A Sad Christmas


A Story by wordman




Sitting outside the mission
waiting for a place to sleep
two small children
at her feet
Christmas upon her
no gifts does she have
they will be lucky
to put food in there mouths
It seems God
has turned his back
maybe that fake santa
will have something in his sack
Thrown out
and destitute
no place to go
lord and now it`s starting to snow
They open the doors at six
and throw you out at five
i`m not sure we can make it
not sure we can survive... 
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A Sad Christmas....

I understand sad Christmas's, this is a poem I wrote about my saddest one I ever had, but about yours, I can hear your compassion, your heart for those who are hurting, but need to tell you that God never turns His back on anyone, He recieves ALL that come to Him....but we can turn our backs on Him, & find ourselves in bad, painful situations without Him.
You're a good writer, keep it up, keep pouring out your heart on paper, the more you do, the more you see what's actually going on inside.
Take care,


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thank you for the visit,you

thank you for the visit,you must have known i thought he turned his back on me

my poem a single tear pretty well sums it up

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I only knew cuz He knows you&

I only knew cuz He knows you
& understands all you've gone throough
that makes you believe He's forsaken you
{although He promised never to...}

He wants to carry you, Word_man,
when there's no strength left in you to stand
{let alone walk} He'll hold your hand
& lead you into your promised land
of all that He's prepared for You
& all He's prepared for you to do
so know He promised He'll never leave
when you've let Him all the way in & believe. \o/ \o/ \o/ 

Will read your poem again tomorrow, got too late last nite to comment & too tired tonight to,
but it moved me, & showed me that deep down, though you run, you know He's still calling you.....
Your new poetry pal,

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thank you for taking the

thank you for taking the time,maybe he moved you to reply,

i have beeen on the fence post for years,maybe he`s knocking me off,i really appreciate you taking the time

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Sad Story

repeated daily far too many times across the world. The economy here is improving, just not for all of us. Wishing you a blessed holiday ~Stella~




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Thank You Stella! not on this site much

we kkkkkkkkkkkhave always had this problem

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A very sad situation, that

A very sad situation, that never seems to get any better.

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and it never will,not in this

and it never will,not in this world..thank you

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Mr Wordman Sir




 .... they are the children of a Lesser God.......... Festivities are indeed sad for those hapless ones even in our blob.... None will ever care never did care Frown


Merry Gray Christmas to those who have little to make merry. Some kind person will come your way.. & make your day



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thank you bishu.i guess you

thank you bishu.i guess you are right !