking 1 Dec 21st
Hear My Cry Poem brianc Dec 21st
হাড়কাঁপানো শীত! [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 21st
শামুক [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 21st
Brothers, When You Need to Plant.... Poem giajl Dec 21st
And If I'd Stayed......I Wonder What... Poem giajl Dec 21st
My Toothpaste's Lasted.... Poem giajl Dec 21st
Md Ziaul Haque Poem bishu 5 Dec 21st
A Heart Poem rofel #love #memory #hurt Dec 21st
Thinning Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Dec 21st
Wordless Silence Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Dec 21st
In The Moment Poem KindredSpirit 2 Dec 21st
Soon Grandma Poem cjkrieger 1 growing old Dec 21st
Pure Aleatoricism, Music to Poem giajl Dec 21st
Hi [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 21st
A Lazy Man Poem KingofWords lazy Dec 21st
You didn’t Stay! Poem KingofWords Pain Dec 21st
তোমার রূপ আমি দেখেছি Poem KingofWords রূপ Dec 21st
A Kindness Poem rofel # happy #memories #person Dec 21st
Don’t Be Naughty! [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 21st
ছোট কবিতা Poem KingofWords ছোট কবিতা Dec 21st
Hippolytus Poem gloriana 2 Dec 22nd
তার প্রেমে Poem KingofWords প্রেম Dec 22nd
I Love Your Beautiful Heart! Poem KingofWords platonic love Dec 22nd
The Choice Of The Girl From Nowhere Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 22nd
In Your Love Poem KingofWords love Dec 22nd
মৃত বিবেক! [Bangla Story] Poem KingofWords story Dec 22nd
Letting go Poem grimfate Dec 22nd
Fall out Poem borbug 3 #fallout #nuclear #bomb #war Dec 22nd
Somebody's Pain Poem PKHSMBHZX affection, Alive, arms, Awaken, Battle, beautiful, Beauty, bleeding, Bless, Blessed, blood, body, bright, Brighten, broke, broken, Care, Christ, Courage, cry, Cuts, Dark, Darkness, Depression, door, dream, dying, emotions, erase, Exhausted, eyes, Faith, faithful, Fall, fate, flame, friend, gift, God, ground, hands, Happiness, hatred, heal, healing, heart, Hope, hug, hugs, hurt, infinite, Jesus, light, Listen, live, living, Loneliness, Lonely, losing, lost, love, Memories, mind, miracle, Music, Nobody, ocean, Pain, Passion, past, Peace, pray, promise, Radiates, rain, rest, Rise, sadness, Saved, scar, scars, screams, shadow, shine, Shining, smile, sorrow, soul, spirit, stars, storm, Strength, Stress, Tear, tears, time, Tired, Torment, trust, unconditional, warmth, weak, wisdom Dec 22nd
The Spirit Of Yoda And The Words Of Me Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 22nd
Reverse progress Prose borbug Dec 22nd
তোমার সুন্দর মনটাকে ভালোবাসি! Poem KingofWords প্ল্যাটনিক প্রেম Dec 22nd
Hunting [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 22nd
Changed. Poem not_an_addict 1 Dec 22nd
We Are Poem Justanotherbric... Dec 22nd
hair loss Poem pldappls 6 Dec 22nd
Darkness/Light Poem Moonfades conflict Dec 22nd
Weighing You Down Poem tallsquirrelgirl 2 #relationships #destiny Dec 22nd
Taunting wind Poem Moonfades Dec 22nd
Spellbound Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Dec 22nd
Pattern Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Dec 22nd
RainyNight in Georgia Poem word_man 4 Dec 22nd
Lost Poem Moonfades Lost love Dec 22nd
Megan's Poem Poem ahsl33 1 Dec 22nd
And What do They..... Know Poem giajl Dec 22nd
Pudding is My Favourite [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 22nd
Loneliness Poem John1230 Dec 22nd
Born and Born Again (Truth) Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 22nd
Happy Yule Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 22nd
To Watch The River Flow Poem cjkrieger 1 growing old, Life, nature, time Dec 22nd
Those I Stand For Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 22nd
We Must Do Better Poem LittleLennonGurl Dec 22nd
Temps doux Poem giajl Dec 22nd
অলস হাতি [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 22nd
হুক্কা হুয়া! হুক্কা হুয়া! [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 22nd
Rebuttal #3: Miss Me While I'm Here Poem allets Dec 23rd
سما زرقاء Poem asaihati 2 Dec 23rd
ليتني Poem asaihati Dec 23rd
Rebuttal #2: Skillset Poem allets Dec 23rd
Rebuttal #1: Ancient History Poem allets Dec 23rd
An Agreement of Love Poem cjkrieger agreement, change, Lost love Dec 23rd
একজন ভালো মানুষের যত দোষ! Poem KingofWords ভালো মানুষ Dec 23rd
এতো সুন্দর তুমি! Poem KingofWords সুন্দর Dec 23rd
هكذا اكتحل Poem asaihati Dec 23rd
مرءاة صافيه Poem asaihati Dec 23rd
انثري شعرك Poem asaihati Dec 23rd
