The Proposal

Taking a walk down by the Bethlehem Public Library I decided to sit down with Brooklyn Kathleen and start talking. I decided to throw her off by saying i have an earyly christmas gift and gave her a Hershey Kiss. The look in her eyes and laugh calmed her down. So we are sitting and i play Maria Carey "All I want for christmas is you" So we are listening and i said to Brooke okay lets go. So as she was getting up i bent down on one knee and held the ring out and said Brooke will you marry me with tears in my eyes. She said YES!!!! and started to cry and I started to cry completely through her off.. I love this women so much Merry Christmas To my Beautiful Fiance!!!!! 2017 is when were considering a wedding only time will tell...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I proposed to my girlfriend tonight dec 24th 2016

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Mine said No


Real Happiness.

Wish you well.


At least you wont forget.

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sorry to hear that

maybe she just wanted ready, i am sorry but keep your head up high.

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I was on here

And seen your reply.

It was good to see some happiness

Other then the desire for things

For Christmas.

I said Just Kidding.

I only asked one woman and she said yes

So.....  that would be odd to get a No.