We Must Do Better

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We must do better

Terrorist attacks
Paranoia and hate
Mass shootings
Seemingly every
Other day
Hell stupid

Drama even
Filling the holidays
Seriously, we freaked
Over a Starbucks cup
I repeat a fucking cup
And still we wonder
Why the world
Seems so fucked up
Seriously society
It's time to
Grow up
And man up
Stop complaining
About every little thing
Just because we can 
We must do better
We hate because

We are told to hate
By people
Who don't deserve
The power
They have been given 
Think nothing of it
Then wonder why
It ends up
Biting us

In the ass
In the end
Please society

Enlighten me

Exactly when
We actually
Became that stupid
And decided
To be ok with it
We must do better

For the sake of
Our futures
The sake of
Our planets future
For our children
And future
We must do better
And better must start now
Before better
Is no longer

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