Man Woman Done Poem jgupta man#woman equal doctoring Dec 23rd
Proofs of Happiness Poem jgupta love#wall#nothingness# Dec 23rd
تدرين Poem asaihati Dec 23rd
يسلملي قلبك Poem asaihati Dec 23rd
حبي واشواقي Poem asaihati Dec 23rd
She's Coming To Town Poem KindredSpirit Dec 23rd
جمالك قمه Poem asaihati Dec 23rd
صمت البوح Poem asaihati Dec 23rd
Be Strong! Poem KingofWords STRONG Dec 23rd
On Faithfulness Poem dbwalters26 author, baby, book, boyfriend, child, Distant, done, finished, Girlfriend, Hate, husband, infidelity, kid, kiss, leave, love, need, Novel, Poems, POETRY, published, relationships, want, Wife, Wish, Words, writer Dec 23rd
The Bottom Poem not_an_addict Dec 23rd
At Joppa, A Couple Of Months Ago Poem JerVersed Dec 23rd
The Idiot Poem jgupta self pity#ego#coceited Dec 23rd
Integrity Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Dec 23rd
Introspection Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Dec 23rd
Eventually Fateful Poem jgupta Time# Dec 23rd
حمامه Poem asaihati Dec 23rd
Rock of Gibraltar Poem jgupta sick#fool#lies#wound#mind Dec 23rd
حتى اشتياقك Poem asaihati Dec 23rd
لن يفهم Poem asaihati Dec 23rd
انتحار النبض Poem asaihati Dec 23rd
اسمك Poem asaihati Dec 23rd
شعور غريب Poem asaihati Dec 23rd
ساعه التقينا Poem asaihati Dec 23rd
KimKierkegaardashian Poem Slovenzonkle Dec 23rd
Sex With All Of Our Clothes On Poem lostboyjojo 1 #addiction #poem #love #lust #sex Dec 23rd
Writing on the wall Poem Beavis 3 Dec 23rd
I Miss Her Poem KingofWords missing Dec 23rd
Fragrance of the Spices! [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 23rd
The Cow Moos! [Nursery Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 23rd
Wordfreezer Poem bishu 1 Dec 23rd
ছড়া নিয়ে ছড়া [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 23rd
উল্টো ছাতা! [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 23rd
Pathless Woods Poem bishu 2 Dec 23rd
Dizzy and Wild Poem Franjisk ca# love # hope # romance # relationships Dec 23rd
1000th Post Poem allets Dec 23rd
Ode To My Cell Phone Poem allets 4 Dec 23rd
Alcoholic Poem k8ln14 1 Sadness heartleft alcohol addiction Dec 23rd
There Are No Problems Here Poem THWYALG Dec 23rd
Ten Minutes Till Death Poem Carcass 2 Dec 23rd
Unimportant things to never forget Poem SSmoothie #insignifucance #unimportant #leftout #forgotten #fake #lipservice Dec 23rd
My Demons Poem allets 2 Dec 23rd
My Present Poem frostbite Dec 24th
Footnote: Conservation Poem JerVersed Dec 24th
قرئتك Poem asaihati Dec 24th
বড়দিন Poem KingofWords বড়দিন Dec 24th
কষ্টের অর্থ Poem KingofWords কষ্ট Dec 24th
On Top of the World! Poem KingofWords Top of the World Dec 24th
When Our Lips are Locked! Poem KingofWords kiss Dec 24th
ছেলেধরা! [Bangla Story] Poem KingofWords story Dec 24th
মন্থর মন্থনে Poem shawon1982 Dec 24th
আঘাতের চিহ্ন Poem shawon1982 Dec 24th
Take Me Home Poem tallsquirrelgirl #home #love #christmas #family Dec 24th
Son of No-One Poem mrpoofs 1 Dec 24th
Little Johnnies Train <3 RIP Prose Emily._.Grace._... Dec 24th
The Note Prose Bird 1 Nothing Dec 24th
Sinking Poem InsertPseudonymHere 3 #love #storm #sinking #hurricane #relationship #ocean #sea #moon #spiritual #doomed #depression #sad #hurt #tides #emotion Dec 24th
God Bless Us Everyone Poem cjkrieger 1 christmas, Life, love Dec 24th
Déjá vu Poem Bird 1 Life Dec 24th
Heavenly Guidance Poem satishverma 1 # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Dec 24th
Immortal Poem not_an_addict 1 Dec 24th
December 23, 2015 Rain Poem allets 6 Dec 24th
One Third Poem allets 2 Dec 24th
At A Temple Guard's Morning Break Poem JerVersed Dec 24th
Hello Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Dec 24th
Apples and Pears Poem Anretsuhn Absurd, delicious, fruit, hi, short, tags, terrible Dec 24th
Strange Vibrations Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Dec 24th
A Writer's Tale Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Dec 24th
Dream Poem krishenm Dec 24th
Irredeemable Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Dec 24th
He said “how’s your friend? Or do you even want to talk about it?” Poem running_with_rabbits 4 Dec 24th
Hibernation Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Dec 24th
Pain Of Elegy Poem satishverma # #life #suffering #sadness #pain Dec 24th
Trampled grass is greener Poem running_with_rabbits 4 Dec 24th
তেলাপিয়া মাছ [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 24th
দোয়েল [Bangla Rhyme] Poem KingofWords Rhyme Dec 24th