Sex With All Of Our Clothes On

Love Poems

When his hands run down the seams of my shirt

and his fingers fiddle with the hem

slowly reaching up my shirt

slowly pulling it off of me

to lie me down

allowing him a moment to examine his prey.

If only we could have sex with all of our clothes on

so when my shirt comes off

he won't notice how my belly rolls.

Maybe then he won't see how when he gives me shivers down my spine

and I arch my back,

there is a roll on it too.

Maybe instead of becoming aware of every stretch mark

they can stay hidden behind a fabric

where they can stretch however far they want to.

Maybe then I won't have to worry so much

about shaving.

It's not like he will feel my prickly legs anyway.

I wish I could have sex with all of my clothes on

so instead of panicing about how I look,

I could begin to enjoy this feeling.

My arms could wrap around him

instead of hiding my stomache.

Sometimes I wish he would turn off the lights

and leave me in the pitch black darkness

so that he could not see me.

But, I let him keep the lights on.

He tells me he loves how I am.

We get the munchies

so he buys me ice cream.

"What does a little extra you to hold matter?" He says.

I let him see my stretch marks.

He massages my thighs and reminds me they are a part of life.

He tells me they make me real,

they make me beautiful.

I let his fingers dance across the hem of my shirt,

slowly slide it up over my head

but instead of taking me as prey,

he holds me.

He whispers sweet things to me,

reminding me that I am perfect just the way I am,

and no matter what

love is all that matters.

Forever and always

he will love me.


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bishu's picture

Really loved this LBJ :D

Laughing What with all the fat plumps & extra-tight corsets... Most ladies look slimmer than they actually are... and with layers of make-up & shiny facials ... it's difficult to see through evrything and discover the person... Happy New Year Dear LBJ .... Smile