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I was introduced to the writing of C.J. Krieger through our common love of Richard Brautigan; in my opinion one of the most unique writers, thinkers and dreamers of the 20th century (and judging from CJ’s work, it’s a belief we share) .

CJ’s writing is impossible to pigeonhole. Like Brautigan, his poetry has a strong narrative drive, pushing the boundaries between verse and story, blurring the boundaries of the real and surreal. And he’s not afraid to be laugh-out-loud funny – to trade on the double entendre or create moments of absurd slapstick. A breath of fresh air in a literary form that so often feeds on misery, loneliness and despair.

But there is poignancy to CJ’s poetry. It comes from his economy of words and a perfect balance of humor and pathos. He captures the finest details of human relationships without prescription or prejudice; with honest sentiment but never sentimentality. In these little explosions of understanding and insight the ordinary becomes extraordinarily beautiful. now. Enjoy.

John Holton, Author
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